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  1. I can totally relate to that. It makes the supposedly easy small talk a bigger chore. Nasty thing. I heard other people suggesting don’t be too strict to oneself. They said even if one does end up too drawn in, that’s the personality of this person. Serious with things. Nothing bad about it. I find that advice works with myself. At least giving me peace when similar things happen. And peace is important to actually achieve a effortless small talk.
  2. Day 43 I ended up falling asleep around 4 am last night. I went to bed at 10:30, lights out and the phone was away. At 12:00 I was still rolling and awoke. Picked up the phone, tried not to let the screen light distracts my system I ran a podcast and just listened. Still didn’t fall asleep, until 4 this morning. This forum is not about how to get good sleep, but I don’t expect any advices if no one knows about this topic. At the end, when one is tired he is prone to relapse. Good energy level is important in fight the urge to game. Still going strong into the 43 day. I have been able to do a lot of new things since I stopped gaming. The best of them all will be reflecting more on myself. It brings a lot of awareness of myself! Silly to see that I was so unaware of myself even in some area that are now considered obvious. My body has been given me sights and indications non stop about those things that I was not at peace with my body, but I just ignored the indications and signals in the past. Things like feeling very anxious was treated with more exciting games and stronger stimulations in the past. Anyone has the experience with anxiety will know if you don’t acknowledge it by any chance, it will not go away by any chance. Goal: Going for the run. 6 mins per km is the short term goal. Now I am down to 7 mins from 10 several weeks ago:D have some good sleeps Things I am grateful today: have the luxury to organise my work flexibly. Very grateful in the down days like today.
  3. Hi Julon, Welcome to the community. It is great that you want to do this at this early age. Like Alexanderle, I would give everything if I can trade the time back and start this process earlier. I am 29 days in the fight and already feel the big differences it bring. I pick up the “hope” I once lost (for a long time), my confidence gain a big boost, my social skills are speeding forward. Cam has a good list of activities he recommend, you can try some of those. I am doing badminton and reading at the moment, just tried body boarding last week. If unsure about what is good, just try something first and at least you know what you don’t like. Then you will find something you like. Fill the time up!
  4. Day 27 Feeling motivated today. It’s 1/4 through my 90 days journey, the result I get so far is obvious. I notice a big change in my mood. I feel a sense of confidence. This is different. I used to game really competitively, I once got a rank that’s higher than 99.3% of all the players in my country. People will think I have all the reasons to be confident, but that’s not what happened. I was in a fake sense of confidence, I only realise that when I have a taste of confidence in real life now. Fascinating. My Goal: Improve my running to 5.5mins/km. Now I am doing 7mins/km. Long term goal is 4 mins. Initial conversations with good old friends that I haven’t talked to in ages. Do more social activities. Things I am grateful today: Friend who reaches out to me constantly despite me struggling to open up.
  5. BgK


    Hi RB1, For me, it just acts as a helping hand in difficult time. I made it to act like that. Please be aware this is just my personal experience and should not be taken as medical advice. I am always cautious putting pills down my body, unless absolutely necessary. In my years of battling with depression, I would only use it when I was suicidal. Big help? Well not a lot. I would still feel depressed but it did get the suicidal thoughts off my mind in those particular periods. It’s good to have them within reach, for emergencies. Just note that they don’t take effect immediately. If I remember right they take effect the next day. I would just postpone my suicide plan to the next day and see what happened. The thoughts would go away. Most of the time I would rather seek natural remedies or just tough it out. In my several years of battling, I only took antidepressants less than 5% of the days, although I had boxes and boxes of them from the doctor. I would exercise, I would seek counselling, I would go to church. Both councelling and church gave me big help. Personally speaking I think they solved my problems from the roots, which I like a lot. Everybody is different. Professional advice is recommended for making decision.
  6. @ElectroNugget Thanks man for the encouragements! They really matter. I am actually introverted. I started my small business after high school, for 5 years now. I don’t have employee, so the trader-customer relationship is my only socialising. You bet that relationship won’t go too deep. From your advice, I think I can socialise with other traders in my trade. Also I play good badminton, I can socialise with other badminton enthusiasts. I will keep posting updates!
  7. Day 25 This is quite a good news, I made it more than 1/4 through the detox journey! I wish someone can celebrate with me with some good laughs and beers. Regarding keeping going on this journey, the circumstances are not very helpful. My landlord was selling his house so I had to move. I came to this new place 4 days ago. I wish to make friends with other flat mates, real bad. I guess I also need to acknowledge the fact that not everybody wants to be friend. Painful to acknowledge. I am very sad. If I am determine to make friends regardless of what other flat mates think, this will put a big amount of pressure on me, which is fine, but at the same time have negative effects on making friends, b/c I then disregard their needs to be alone. Nobody likes to be disrespected. To get to the fact, it is me feeling lonely, not other people. I should take responsibility of my own need and not force it on other people. I am wondering, how does one process this lonely emotion? I am not talking about doing something to pretend to be busy, that doesn’t solve the real problem. Pretend to be busy is not fulfilling in the long term, one still gets lonely at night then really start questioning oneself what’s all this busy life about. I wish to face this emotion giant head on, but I have no clue of how? Progress: I am cutting down sugar/chocolate at the moment for 4 days already. Things I am grateful for today: My shoulder is recovering well! I can see myself back to my beloved badminton court in a few days! Nothing brightens me up more than that.
  8. @Amphibian220 Cool! Sounds fun to do and challenging. I will give it a go
  9. @Amphibian220 By staying away from pastry and bread, do you mean don’t eat carbohydrates or are there exceptions? About the topic of fasting, could you explain it a bit more. How does it help when dealing with resisting the urge? I am trying to pick up the long lost skill of running. It gets quite disappointing at the moment but I decide to stick with it for a month.
  10. Day 19 The urge is getting really hard to resist now. After I gave up gaming 19 days ago, I substituted gaming with watching YT. That doesn’t satisfy me. It doesn’t give me the same level of stimulation gaming gives to me. I am getting more and more unfulfilled:( and craving for stronger stimulation. The urge of watching explicit materials is getting very strong these days. Although I know even if I do watch them, and pmo, my satisfaction is just temporary. They also fk up my brain. how do I fight this? It’s really getting the best of me.
  11. @Amphibian220 That’s a new perspective. If viewing loneliness like that it will surely give us a boost of confidence.
  12. Same in depression. Have you consider going to church? There is an infinite big void in our heart that only an infinite big being can fill. I bet you try a lot of things now to fight with depression. I don’t have much to say but hang on to them, keep going don’t give up. You come a long way bro and well done
  13. Day 15 I got that alarm that rings every Tues reminding me of successful quitting for 7 more days. I just got that alarm yesterday. Exciting stuff! However I wake up today at the wrong side of the bed. Big void in my heart...sigh. I want to play badminton really bad. It’s my one and best hobby to help me fight the loneliness and I love to play it. Until I got a shoulder injury two weeks ago from smashing a shuttle. Now I cannot play sports. Spending time and resisting the urge to play games at night becomes very very hard. I was on acupuncture for the past two weeks and disappointingly it didn’t help much. I am going to get Physiotherapy as soon as the clinic opens after Christmas. I might even line up before dawn to get the first place. Happy Christmas. Things I am grateful for today: 1. friends gathering that’s going to take place this afternoon 2. being able to go to the beach nearby after I finish this journal. Update: pic of the peaceful seaside, taken on 25th
  14. Hi all, I am going on this excited yet challenging 90 days journey. I am on my 15th day today without gaming! I start this post, part of the purpose is to write about the ups and downs of my journey, but what I want to pay more attention, is how do I face the struggles. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by things, like the thought of not playing games for 90 days, like the fact of needing to develope some new life styles and hobbies to fill the void. They are tough stuffs. When I am emotionally overwhelmed what I can only function is to escape. That’s a natural response, keep me safe but not helpful for moving forward, at all! I want to write about my thoughts in those hard time. Looking at it with consciousness and face it head on, hopefully. I find it easier to work on those problems in this community, with journaling. Actually I already feel better typing these words. Any share of your success stories or stumbles would be most welcome. Love and peace. BgK
  15. When I used to game I often skipped eating for the whole day, until I was shaking and sweating cold sweat at 9 o’clock in the evening I would then get up and grab anything I can eat in the kitchen. It got really hard to eat a normal potion when I quitted. Something that helped me was my job, landscaping, a really physical job. It took me around 1 week to get close to the potion I used to eat thanks to my job. Do you have any physical activity that you enjoy doing? Try to do that. You will find yourself getting tired very quickly and your performance is much worser than before. At that time don’t be upset about yourself, because your body hasn’t done anything physical for a long time. Good that you walk the first step towards a better life style. Just take a rest whenever you need to and give your body enough time to recover. And the good thing is...you will find yourself hungry! That’s me personal advice.
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