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  1. Sure! Any hobby is great. To learn cooking I suggest visiting tasty.co, they have video instructions step by step, nutrition info for each recipe and tips from users.
  2. What's your mother tongue, @cham0mil5? By the way, I strongly recommend taking Cambridge English exams because their diplomas don't expire.
  3. Welcome to the forums, cham0mil5! Great job, I love your notes, especially "confession to myself in future".
  4. You are not alone! I also feel odd fatigue after quitting. And as you mentioned, this may be a lack of dopamines. Tiredness fades after a week however.
  5. Well, there are no reasons to keep it, according to your story. And also if it feels like you should do it, go for it. Trust your intuition and yourself.
  6. Hello, Ethan, and welcome to the forums! I think that real friends would stick with you no matter what, though it might be a bit challenging to find new topics to discuss. As for mindless surfing, I'd highly recommend visiting r/nosurf on Reddit, this sub is all about getting rid of this bad habit. Wishing luck with DnD group.
  7. Hello everyone! Today I came across this thought because of my surroundings. Long story short: I suspect that one person out of my five friends may have this addiction, so the number is different from official (1% out of 100). What are your thoughts on this case?