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  1. Literally there is nothing exciting in life like Dishonored game...There are amazing abilities, powers exc in that game. I can't see activities like that in real life.
  2. Do you think they are too much? Or less? Before my internet addiction I was very social and I was always doing sports and spending time with my friends I was drawing doing lots of things. My sleep was great. Reading books exc. Than depression and internet addiction exc ruined my life lol. Actually I like everything on list. Just feel like I need to add more. Idk. 🙂
  3. I tried to choose new hobbies. Do you think are they good? Enough or should I add more? Reading(I already started a new book and finished few) Martial arts(muay thai and hema) Practicing my flute(instrument's full name is "Western concert flute") Arabic calligraphy Meditation I will buy some plants for my balcony Calisthenics(for adding strenght myself for muay thai) Trying to write fiction Learning foreign language Cooking
  4. I think YES. BUT if you gonna replace it with something more valuable or not? Are you just gonna replace it with netflix? If so I think than it is not worth. Btw you can play with moderation too. Cam did made a video with a guy, the guy plays less than 10 hour in a month. So you can do as well. Just ask yourself what you gonna do? If you ask me it is not just gaming lots of people spend their life with things that unworthy. You know TV, netflix movies, tiktok, youtube exc I think they all bad, not just gaming. I think unproductive things shouldn't be ones main source of enjoyment. That is the main problem. If you change it and focus something productive than you can play too with moderation. I think you can use this tool. And find new things to replace unproductive things. But only if YOU want it. I think you want it. https://gamequitters.com/hobby-tool
  5. Hello guys! I saw Cam's youtube channel and it inspired me to change my life. I am actually not game addicted but I am internet&smartphone addict. I am always on youtube facebook and reddit. And I want to change I will sell my pc, I will buy a very small(so it will be uncomfortable to use) laptop only using for my school. I will also quit my smartphone and gonna buy old phones. Which is not a "smart" one. I don't know if I can do or not. Basically I have zero friends and only thing that helps me with loneliness/boredom is internet right now. So whenever I try to put my phone off I feel cravings.
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