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  1. The secret to staying game free is to be uncomfortably busy
  2. My acne seems to be hormonal, so I’ve been taking a few steps to keep my hormone levels calm and it seems to be recovering. I have a lot of purple scars on my forehead now from it, they should fade over time but it seems like it may take at least a month to look normalish. I met with a personal trainer yesterday. My first session is on Sunday and we are going to meet once a week. After I got attacked in the park about a year ago, I wrote in my journal that I was going to take a Muay Thai class but I never did. I’m not in the best shape for such a hard class, and I’m not sure I want to commit to doing it. So I’m going to a CrossFit gym instead which is only a block from my house for personal training to help prepare me for the group class, because when I went late last year it was too hard for me. I will still have yoga be my main focus — I did some last night. My eventual goal is to be able to do a handstand so I’m working on building a decent foundation first. I'm doing ok, still hanging onto that view of being optimistic about the future.
  3. I am going to try going to a personal trainer next week because I really hate working out aside from yoga.
  4. @Piotr I went to school for finance for 7 years and my job is to help people invest and retire. I would say I am a sophisticated high risk tolerance investor so what I did is something I would never advise another person to do, and I would never do it for my clients either. But I seem to have good luck in timing investment trends like oil, block chain, and medical marijuana. And these investments are always small percentages of my portfolio. Not as an early adopter, but ahead of when the mass stampedes come and getting out at decent peaks. I like to think I have some skill in gauging how the general populace is feeling about events and when excitement about a certain topic is growing.
  5. I did not relapse but I am not doing my fucking laundry!! Drinking tea, going to do a hard 1 hour yoga video, and order in dinner.
  6. I feel like relapsing today, on everything. I always get depressed when my bf is gone for longer periods of time and it’s been 2 weeks. It doesn’t help that I really need to do my laundry.
  7. Hmmm What have I done since a week ago? Fucking nothing!! Still haven't been able to commit to doing things.
  8. Some websites have buttons for scrolling to the top/bottom of a page. I would find it helpful if we had a button for scrolling to the bottom of a page so we can see the latest posts in a thread.
  9. In the US you need to save throughout your life for a good retirement.
  10. My word of the year was commitment and I already broke it! I’m so soft on myself.
  11. At the moment, I am healing my face as well as my finances. I have only been listening to happy music. I did some light yoga yesterday. I have a more positive attitude than I did last week.
  12. Commitment. I have strong willpower but not enough commitment to apply that willpower. I haven’t strongly committed to exercising, writing, painting, or socializing. Luckily, I float enough between these activities to see small improvements since I’ve stopped gaming, but I haven’t fully grasped and committed to any of these. The monkey part of my brain often easily convinces me to relax instead. I’m very soft on myself. I want to especially commit to working out more.
  13. Early 2018: I spent a lot of money towards the end of last year, but I made some great investment choices so my money has been growing anyway. I had a 39% return last year! I'm going to try to save $25,000 this year.
  14. When I looked in the mirror today, I cried a little. I still have hope that things will get better soon.
  15. I ended up canceling plans with my friend (but at least I told her why).