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  1. I think changing the room can be beneficial, why are you so scared? Do you think the roller coaster can be caused by the 9th day? 9th day syndrome ? Congratulations I can almost feel the goodness spreading from inside to your surroundings now! This remind me of when I learned to mop the floor, it's such a funny story! That day I was at work at a cafe and one of the customers spilled coffee with whipped cream on the pavement, resulting in a huge light-brown mess on the dark paving stones. Of course I had to clean that up so I took a mop and a bucket of water with floor soap and started trying to clean the pavement. With every move I made the stain looked worse and worse, that more with newly added foam from the soapy water it looked more messy than before! Then suddenly an old lady approached me. She said that she's cleaning woman and she can teach me how to mop properly. I agreed and she wiped part of the pavement for me, and then I tried to repeat her moves to get my part done. While I was busy doing that she sneaked out of my sight. I've never seen her again. That's how I learned how to mop :D
  2. I'm sure u can do at least 11 days this time! Hope for 90! ? I know how hard it is!! I adore your resolve!
  3. This is my go-to song when I'm depressed, feeling empty inside. It reminds me how small I am in the world. It moves me from inside out, helps to recall that I am body and soul and I have to move on. It makes me remember to be alive. It ensures me that today is not my last day. Matt Redman - 10 000 reasons
  4. arq


    Subject still resists the temptations thus we needed to gain new allies. We used subject's friends to mention the topic of gaming and invite him to join in online activities. Subject refused and found an ally himself - God. Infuriating as it is, we cannot do anything against Him. However we will continue to use other people to dismay the subject until he forgets about his Ally. Subject's well-rested brain now demands a well-rested and trained body. Training will surely decrease the level of subject's strong will. Wonderfully we will gain an advantage from subject's well-being. Well played, we. Day 4: SUCCESS! (gameless day is a success) I studied a little bit, it hopefully will be enough. I visited my grandmother and stayed with family for the rest of the day. When I was running to catch a bus I realized how weak my body has become. I need to strengthen up a bit, but that's for the next week, when the classes end. Mentally I feel much better. I also visited a church. Thank you @Lea for inspiring me and reminding me of the faith I once had. Goal for tomorrow: Plan this week to finish all the appointments at the university by friday and have a winter break.
  5. hi spacemonk! what do you do in your school? what do u study? write something more! ? what kind of person do you want to be?
  6. there once was a man named Alexander who couldn't spend a day staying sober when his life lost all its glitters he wisely joined gamequitters he doesn't play and is no longer a loser
  7. Congratulations on your first week!! I'm so proud of you
  8. You kinda did answer your question. I'd say that the hockey match starts and ends. Independently of you. Playing games starts and ends dependently on you.
  9. Addict will be addicted forever because of biological reasons. You cannot cure addiction, merely heal it. Trust, however can be regained, sooner or later. My advice is: Focus on actually healing yourself, and the trust will be regained meanwhile. You won't even notice that. You can't get into your partner's mind and force them to trust you. You can't get into your mind and force it not to love games. You can only alter your behavior. A lie has no legs. She does, she can run away.
  10. I've had to face a similar problem recently. I'm a computer science student and I decided I need good performance laptop for my studies. In the end I bought a gaming laptop, a decision I regret. From current perspective it would have been better to buy a laptop with the same processor but without dedicated graphics card. Buying macbook doesnt solve the problem, there are many games with ios versions. So my advice: Buy a laptop without graphics card (aka with intel integrated graphics only). Dont buy external mouse, its super hard to game with a touchpad only.
  11. What I like to do when I get bored and want to avoid doing the things that my brain wants to do when it is bored is: 1. I go out without my phone nor credit card and I get on a bus or train or any other vehicle. It helps me to think what I can do (instead of getting bored). Then I write the things that come up to my mind. When I think I have enough I get back home and start doing them. Some of them are long term (not possible to do that day so...) 2. I keep a list of things to do when I have nothing to do (aka to avoid boredom). When I'm trying to do sth productive like studying (especially online) then dozens of ideas spring into my mind about what I could be doing right now (instead of doing the productive thing). I take note of them on the list instead (it takes about 3 seconds, I keep the list open on second monitor). It tricks my brain into thinking that I accepted and planned to do the thing that it wanted to do, but the list is actually pretty large Lol. Seldom do I do any of the distracting activities after taking note of them. But when I'm bored I review the list and do something I noted or... go back to step 1. Or if that doesn't work either then I engage in an activity that I can do always and it's positive like singing, praying, cooking, tidying up etc. I hope u can get sth for yourself from my experience cheers
  12. arq


    Subject started caring about subject's health. What a shame, with well-rested brain he will be harder to defeat. Day 3: Goal completed partially. I manged to stay so busy I didn't have to think about anything. I'm keeping linux running on my laptop for extra productive no trigger environment - good idea. It's the third day I'm going to bed at roughly the same time. Today I slept 12 hours yet I still feel extremely tired. Long time sleep deprivation doesn't get cured over 3 days. Goal for tomorrow: Stay busy. Think about long term goals. Study for Monday exam.
  13. hello friend ! the path is rocky for all of us together yet separately we must pass don't get to your addiction back otherwise everything will crack returning to real life is what counts ps. my advice - get a new mouse
  14. arq


    Subject keeps his distance from us. We are gathering our forces to strike again when the subject gets in range. Day 2: I'm holding strong against the enemies, however I was so busy I had no time to even try to confront them. Today was so exhausting I'm writing shortly and going to bed. But it's good - my sleep schedule is improving. I learned that if I'm busy the urge to play doesn't appear. Goal for tomorrow: Stay busy. Think about long term goals.
  15. arq

    Help Me!!

    Hi I have 1 tip for you If you have to use the computer, buy a new mouse, with another dpi setting. U won't be able to play properly with it but it will be enough to make use of the machine for other purposes. Get rid of the old one
  16. arq


    Day 1: I feel free. Ha! Buying Respawn gamequitting guide from the money I earned by winning game tournament seems to have hit the enemy hard. It indeed was an unpredictable unfolding of events. Even I am surprised I did it. I'm not sure if the enemy has been beaten or just flied into hiding. I'll assume the latter; better save than sorry. The goal for today is just to sleep at night. The goal for tomorrow is to setup future goals. So, good night.
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    Experiment #1: Virtual life in cyberspace Status: Abandoned Log: 2004: Subject is a promising young boy, with larger-than-average intelligence. We are inserting a computer into subject's room, we'll see how they react. Update: Subject noticed the computer, started discovering what it is capable of. 2005-2008: Subject treats the Internet as a source of information and entertainment. It is high time to call in the big guns. We are exposing him to online games. Update: Subject took the bait. 2009: Subject discovered that there are other subjects caught in the World Wide Web. They started communicating and competing in the games. The subject does not yet seem aware of our presence. However, given the amount of time the subject spends infiltrating the Internet, we can assume to be discovered soon. 2010: The subject leaves his room only for school. There is no way to cut him from it, he is a remarkable student, despite gaming whole afternoons and nights. 2011: Success! Subject no longer cares about real life relationships nor social activities. Subject abandons all his friends who are trying to lure him out of his room, outside. 2012: Success! Subject rejects all family contacts. The subject's family starts complaining about the games. Update: Subject found a job to be away from home at weekends. This minimizes the time his family has to interact with the subject. 2013: Warning: Subject discovered us. Subject seems to like us? Subject appears to be unaware of our negative impact on his real life. How astonishingly stupid human are, incredible. 2014: The subject finished high school and was granted a scholarship for remarkable studying. We must increase our efforts against him, we cannot allow such success to happen again. 2015: Warning: Subject began hostile actions against us. It appears they want to abandon virtual reality. 2016: We're holding strong, despite subject's efforts. Subject spends whole days and nights playing, does not attend even the obligatory classes. Update: Success! Subject's studies are going average, but subject still sometimes attends classes. There is still time that can be sacrificed to us. 2017: Subject managed to force us back in desperation, but we won't give up so easily. 2018: We have returned, stronger than ever. Subject is back at gaming in his room, better than ever before. Update: Something changed. The subject achieved the highest possible rank at his game and developed a strong sense of accomplishment. We must find new games for him. 2019: Subject managed to find powerful allies on gamequitters.com. Our demise is inevitable. 17 Jan 2019: We are forced to abandon the experiment. Subject is no longer willing to cooperate. We will continue to observe the subject carefully, ready to strike when he's weak. We are only afraid his allies might reach him before us. Signed: We The demons of addiction.
  18. Thank you for your kind words! I expected merely a hello I'm starting the journal right now ?
  19. hello people! i'm 23 yo, computer science student; build my first computer at the age of 8 addicted to games for 10 years wanting to quit for 5 years I wish all of us luck say hello ?
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