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  1. Hi Abdulaziz, You have found a good place to be. I used to think for a long time it was never a problem that I had, gaming was just the one hobby that I wanted to have. I had so much trouble stopping but there is plenty of experience here to be gained from others and insight that others can give to help you. Joining and reading what others have said has helped me already and I know it can help anyone else who is looking for help. Its great to have you with us.
  2. I am really enjoying the book. The way that they discovered how Habits can still be created after the guys brain was messed up is incredible and that we can do the same thing as well but be in charge of making new habit loops. That is some very powerful knowledge. Things got to the point where my wife was kicking me out of the house or she would leave me with the kids because she couldn't be around me. I have been a gaming addict for about 17 years and because of it, emotionally I am not really present most of the time. So it got to a point where it was either I get clean now or we are no longer a family.
  3. Days 1-5 I decided that I needed to get a journal started even though I don't really like sharing. I have made it through five days now without playing. I used to play 9+ hours of my 12 hours shifts at work. I would play web based idle games mostly or anything else that looked fun. I got worse about my playing after being at my current job for 3 years. I have downloaded games and programs to have better access to games here. I used an emulator to hide from my wife the mobile games I would play. I started off my first day with deleting everything that I had and removing the backups and cache for web games. It was very tough but I needed to remove them or else I would want to pick up where I left off on them. Some how I have been given a blessing to not feel the cravings I normally do and have made the most of my time at work. I have started to read the Power of Habit, to understand my addiction better.
  4. I have had trouble with keeping my own login info. Its a path back toward gaming. I have let others reset my password for Steam so I can't access it anymore or use the recovery feature for it. My EA Origin account got hacked and I took that as a blessing because it is no longer mine to worry about.(Thankfully I didn't have any payment info on that one) I have deleted other accounts because its just a shortcut back to games. So let someone else guard them for you and from you.
  5. I have been married for 8 years and thankfully I am still together with my wife, but there have been a ton of times that I have lied and hidden games from her and that has caused a huge rift between us where I have made it impossible for her to believe that I am trying and I am sober now. It has been only two days so far and I was curious if anyone else has experienced this and has any advice on what could be done for showing or proving that I have been without games?
  6. Hi all, I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember and definitely an addict for the past 17 years. I lost all interest in other hobbies and would spend all of my time playing. From Jr high onward, I would play when I was home and even at school. Going so far as to have a game boy with me almost everyday my whole Senior year. Being in the Marines and playing every minute we were done working. After separating I lived overseas as a contractor and would play for 10 of my 12 hour shift and play my days off as well. My life has been dominated by games and now they are ruining my family and making it impossible for us to be together. I need to get clean and so I have joined Respawn to save my connection with my family.
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