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  1. Thank you for your friendly suggestions. I am going to try them out and seek for help whenever I need.
  2. Hi everybody, I am Mike, 21. I am a year 2 undergraduate. I am addicted to both mobile games and YouTube videos. When I was studying in grade 7, it is common for my friends to play mobile games. In grade 9, I engaged in the game called Clash Royale because my friends were playing. Starting from the moment, my mind told me I was obligated to play the game every day even though I could not feel any happiness. I have been getting a sense of achievement. To get the gaming skills, I started watching YouTube. Fascinated by those contents, I got addicted to that as well. I even watched a maximum of 7 hours of videos per day during my holiday. I often got enraged by losing games consecutively. I tried to search for the internet, seeking ways of getting rid of addictions. I have uninstalled and installed the game many times (so do the ad games), but I was defeated. Fortunately, I stop playing ad-games now but I still cannot get rid of YouTube and gaming addictions (Maybe I am not hooked by those ad-games). The addictions above have been striking my life in the present comprehensively. I was mediocre in a public exam so I cannot study in a greater university. I got a poor grade in computer science and I received a warning letter from my university. I am not interested in social. I am often unable to submit my assignment on time. My sleeping cycle shifted unhealthily due to gaming and watching YouTube - I sleep in the morning instead of night. I am not motivated although I know I want to be in the future. I got some health issues with my digestive system and my neck is soar owing to prolonged bending. I realized it was time to stop gaming. I tried to contact Supercell to delete my game data permanently but I ended up being neglected. This makes me angry and I am more determined NOT to waste time on gaming or watching YouTube. Here are the questions for which I want to seek help. Thank you. 1. Have you got addicted to watching YouTube? How do you stop watching YouTube crazily? 2. How to prevent procrastination? 3. How to delete the Supercell account by myself?