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  1. I've had a very low libido the past few months. I'm not really interested in any men. I have some blood work scheduled, but I think it's more of a mental thing. I have 2 paintings in progress. I was supposed to go to the gym today but I felt like I woke up at 3pm because my whole day was somehow wasted. I'm a little off today!
  2. I just realized that I’m now making $90k/year. This was my immediate salary goal when I started working 7 years ago. I read that people become very happy once they reach $90k and above that there isn’t much of a difference in happiness. I’m pretty happy now with how things are going with my job and life as long as I can keep working from home.
  3. I'm doing spring cleaning on my clothes. I feel the need to post in my journal pretty often these days, I think I just need to feel myself supporting me as I do a lot of work. My self esteem isn't very good, even though I work out more than ever I'm still years away from my goal.
  4. Testing new hobby: incense sticks Retiring old hobby: streaming my art painting process (it's annoying to set up and also to have the camera in the way) Testing hobby to see whether I still want to do it: watercolor painting Decide if I want to continue oil painting or if I should try acrylic painting (faster drying times, I don't think I'm utilizing oil paint properly with blending techniques)
  5. Stop Sending Things to my Job I work from home and when you send things to my office it’s a problem not just for me but for other people. It’s unprofessional and uncomfortable for everyone. 7 years ago I asked you to stop contacting me and every time you send me something I feel violated, annoyed, unhappy and it’s a reminder of why I don’t like you. I usually throw what you send me into the trash without opening. I still don’t want you in my life, I still don’t want to talk to you or know how you’re doing. I still want zero contact from you, I still want th
  6. I was planning to have sex after the gym today, but a guy was pressuring me this morning and I ended up meeting with him instead of eating breakfast. This made me not get enough calories before the gym and I lost steam midway. I regret not putting my workout first ahead of the sex. It was pretty decent though, I'll probably meet him again.
  7. I was sick for the past week and so I allowed myself to play League of Legends (pretty much the only time I play video games now is when I'm sick -- I'm very comfortable with this). I noticed how tired it made me, which was very interesting. Working all day doesn't make me as nearly as tired as playing League of Legends all day. No I'm not addicted, no I didn't find it super interesting. It is a good way to pass the time though when you're not feeling great. I don't really like to watch movies for too long, I need something more engaging. I was feeling physically better yesterday so
  8. I was able to deadlift 2 plates on each side which is a nice new PR for me. I want an even juicier butt! I was also able to fit in comfortably into a shirt I had bought a few months ago but thought I was too skinny/didn't fill it out that well in the chest. I hadn't worn it since I bought it but now I will wear it to the gym, it's of my favorite band. I still have so much I want to progress on, but gym food and work take my priority. I haven't met up with any guys for a few weeks now, I think I will try to do something this weekend.
  9. I put together my new electric standing table. It was pretty difficult! It was supposed to be a 2 person job, but I did it alone. The top alone weighs 120 lbs. I feel a nice sense of accomplishment. I've been gaining weight and spending more money on food as I get stronger at the gym. First few months of data got deleted from an old credit card.
  10. A lot of progress is happening 🥰
  11. I am getting a crown on one of my teeth. I regret smoking so much pot as a young adult. I'm going to spend the next 2 weeks focused inwards on myself.
  12. Just stop playing for a week, it's not a big deal
  13. An updated hobby list. I hope by taking away some of the crossed out hobbies I'll have time to do more of the ones that are left over. I haven't had extremely enjoyable sex for a while. So far I'm mostly underwhelmed with the men of Boston. I'm going to take a break from hooking up and focus on weightlifting. I don't really like any of my fwb's anymore except maybe one or two. I want to take better selfies soon. I'm very focused on my appearance this year.
  14. Spring cleaning!! Always feels so good
  15. I’ve been kicking ass all week!