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  1. Hi yall hope ur doing well Just wanted to point an important thing about quitting games and that is to find good and healthy replacement habits and to stick to them no matter what Deleting accounts is already a good step but if you don't do the above you'll find your selves wasting your time on other non productive stuff like compulsive internet usage It's easy to fall back on other dopamine traps like porn , streams and social media but those won't get you anywhere near your goals and make you feel bad , better avoided Good luck and don't falter
  2. Hi hope your doing well I strongly advice you not to relapse even if it's one day because it's gonna ruin all of your progress and you will experience intense cravings once you decide to quit again I did this mistake and relapsed after like 3 weeks for 3 days and then I have quit again but the 2nd time was way harder for me to endure than the first one because it kinda reignited my dependance to gaming planning to return to your game will only make things harder and moreover your birthday and Christmas are both events that only happen once a year and deserve to be savored with family or friends and not passed alone Infront of a screen Just keep pushing yourself through it indefinitely , this is how you can conquer your self and truly get over gaming good luck
  3. Hi hope ur doing well Just a friendly advice : you should make it the hardest possible for yourself to game because if you don't you will crave and be tempted and you know what happens next Relying solely on your will power is not a good strategy Personally I knew as long as I have my phone on me I will relapse so I left it at my parents house and now I'm only using an old nokia phone , at first I was raging but after a while I came to accept it and now I'm making more of my days instead of just killing my time gaming or procrastinating I don't know if you could make a decision as bold as mine but try your best and believe me you won't regret it Good luck , don't surrender
  4. Hi there It's been 1 month since I stopped playing league mobile and I don't regret my decision at all Although I managed to stop gaming, just like you I was watching some YouTube streams from time time to time but recently I could get rid of those as well I think the secret to achieving this is to try to stop thinking about the game because your thoughts push you to watch those and watching pushes you to crave gaming and think of it About procrastination I believe it is a pure matter of will power, yes you can use some time limiting apps on your phone like forest or google digital wellbeing but still it's all about saying no to your self whenever you're about to procrastinate, and instead just start studying immediately and It'll be easier to continue once you begin; you can take a 5 min break every 30 mins of studying and trust me it'll all eventually get easier over time just have faith in yourself If you can't delete your supercell account you can try replacing your google / apple account on your device with a new one so you loose all your game progress if you try to reinstall the game Good you luck with your detox and whenever you feel weak remember that you can achieve it just like many other gamers could
  5. ok thanks btw could you link your celebration piece, couldn't quite find it
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply I see that your a long term quitter and would like to hear some advice from you on how to make the most out of my detox and get over gamming I'm still on the beginning of my journey and I feel lost thinking about the future and my cravings are so intense that they exhaust my mind Thanks by advance
  7. Same is happening to me I have these thoughts of playing some less addictive kind of games but If do I'll be getting bored and return to playing online mobas so for now I'm sticking with chess and bubble witch 3 Saga ( It doesn't provide any sense of stimulation or achievement )
  8. hey Ofc it can if for example when you just loose at it all time that will make you feel bad And overall games might develop some additional bad habits like loneliness , social panic and laziness which can make you depressed as well But most importantly is the fact that when you game most of the day and go to sleep you feel like you did nothing meaningful in your day and u didn't move forward in your life and your goals at all Finally the excessive usage of technologies is scientifically proven to cause anxiety and depression Hope you all the best
  9. Hi there hope you doing well friend Thanks for sharing your story , i am at your same age and i wanna say that i related so much to it This is my first day of really deciding to quit play mobile Leaugue of Legends , i have tried several times before but they all failed ,the best one lasted 1 weedk only but this time i'm really decisive I put my account for a sale at a website for a cheap price and i replaced my smartphone with an old nokia ( my laptop can't run games and i'm not into social media) so I hope my decision will empower me to focus more on my studies and my self improvement ; right now i'm kinda feeling some kind of emptiness with some relapse taughts but i will stop at nothing because i know i will thank my self so much after several months Hope you all the best and to evryone in this community strrugling to move on in life and get over gaming ; and i recommend you not to watch gaming videos because they also stimulate and they will just make it hard for you, ideally you wanna forget anything gaming related Cordially
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