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  1. I’m 17 years old and going through detox. I have a good amount of activities to keep my mind off games. However, I have an interest in finance and stock trading, both of which require a computer. How can I do these activities without falling into a gaming trap again?
  2. Right now, I’ve been following the game quitter videos and deleted all my games and accounts just last night. It says to sell my computer, but I need it for stock trading and schoolwork so I’m not sure I will be doing that. I already have plenty of stuff to do around the house like shooting, carpentry, stock trading, boxing, and schoolwork. However, the computer games held priority over these for far too long. I still have discord so that I could talk to my friends, but I don’t know if I should delete that too since all they do is play games and none of them are people I’ve met in real life. D
  3. My name is Bobby. I’m 17 years old and first started games when I was 12. When I first started I was addicted. My addiction peaked at 15 years old where I reached 240 lbs and developed Crohn’s disease and it sent me to the hospital for a week. After coming back from the hospital, I quit gaming for six months straight and then got back on after a lack of hobbies. Since then, I developed many new hobbies and got some new friends at school. Despite all this, I couldn’t forsake gaming. The money I invested, the online friends I made, and the time and energy I spent to make any amount of progress.