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  1. I am happy to hear that. Excellent job on Squirtle! Markers seems like a superior option for pokemon with the bright colors. It would be a lot harder to achieve that with pencils. Thank you, I have just finished it and posted on in my journal. I am quite happy with how it turned out, but there are some things that I would change, but maybe next time, haha. It is almost impossible to erase them, and if I try too hard, the outlines start to disappear also. Good luck looking for a new place. And if you decide to stay and look for someone new in the future, there is always a chance to find someone
  2. @Erik2.0 I would recommend sticking to a place that you have a good feeling about. I think it is easier to stay in a house which has a good vibe even though problems arise and they almost always do in rent houses. It is a lot easier to cope with that, at least that is my experience in living on my own. It is worth a try, I think. There is something satisfying about being in charge of your own place, but that is the scary part in the beginning too. I hope you find a place that you like. On top of that, living with housemates who you dislike is not great. I experienced it in my first year of Uni
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    The health is priority number one. There is no point doing anything that stresses your organism. Just get plenty of rest and you can focus on working on your habits once you are healthy. Hope you feel better soon!
  4. @Annie That does sound like an addiction to gaming, and the main description of addiction is that it is something that has control over us. I know for sure that no matter how hard I tried, I was not able to control my gaming habits and keep them in moderation. Sooner or later, I would always end up in the same rabbit hole. For me quitting altogether was the only option to get back in control. I do agree with @Alexanderle that you need to have something to replace gaming with. However, gaming is excellent at fulfilling many of our needs, and you will most likely need several different habits to
  5. @remember115 Welcome to the forums! There are plenty of people here who struggle with a lot os similar issues. I can relate to the procrastination, even though I have not played games in a while, I still struggle with it. However, nothing compares to gaming when it comes to escape from stress and procrastination. I would say that now I am in a much more productive state than I ever was when I was gaming. (Except exam season, but that was not a healthy approach to things.)
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    @Edfech One more drastic measure that helps me reset if my sleep cycle is messed up to the point that I have no problem staying awake the whole night is to stay awake for one whole night and day. Stay awake without naps until the next evening and then it is a lot easier to fall asleep at your desired time. I have been struggling with fixing my sleep for a long period of time but it is finally improving, I would say. Good thing to do is to have easy and enjoyable things planned for the next morning which will make it more pleasant and desirable to wake up compared to just staying in bed.
  7. @Erik2.0 Good job on the drawings mate! They are awesome, I especially love the Giant titan. Good to see you enjoying your hobbies and other activities besides gaming, I feel like that was the thing which I have struggled the most over the last few days.
  8. @Erik2.0 I would definitely recommend counting calories, especially in the beginning. When I first did it it was eye opening how many calories my portion contained. What I found most surprising was that how easy it is for all the calories to add up. And I agree with what @BooksandTrees and @Alexanderle said. There is no need to keep doing it constantly, but it is tremendously helpful in giving you an idea of how energy dense some foods are ... Once you know all the ingredients and temperature to cook the cake you need not look at the recipe. I was never too bothered by MyFitnessPal ads but I
  9. @Erik2.0 Great to hear that you are doing well. On the dieting note. Do you count calories too? If not, I would highly recommend it. It is the best way to see exactly how much you have consumed and how much more you still need. The early loss of weight is usually mainly water weight but be careful with the amount of calories and protein you consume because if you decrease your intake by 500 or fewer calories you might lose lean mass too.
  10. @BooksandTrees Well, that is the issue, it is hard to be objective about ourselves and listen to our own advice. But just being aware of it is a significant step forward. Nowadays, the best way I find to keep up with my goals and discipline is to aim for making today a little bit better than yesterday and keep moving forward.
  11. There is no reason to overdo it because that will hinder your exercises for even longer. I would still recommend a bit of stretching which can help a lot with flexibility thus reduce the stress on knees caused by tension in surrounding muscles. Reducing knee pain. Enjoy BBQ today.
  12. There are definitely people who are worth it. I understand that it is hard to justify it for someone who you meet on dating app who may be different person reality compared to who they are online. I think it is so much more enjoyable to meet people in real life even though it is not as easy, on top of that 2020 makes it almost impossible nowadays. Unfortunately I do not have a solution for this but I think all we can do now is wait till things stabilize.
  13. @Erik2.0 I see. If you have any comedy anime to recommend I am all ears. My favorite comedy anime would be Konosuba probably. I have always been a fan of isekai anime and the way Konosuba turns the ide on its head is just hilarious. That is awesome, I think that regular exercise is one of the best things for mental health and even if you overdo it one day and get sore I would recommend do some exercise on the next day which helps with the soreness. @ceponatia @Phoenixking For about last week I try to achieve to go for a run or at least walk and it is amazing especially during these quara
  14. I believe that it is best to quit the games for good because it is really easy to get back into the habit of gaming if you relapse. Considering many of us have been gaming for years and the habit is such strongly engraved in our brain that just a small dose of gaming can lead to reviving the addiction quite quickly.
  15. @BooksandTrees I feel you. I was never a huge fan of the dating apps. Unfortunately, it works on a similar base as most of the social media today where there are certain trends that satisfy the majority of people so everyone tries to do the same. It is quite annoying because it ruins individuality and the differences between people which makes someone interesting. I do believe that if you look hard enough you will find women on dating apps that are original and interesting. Maybe I am old school but this mindless scrolling through profiles does not annoy me but makes me feel so shallow. It ju
  16. To be on the safe side it is better to avoid card games too. They share similar mechanics that other even more addictive games have and can cause as much damage. It is better to find completely different activities to keep yourself entertained.
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    Welcome to the forums! That's great that you have a replacement for gaming. Good luck with the sleep schedule, I feel like that is one of the hardest things to fix for me.
  18. @Erik2.0 As far as I know they are not illegal because you do not share anything personally but they are in the grey area. I just hate the streaming service these days. Way too many of them and none of them offers everything you might be interested in. So I am down for the free alternative especially nowadays as I am quite low on funds as a student. Well let me know if you enjoy them. Nice, even a little exercise a day can improve the mood.
  19. Welcome to the forum! I have mentioned it in several posts not but I do believe this is the best time to quit. If you can go on with life without gaming during these harder times, once life gets back to normal it will be only easier to not play video games and try even more new hobbies which are unavailable these days. I would recommend changing your morning routine so that you avoid the ques of your old habit which will help avoiding cravings for Hearthstone.
  20. @Erik2.0 I use 9.anime or Kissanime to watch anime usually. Yeah I would definitely recommend watching Code Geass. I had a brief look at Netflix and the ones that are there and really like are Death note, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade works, SAO, Black Lagoon and I have heard that Erased is great but I have not watched it yet myself. That's cool, yeah Sandersons is a great author. I have finished the original Mistborn trilogy a few days ago and now I am reading the first book of the Stormlight archive. I can see that if it is too violent it might cause some distress. The other book that
  21. That's true. I would not mind binge-watching when I do it once I have finished all my priority tasks and then I just spend free time on anime that's fine. The problem arises when it turns into procrastination. I see, I actually really enjoy fantasy books that are more into the dark spectrum. Especially if authors are not afraid to sacrifice main characters which makes the whole story a lot more interesting and real. I just hate the classic cliche that in a lot of stories it is essentially irrelevant what happens because you know that the main character will come out victorious which makes it q
  22. @Alexanderle There are many checkboxes that gaming fulfills which makes it so addictive but I was not going to write down everything. I wanted to point out that it can be hard to find hobbies or other things to do instead of gaming because many of them are nowhere near as exciting and easy to get into as gaming in the beginning.
  23. Gaming is a b****. I can relate to a lot of what you said. I have tried several times to play games in moderation and it always backfires. Usually, even on the first try, I say "well I will just play for 2 hours and then I am done and happy for the day" .... 4 hours later I am still drowning in the high it gives me. Meanwhile time and real-life pass by which is easy to ignore while I play but once I stop I realize it and that makes me feel miserable and anxious. It is like the saying "give them a finger and they´ll take an arm" just a small taste and I would be right back where I was about a m
  24. Do you have any prefered anime that you like to draw? I used to watch a lot of anime over last few years, I tend to binge watch it when I get really interested in the story which is not best but still preferable than gaming haha. What did you find discomforting in fiction books if I may ask?
  25. Great to see so much positive energy. Hope you have another great day filled with joy.