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  1. NO GAMING DAY 7 | NO COFFEE DAY 0 | D GAMING VIDEOS 0 Hey everyone, So I was meant to study these days, but I ended up spending most of my time with Twitch.tv and all these days I'm procrastinating in some way or another, I still don't want to say goodbye to everyone that I meet in this world, but I need to do something. I will start decreasing my time of gaming videos and lives. Sometimes I'm getting anxious and feeling the desire to play, but I still strong.
  2. NO GAMING DAY 4 | NO COFFEE DAY 4 Good Morning, This week was long, on Monday I played, my idea was to fix my sleep cycle, therefore I played the entire night and let to sleep on Tuesday, but didn't work, and I did some exercises on Wednesday and today(Saturday), I started meditating again, I can't explain how well I felt was amazing. So, I want to talk about addicts again I was feeding my addiction with lives and videos on youtube, but I realize that I can't keep this, it's the same as letting a gambling addict in a casino. At last, this week I want to keep my routine decrease, my intake of coffee, fix my sleep cycle, and keep my planner up to date; Thx I was creative lol, I think addictions are a way to escape reality, but the pleasure it gives is just momentary, so we spent increasingly time and money on these addictions. Idk what I would do without a gym in my life, this year I will complete 4 years of gym, my first year was boring, I didn't like it, but the last 2 years it was amazing is where I clean my mind. What helps me to keep far from games is think "I will be proud of myself next month?" and how my life is going now I can say I won't be proud. I need to study more, but I don't want to break myself last year it was hard I was studying my whole day and my life was sad and lonely and I don't want it again. So, thx for read my thoughts and be here.
  3. So, I will do 2 civil service exams this year, one in June to the air force (Brazil) and another in November. The truth is I'm not confident I need to study more, and I don't know if the time is enough.
  4. Of course, I always decide to play. What I want to say is I don't know when to stop and playing games always makes me nervous and for some reason, I always choose to do it again.
  5. NO GAMING DAY 2 Hi, I'm back and trying again to stop gaming. Today is my second day of detox, last week I tried and I'm still trying. Generally, on my second day, I think "I can play again, this doesn't will take 12 hours of my day", but this always happens again and again. Another problem is this quarantine I can't leave home, so, I feel more anxiety and believe that I can control my addiction, sadly, it's stronger than me. I just needed to put these thoughts in worlds. Further forward, I will talk about my last posts.
  6. I appreciate your help, to say the truth before I saw your comment I was crying and now I feel better. Thanks for this.
  7. NO GAMING DAY 4 | NO COFFEE DAY 4 Good Afternoon, Unfortunately, I failed I broke up 2 months ago and back to gaming. I'm passing for some problems and I don't know what to do, I almost played today because I want to run away from reality and forget these problems. So I'm writing this to calm down and try to stop gaming again.
  8. NO GAMING DAY 28 | NO FAP MO DAY 28 | NO EXCUSES DAY 28 Good Morning, It has been a while since I wrote here and I kept far from games and porn, though I wasn't studying enough until this week. Besides, the girl that I was meeting she is talking about dating but I will wait for a while. So, my life has been amazing ever since I quit gaming, but what I'm doing to stay far from games? This was easier than you think, in the begin, I was looking for something to do when I wasn't playing, so, I start reading and found new hobbies and this month I will finish my English course, yes I know my English is horrible, but I did my best. What I want to say is, in my case, stop complaining and do what you need to do this forum was the first step to help me, however, after that, you're the only person who can help yourself was 15 years of gaming, I'm 18yo, and this stopped 28 days ago, enjoy your life there is a lot of things to see out off your computer screen. At last, everyone knows the impact of gaming in your life if you want to change what is stopping you?
  9. NO GAMING DAY 17 | NO FAP MO DAY 17 | NO EXCUSES DAY 17 Good Night, My week was so easy again, what I'm doing to stay far from gaming? I like to think this is a weakness and I'm just complaining about being an addict and I felt angry with me, so this was my solution. I nothing saying "Addict is just complaining or laziness" I know how this is, but my solution was this. Therefore, I'm disappointed with a friend today she broke my confidence so I buy 12 beers, I'm sad. Wasn't the girl that I'm going out. Yesterday I had an idea I will post every day, but only write something like I did today every 3 days, I will make a template of my schedule and post here and check if I did everything I need. GOALS:
  10. NO GAMING DAY 13 | NO FAP MO DAY 13 | NO EXCUSES DAY 13 Good Afternoon, I was supposed to write here on Wednesday but I want to answer @Ikar. So my day was easy again in the night I will workout chest and triceps and in the morning I read some texts about No Fap and discover different types of No Fap(MO, PM, PMO or Hard Mode...), I decided to be part of No Fap MO and reconfigured my counter. Therefore thx for the advice Ikar, I read about it because of you and I understand what you said about "enforce on your partner" I never will do that LMAO this was why I didn't stop her and about "ONS mentality" I think or night was not casual, probably I will try to have a relationship with her, was so good. I agree with you I don't like One-Night Stand I prefer something with emotions. So thx again for your comment. GOALS:
  11. NO GAMING DAY 12 | NO FAP DAY 2 | NO EXCUSES DAY 12 Good Night, This week has been one of the best, of all my life, I don't miss games more on Friday I had a date, but I have a doubt NO FAP is only when I watch porn and masturbate or if someone did this to me I lose my counter? Therefore I reset my counter, yesterday I went to a bar and after this to her house. But this week wasn't only good things when I see my progress of study and gym this week was low, I didn't complete my goal "2 weeks of study in 1 week" and I only went to the gym 3 days of 6. Probably I will write something in my Diary every 3 days because in this way I have more to say. So have a good week and thanks for reading my Diary. GOALS:
  12. Games were like a trap to me, this sequence always repeated: tired -> low grades -> games -> temporary happiness, but you already beat that 187 days you are amazing, I wish one day achieve this mark and Good Luck with your journey! I tried to find an image that shows the sequence. You have a bad day, but when you play you're good and they say "You Win" so this makes me feel good
  13. Thx dude, the detox has been easy and need to keep in this way, good luck with your journey too!
  14. NO GAMING DAY 8 | NO FAP DAY 8 | NO EXCUSES DAY 8 Good Night, Today I was so anxious that my gym was 7:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. I already put my clothes but I'm happy talking with this girl, she went to sleep now and I'm editing this post, here is 3 a.m., before I back to gaming I had a relationship with a girl who doesn't worry about life, she was so normal, boring, the new seems different. She already invited me to go to her house, I think this is because of her age. Therefore, I did a new workout today was hard but enjoying the process is the key to achieve your goals. GOALS: MY WORKOUT TODAY:
  15. Bem vindo ao fórum, vi que você se registrou há uma 1hora, parabéns por completar 90 dias sem jogar eu começei tem 1 semana, mas está sendo melhor do que eu pensei que seria.
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