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  1. Spring forward daylight savings in case anyone forgot! Spent the morning learning as much as possible about watering and feeding the houseplant. Will definitely return to finish the computer maintenance before the weekend hit but sometimes things that require more urgent attention come up. This still improved an area of my life I can put into immediate practice and I have not totally forgotten about computer goals, this is a clear win. I will no doubt be spending time learning how to collect clean rain water & doing it as well as making my own plant food compost as well though all in due time, no hurry. One goal at a time, one day at a time. You know I started my very first game detox in March also a few years ago .. I think seeing new seasons start to take shape is a big catalyst to change for us.
  2. Today had visited awhile with family I hadn't seen much lately which was pretty nice for a change and on another note the house plant I bought yesterday is too big for sleeping with but definitely improves IAQ so it gets to live in living room for now. I feel that the house plant is a fine size but maybe making air too fresh, may buy smaller house plant for bedroom and try that instead later!
  3. Computer goal got took off the schedule this morning and may not have time to do that until Sunday, I will definitely finish that! So what could possibly have been so important to do instead? Big grocery & gasoline shopping trip before prices go up more! Had also stopped by a local plant nursery and purchased a big indoor plant for the bedroom. Supposed to be good for keeping indoor air quality (IAQ) in tip top shape. This video here was discussing this and also cited a study done by NASA too. My IAQ is terrible we have been fighting mold for a long time now I hope this helps out some!
  4. The day has been won in my eyes. No I did not complete the system backup I set out to do today but I did make progress to that effort and it will simply take a little more time. Routine maintenance like this is a stress relief to me so this is perfectly fine that it requires a little more attention, soon I will have everything gathered for a full migration to a clean system as well. Soon to be done, It is good thing to be getting rid of all the forgotten pieces and shadows left from heavy gaming that could be found all over the computer file structure.
  5. Welcome back! What other stress reducing activities would make a good habit to start for you do you think Azi? Always something new to learn the journey continues!
  6. nice going and thank you for the lucky wishes! Maybe flip or brick phone if market still has those? They still had games on them even when they first came out but at least had less than smart phones. Tech is way too entrenched in games! It would be just fantastic if a developer was ever kind enough to make a phone without all that digital candy ..
  7. The other two past detox's I completed had eventually become undermined by such traps even though I fought back quite well. This also requires my present attention and I will fight them away to the best of my abilities, thank you! I think by learning to operate in the TTY terminal-only environment this will be a great step into resisting my worst detox adversary ever of my free time which has been surfing the internet altogether. I hope GameQuitters is compatible with text browsers! I have attempted detox in the past going completely unplugged and it was too much too soon. I had rented a ton of books from the public library but in reality they just sat on the floor mostly untouched as I have never been much of a book guy though I should be able to make that a reality with practice and persistance .. additional hobbies and habits like you say are needed and you have to stick with them!
  8. Had a morning goal today of backing up computer before changing Linux boot processes. This has become complicated because I am in the process of rebuilding the backup bash scripts to not back up game data. I lost the morning in a sense because the goal was too big for that time frame but I can still win the day! good vibes to all ­čî×
  9. a great point that can be very easy to lose sight of - thank you for your input Wild!
  10. ASCII video example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55iwMYv8tGI&t=1232s
  11. Thanks for the lucky good vibe wishes right back atcha! I know basically nothing about the Hz frequencies but that video is great at muffling out other noise about and is quite pleasantly stimulating to my ears .. probably exceptionally good stuff if you live in a busy city area. CS stem degree nice choice I have heard for awhile what type of job are you hoping to land after graduation? Similar in appearance to Microsoft's DOS Disk Operating System, TTY is a Linux command line interface allowing you to interact with the operating system with keyboard-driven commands. Can use it with internet and text-based browsers too - its a goal of mine to get a CLI youtube player going that can playback videos within a TTY by converting them to ASCII, text art!
  12. I'm right there with you. Did a full 90+ detox a few years back but still relapsed. I think it's all a learning experience though and we can accomplish anything still if we set our mind to it!
  13. I would like to thank you Cam if you happen across this journal entry, not so highly important I flag down your attention with a tag, but that recent video on youtube really called out to me and really became the basis for listening to some old GTS podcasts and reflecting on starting this new detox so thank you much gratitude! if anyone would like to watch the vid it was this one right here: 4 Types of Gamers (which one are you?)
  14. Hello best of luck on your game quitting goals, have you deleted and thrown away the games/accounts/systems yet? Part of me wants to throw out the computer I'm using right now but then I would be short on a GQ / computer / internet tool.. perplexing situation!
  15. If flower don't bloom you don't fix flower you fix the environment. You are not a flower but I think try to focus on changing your environment more to suit your desire to change. I can't tell you what all you should do but take time and consider just what you can can do so you can work on that a little bit day by day. Maybe new hobby, new friends, new job, new school, new room setup, new habits, etc. Just don't try to do too much at once, one goal a day - it can even be a small step towards a bigger goal, at least that is some kind of progress for you. Have you deleted and thrown out the games yet? That helped me a lot my first detox.
  16. way to go Josh I requested Steam deletion just now myself though I had detoxed before and deleted a lot of paid games from it a few years ago. The difference that made was this Steam deletion had 0 purchased games, I was that reserved about buying games there again because I knew I would delete them again without giving it much thought. Anyhow I just want to say I think you are doing a great thing keep on doing you!
  17. Singing Bowl sound bath anyone? This is by far my favorite one so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq8snFSEwlU
  18. Steam games removed, account deletion request in progress, all known computer games removed minus the clients awaiting deletion and requested site bans. double checked root folders, repositories, and rofi program launcher. My goal for the morning feels quite accomplished. Long Term Goal Thought: It is a desire at the moment to learn to do all my computing tasks directly from TTY as I remove my Linux operating system GUI from the boot process. Preferably make it impossible to use that startx command to be incapable of entering GUI at all. Sure it's not totally isolated from games but it feels like a good direction. Most games are developed these days with a dependency on GUI existence.
  19. Got most of my games deleted today and my goal tomorrow morning is to have them all gone! Steadily working to get an IP site ban against my address so I can't even make new characters. I guess I could force game servers to do this by logging in way more than the allowed amount of game characters at one time but I prefer the diplomatic solution over being a jackass. Some of these online game admin policies are against giving site bans on request I have found so if the appeal to the game hosts fail then I guess its going to be leading to many policy violations. I'm no stranger to this. Back in the day me and a buddy used to log in to online games at school we didnt like with VERY obnoxious name choices. The end result was usually earning the entire school a site ban to said games. EDIT. that is not Simple Life thinking at all. taking time to consider there are many additional games and even clones of games out there, I couldn't possibly get a site ban to every relevant game let alone take time to ensure site bans are maintained. At least I believe I can maintain discipline to keep those games out of sight and out of mind but I also think a great answer to this is to find a Linux distribution that has no games installed, no games inside its repository, and no packages available to alternative repositories. That may well not exist yet I will see!
  20. Quote by Alexander Den Heijer, Inspirational Speaker. ÔÇťWhen a flower doesnÔÇÖt bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.ÔÇŁ
  21. Hello Aeris think about starting a journal here yet? give it a try it might be a help. Welcome to GQ!
  22. Hey Books been awhile doing well I hope. Pushing past a big post-detox relapse now coming back to journal accountability and feeling great about it!
  23. I have been gaming since at least since the end of summer 2020 after hurricane knocked our power out for a solid week. In hindsight I did not journal here during that time of weakness though I may have been somewhere, I was taking on other addictions as well. That aside, something as simple as camping outside could have prevented relapse. Regardless it is all in the past and now I begin my efforts to thrive again. Really good feeling about this guys. I really enjoy the accountability this platform offers us. As for my one goal this morning I have started getting games gone, not 100% there but it is progress and is a start! This is going to be a great week ahead ­čśü
  24. March 8, 2022. Welcome to my new journal "The Simple Life" in spirit of celebration and accountability, let's do this! First, gratitude to GTS podcast #39 "How to Stop Escaping into Video Games" - James is the speaker's name if I recall correctly and having taken time out of my evening last night to take notes, this message got through to me really fast how and why I need to put down the gaming right now in my own life. I have completed a full 90 day detox in the past and I know what needs to be done, I am wiling to do it. In my past journal it seems I tried taking on too many new changes for my life at once but in this journal I am putting to practice what I learned in the aforementioned podcast above, here are a few relative notes: No BIG lists of things to do every day, do the opposite! Before you go to sleep, write down one thing that you want to get done the next day. When you wake up, complete that one task in the morning. With that done you have now made progress and achieved a goal for the day, you have won the day! These add up FAST and is HUGE in bringing you success of all kinds.
  25. Welcome to pick up some AA literature and attend online/face-to-face meetings the only requirement is a willingness to stop drinking and can be a fine community to help like GQ is for gamers. Attending doesn't label you as an alcoholic, just a sane dude trying to better his life. If in need for links let me know can DM