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  1. yeah, to talk about myself - my dad said to me so many times that gaming like im done it is wrong and not good for me but i guess that im was not ready to fully understand what he mean. Maybe im need time to get to point where im now.
  2. Hey, want to get some of my thoughts out there to help others and myself. Hope you can take something from this for your life. Gonna start my journey right now.
  3. Hey, im just wondering about how many games you played and how many hours you spend with gaming in general since you started until you thought about that gaming is a "bad choice". Im today 21 and started "gaming" through a reallife-friend with 13-14, we are played together almost 1-2 years straight just one single online multiplayer game. After some time my friend who gets me playing the game quit it and im played that game solo until 1-2 months nearly everyday for 3-4 hours. Most other games im just playing like 1-2 weeks for a couple hours and than leave them and im not interested in new games. But to quit that particular game is just a struggle. With that game im easly wasted thousand of hours. Im not sure about others, are you played many games for a few hours or do you also got a game what you played so excessive. Sorry for my englisch and grammar im not a native spearker. Thanks
  4. gonna take that road with you, also quuitting videogames today good luck
  5. SA:MP 2012/13-2022 


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