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  1. Had a date with a very cute 22 year old. I’m pulling so many young guys, I’m having a very good time lol
  2. The 2% salicylic acid I tried to incorporate into my skin routine was causing me to purge so I decided to stop using it. My skin looked great before I tried it out.
  3. I hate myself. I don't believe anyone. I dislike most people. I'm ugly and have no confidence. I only care about myself. I get sick easily and should have died a long time ago, I've lived past my natural life. And yet I feel like I'm better than most people too. I'm disgusting.
  4. I finished my first oil painting. It didn’t get many likes on Instagram but my friend who it was for really liked it.
  5. I had sex with a really cute 21 year old even though I’m 30. I had a lot of fun and he said I looked his age haha. I liked that he said that a lot. I think we’re going to see each other more, we both seem to like each other a lot.
  6. So much of the music I listened to during the past 8 years has been horrible. The injury from my surgery is healing well, I don’t need to wear a bandage on it anymore. I’ve been making big changes to my apartment and have been selling stuff I no longer use. I’ve framed some art my friends made for me a while ago.
  7. I’m starting to look a bit healthier since my surgery, I’ve been taking pictures of my face every few days for the past several months. 😆 I’m finding oil painting to be difficult. I sold or got rid of most of my plants. I have 4 left. I want less responsibility and less flies in my apartment.
  8. I ended up having a pretty good birthday, and a surprising number of people reached out to me today which I wasn't expecting. Even my grandma called me, even though I had just reached out to her last week. I bought oil paints, which I am trying out and unsure if I'll like. It's very different from watercolor. I'm going to try my best with them.
  9. Today is my birthday and I turn 30. I feel a bit down because I'm alone, and haven't been since I was a teenager. The surgery is further isolating me from meeting people, as I can't really date until I'm fully healed. I was fairly happy after the surgery because most of the pain went away right after and I was feeling better, but now not being fully healed is frustrating me as it could take half a year for me to be fully back to normal. It's 12:24am and no one has texted me happy birthday 🙂 Normally I wouldn't care about something like that but I'm feeling sensitive at this time.
  10. I turn 30 in 8 days. I wish I were in better health for this milestone, but I’m still in a good mood and looking forward to a new chapter. I’ve been in a very positive mood for the past few weeks despite my circumstances.
  11. I think the worst of my illness is over and I'm recovering well from my surgery. Also my elimination diet is going well. I took a short walk outside today. I'm sad I missed the end of the summer, but I'm happy that I'm healing and have a renewed positive outlook on life now that I'm healthy again.
  12. It's been a week since my surgery. I only needed to get 1, as they realized it was pretty simple fix once they were inside. I'm still healing but feeling better. I think I'll start working out in 3 weeks or less (yoga). In 5 weeks or less I'll start weightlifting again. My elimination diet evolved during the past two weeks and I'm very excited. I need to do more testing before I can give an updated result though.
  13. I’m scheduled for surgery next week, and will be getting multiple surgeries.
  14. I'm healing but it's taking longer than it should. I have an appointment with a surgeon in 8 days to get an opinion. I really like this song. My skin is very clear, beef liver is great.
  15. I'm going to a different doctor tomorrow to get a second opinion. Thankfully my work week has been very quiet and I haven't had to do much.