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  1. Day 74 of no games. I hate covid season. So many annoyances that come along with it.
  2. Day 73 of no games, I just moved into my residence.
  3. Day 68 of no games, been pretty lazy about posting recently. Been occupied with assignments.
  4. Day 60 of no games, almost froze my legs off trying to shovel half a meter of snow.
  5. Day 59 of no games, crazy snowfall today.
  6. Day 55 of no games. Been getting a lot of roast duck takeout lately, it's $11 CAD for half a duck which is like 1 and a half meals worth of meat. I think it's because I've been craving fat since its winter and duck just has so much of it.
  7. Day 54 of no games. Semester has started although my school has once again pushed everything to online.
  8. Day 49 of no games, saw a ted talk on the negative effects of added sugar on the body. I forgot the details but it was something about beta cell damage and pancreatic disease. A few months ago I saw similar posts about sugar and made a note to not eat foods that are obvious sources of it, so the video is a good reminder.
  9. Day 47 of no games. waited 1 hour in line to get a temporary license. Going to use vitamin D pills to cope with low sunlight levels in the winter. Still binging a lot on youtube and social media. Going to try oil pulling for dental hygiene with coconut oil Going to get rid of some old clothes and later shop for new ones this week.
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