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  1. Thank you for the comment! I’m trying to start working out instead of gaming, but there’s not much else I can think of doing. I don’t have any goals or anything so it’s hard to find replacements. I’m quite antisocial so I spend all of my free time at home in my room.
  2. Welcome to my journal. Let me start off by talking about myself. I’m in highschool and I’ve been addicted to video games for many years and I need to quit. The reason I’ve decided to quit is because gaming has taken control of my life. I have no dreams or goals, no motivation, and a horrible self destructive personality all because of gaming. But I want to change. I want to take my life back and actually live it instead of staring at a screen in a dark room all day like a goblin. My goal is to not play video games for 30 days. Today I have made my first steps to sobriety from gaming by getting rid of my gear. I deleted everything from my PC and gifted it to my mom, and removed all of my games from my PS4 (I will still keep my PS4 because I use it for watching Netflix). With my new spare time I’ll be mostly watching anime, working out, and doing schoolwork. This journal will be my method of staying motivated and hopefully I’ll survive the whole 30 days.