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  1. Day 26 Finally went to the dentist early this morning, was a good decision so my morning routine shift a little bit. I took the day much more slowly, spend the evening with my girlfriend, read my book and listened to some music. Music is my life, i can live a day without music and i like to dance too, they make me really happy.Took some weed but made me feel like shit so it's just confirm that i will stop consuming, it doesn't give me anything positive, i just like it for movie or music, when it's change my perception and sensation but it the end, it doesn't worth it. Much love and willpower
  2. Day 25 Morning routine, done some cooking, sold my university books for some money and bought the one i needed. House is clean, fridge is full of healthy food and i'm really happy about that. Started a new book: Frederic Lenoir ''La puissance de la Joie'' a book about every aspect of the joy, It's one a of my goal to fulfill my life with joy everyday. Also, i'm taking notes when i read or watch some self-development videos and i read them in the morning to power myself up and to live my day with a special mindset. I'm doing well, i'm gonna define some other goals i want for the next weeks. Take care everyone and as always much ♥️
  3. Day 24 Completed my morning routine with some motivational videos on you tube, Been doing the Best workout for natty, so good so far, i write my progression each workout, feeling well, eating more, feel i got more energy also. I finished atomic habits book, i'm searching for another self-help book that will push me and make me learn new important things. Trying to stay in the present moment, be grateful with life and all the choices i can do each day, I started cooking little meal each day and i keep doing little things on my to do list, No zero day! Cleaning my house more often, i really feel better when everything is in the right place. I try to always stay positive and appreciate the little things that happen, more conscious and more awareness of my emotions/reactions to be a better version on myself and improve each day. Wishing love and positive vibes to all of you, you guys are good you guys are strong!
  4. Thank you very much Lea, i wish you the best and i am here also if you need advice ? Day 23 Morning routines like always, I start the day with some motivation video to get me pumped ,i'm also listening to improvement pill you tube channel while i stretch or when i have some spare time. I really like how he explains and the subjects about being a better person. I'm doing a little bit of my to do list, taking actions each day, doing little things to get better each day. No more zero action and lazy day, i want the life that i dream off. I still get some gaming craving when i see new games coming, or twitch or when my brother ask me to play but i did game a lot in the past and now it's time that i take care of what i want. I Feel good, I also begin the No Fap challenge, I've read about dopamine and the negative effect in the long term and listened about people who did it and how did it feel. It's gonna be hard but i can do it. I hate porn and what it created. Much love and joy!
  5. DAY 22 Strong morning routines as always, it almost became an habit now. Waking up-Meditation-stretching-Eating good breakfast and reading self-help books (almost done with atomic habits and work out in gym. For my workout, i note all my weight and how i felt, i want to improve in reps-weight or rest period. I started cooking meals for the week since i'm eating more now, i feel really better by eating healthy and diminishing sugar and other junk foods. I'm more pro-active but i still stay in my comfort zone most of the time, i feel i need to take risk and not be afraid of failing, just learning and going toward my goals. I'm more positive and happy when the day is over and i feel I've been moving and taking actions, I owned the day. I wish the best for all of us, keep going and much love!
  6. Day 21 Always starting the day with my morning routine, Eating more healthy, my days feel the same, made a list but i'm not taking much actions, i always feel doing something fun like reading and days goes by fast. I need to find a way to complete things, little steps at time. I'm positive and feel good about me but i don't like how i am living this life, i feel i'm not in my place. It's all about taking actions and stop thinking i feel. I'm doing better than day 1. I also feel i need friends and some company not just my girlfriend, i feel loneliness and having some social with people with similar interest would help me. I feel i need to get out, going outside the comfort zone and meet people. We got one life and it's now, Let's do this!
  7. Day 17-18-19 We went outside town for my GF birthday with her parents and brother, in a cabin in the wood. Did some sports and walked a lot in the nature, was really calm, i really like the energy coming from the nature. We play some board games and talked about life, was great. Day 20 Back home, Starting my morning routine, waking up a 7 am now, i''m following Christian Thibodeau best program for natty builder now, gonna track my progress. I keep struggling with weed in the evening when i'm bored and less energetic, always the same negative pattern, gotta find a way to stop. i know i can do everything i want but it's hard for me to take actions. When i was young, my mom used to do all the things for me and never let me try, now i'm lacking initiative but working on it. Never stop, i got this. Much love and peace of mind
  8. Day 16 A good day, did my morning routines and some task/cooking for the week. I read a lot these days as well as skating outside. My life is great, i want more and taking actions is the best way to go.. It's going well. I keep trying to live in the present moment, the power of now by Eckhart Tolle is a must about that philosophy of life. Much love.
  9. DAY 15 Strong morning routines, never miss gym, i keep reading a lot. For the first time in years, I've been to a party, i don't drink alcohol and i hate small talk so i never find myself in the right place. It was the birthday of an old friend so i talked to him a bit, was great. I'm also the kind of guy who use humoristic process (sarcastic,irony, words game etc) to make people laugh, people enjoy my company but i prefer having great conversation and party are not really the place for that. Overall, it was good for me to see some people and have some social. I'm feeling good, more energy, I've started taking cold shower for the discomfort, it's hard but i like that and i see the benefits. I also took a course in university to finish my bachelor's degree, i might get it this summer, it's a good decision. I never regret the fact that i did quit gaming, there's way more positive outcome and the best is yet to come. I love myself, i love my life more, i want to reach my dreams and i want to be happy. Sending love and positive vibes to everyone!
  10. Thank you very much! I really wish you the best in your journey. Day 14 It's been two weeks, i have a better morning routines, think less about video games. I still struggle at sleeping earlier, i like the quiet calm night time but i can find this feeling if i woke up around 5 am too and be more productive. My next goals are still the same, a better sleeping schedule, a journal with my daily tasks to be more productive with my time and taking actions and searching for a part time jobs. I'm doing great, trying to be more positive and find my place in this world. Almost done with Atomic Habits, a really helpful practical book. Take care everyone!
  11. Day 13 Morning routine done. i'm making a gym program where i use Michael Matthews bigger stronger book for strength and max shank for flexibility, i like to combine these programs for max value. Days goes by fast and don't feel like i'm much productive, i'm feeling better, i started skating to go outside for the winter. I made some progress but i want more, trying to live in the present moment and stop too much thinking. Much love
  12. Day 12 Started my morning with this routine for now. Meditation/stretching/reading/good breakfast and gym after. I usually woke up at 8h30 but i want it to be earlier. I need to be productive in the morning, after gym, i feel a drop of energy and it's harder to complete things. I feel i can do more, i really have to start a journal. Overall, i make little steps building a better life, it's positive.I know what i should do, i just gotta do it instead of too much thinking. As always, much love and peace of mind
  13. DAY 11 Meditation/reading/taking a walk/doing chores in the morning. After that, instead of smoking, i got Brandon Sanderson: Mistborn trilogy books. Reading the first one, but i already really love the style. For the next days, i want to keep a journal near my bed and keep an eye on how i spend my days. I want to start cooking healthy meals for the week and take an hour to look at jobs for now. I need to sleep earlier also. I want to take actions I got this! Positives vibes for everyone, you guys are the best.
  14. Yeah, i agree. I usually try to do the productive work in the morning, but in the late afternoon/evening, when i find my day "done", i always watch movies or read but with pot, movies are not the same, music is different, new sensation, ideas etc. I think instead of buying some, i will put the money in an account and use it for a trip with my girlfriend. I never traveled and i want to. Day 10 Slow day, was a day to celebrate love and the end of the year with my girlfriend, went to see my brother and my nephew, love them. For the next days, i want a better morning routine and focus about finding a part time job close to where i live. I might replace smoking by reading some fantasy epic books instead of only self-help books, i have a great imagination and i like those kinds of books that can remind me some rpg's. Tomorrow, will be really good day. 2019 will be a great year for me, i will be a better version of myself and i wish the same for everyone. Write the life you want and do actions towards it. Much love and peace to all.
  15. DAY 9 Was really sick in the morning, had to take the subway/bus to go to a brunch far from where i live. Made the effort but it took me much energy. Really tired about going to someone place, i just want to stay home and take care. I keep reading and meditate but still smoke pot, watch movies and sleep too late. I really have to stop smoking when i'm bored and find something better for me. Maybe i should organised my day to be more productive but i have to rest too. Wishing the best for all of you in here