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  1. Wait that's legit a thing? I might look into it just because I think its cool. I don't really have trouble waking up anymore
  2. Technology as a whole is supposed to be good for the human race, but some people allow it to take over their lives (hehe us here sometimes) But like, so much is dependent on technology right? Not saying ditching it is inherently bad; I am noting that avoiding using it without purpose allows us to be the master. Planning our time and living with technology as the tool is was intended to be is a good thing. When technology really takes over our lives, sometimes we do need to cut it out. Like amputating the cancerous growth. Technology is an incredible limb that with self-mastery can make greatness wayyyyyyy easier to reach. We just gotta be careful to be mindful and such
  3. For the first time since I started this 90 days without, I felt like gaming recently after seeing some ads for a game that I'd played before but never really gotten into. I don't have any sort of easy access to games at all, but I've started to feel the occasional nostalgia for when I used to play with my brothers and stuff (which is when my gaming was still healthy). I'm starting to really hope I can be the plays in moderation type, but I know that's somewhat unrealistic. I'm starting to really enjoy studying and such however so it keeps me occupied. Once again, PM me if you have any questions about French
  4. Day 14 Woke up around 9 again, but took two naps afterwards. Ate supper with my family after somewhat wasting the rest of the day, then went to work. Work was pretty great again, and I got some more compliments on my work ethic/habits Came home, and filled up on gas because this one station was like 7 cents cheaper for some reason. Hopped on the forums and was super happy to discover that my post from yesterday wasn't deleted; last night I was going to post day 13, but my sister accidentally hit the touchscreen on my laptop and I thought the post had been deleted. Anyways, I missed a lot of the goals from yesterday and today sadly, so time for the next list Book doctors appointment (so that I can actually look at writing that letter I mentioned earlier. I need a doctor's note) Go to the bank to take out money for this weekend Clean out my van (o) Finish finish that course, and do another module or two on here.(o) Start packing non-essentials and or things I don't use into boxes and organizing those into leaving here and taking with me when I move out Get in touch with my friends as to whether the landlord has gotten back to us or not yet. (o) Text my general manager about typo on my paycheck and the volunteer weekend I need off at the end of February (o) BONUS Drove my sister to her friend's Hung out with my brother and his friends That should about round everything up for tomorrow! Thanks peeps! Best of luck with everything ? John
  5. Day 13 Woke up around 8:45 today, and drove my sister home from her event. I had a glass of water for breakfast then went to mass (good homily today, about how argument is supposed to bring people searching for the truth closer together rather then drive people apart). After mass I hung around the church while my friend played/recorded an organ audition for some crazy music school. He's actually insane. Drove my other friend to the university afterwards then went home. Ate supper with my family, then went skating with my men's group. We goofed around with hockey sticks and played a bit until the rink closed. Looking more likely that I'll be moving out with 2 of my friends shortly here. Good day ? John PS. My co-workers are going out of their way to help me out since I was mistakenly scheduled this weekend, maybe I'll buy them small gifts as a thank you
  6. I have 3 alarm clocks set up around the basement in completely different locations haha We could totally try and build this lmao
  7. Also, Days 11, 12 Good weekend overall. work yesterday night went fantastic and it was nice spending time with my friend ? Today I went to mass with my family, then worked on a course i need to finish to help volunteer with a camp. We then had some family friends over for the whole evening, which was pretty awesome. I might spend a good chunk of time with them tomorrow afternoon as well. My plans to go to the mens conference this weekend might have to change because of work ? Our manager loves outsourcing her job to our most experienced cook, but when she tells him a day or two before we need to know the schedule he doesn't have much time. That and people just not checking the calendar specifically set up for booking stuff off is annoying but nbd in the long run, however much I wanted to go to the conference. Got to talk with my friend today, and we've been looking at some houses to see about moving into a place together. Hopefully we can discern everything well and make it work out. That all being said, not much progress on the big goals happened today. Tomorrow the goals for the day are: Write a letter to my former university to explain why I dropped out and as to whether I can get a refund for the courses. (x) Make it to daily mass (o) Wake up at a reasonable hour (o) Finish the course I started today (partial) Make it to my mens group in the evening for our weekly meet-up (o) Check out some houses around where my friends and I work (we're waiting on a landlord to get back to us) Spend at least half an hour of reading for pleasure (x) Work on something creative (x) BONUS: Went in to work twice to discuss some stuff with my coworkers about management stuff and to get this Friday/Saturday off
  8. Just read your whole journal, and I love how real your struggles feel in here, I'm personally having a lot of trouble finding the motivation to fill my days with anything beyond sleep and work, which probably isn't helped by my health thingmabobbers, but maybe I can do it, maybe life does suck sometimes, but it's pretty awesome overall so. Keep going, never stop and say 'I'm good enough' always work and wish for more for better. Climbing in life is like a spring on an angle (I'll explain I know it sounds weird) If you start at the bottom and walk around the spring to get to the top, you'll find that you have fast gains, then drops, and a slow but continuous path ahead.
  9. https://fightthenewdrug.org/ This has a ton of information on it, not sure if they have a list of sources, could do some more looking into it though
  10. Anndddddd!!!! Day 10! Woke up at about 10, hung around for a bit, my brothers friends came over and played minecraft for awhile, so I moved to a different room. I took a short nap, but woke up about 10 minutes later then expected and panicked. I ended up 2 minutes late for work (I'm normally about 20 early so its not a big deal, but still disappointing). Work went well last night, I got complimented by both co-workers, especially on my rate of improvement. That noted I've been feeling more intellectually virile as of late, almost as much so as I was in high school. Maybe I won't have as much trouble studying as I had been thinking I would. Planning on hanging out with a friend tomorrow night, so I might not write today's post until Monday. Goals! Move out of my parents house Finish a Bachelors in Science Get into an education program at the local university Be purposeful in my faith Save money and time to put towards bettering myself so I can feasibly consider marriage before I'm 30 That being said, my spending money is to be limited to the tips I receive from the FOH staff. I'm choosing to spend that on a tea after work from Tims, and the leftover gives me enough to eat out once or twice bi-monthly. Im going to a men's conference next weekend, hoping to learn some good stuff there Ill be volunteering with a boys camp later in February as well. Have a good couple days everyone!
  11. Love the signature, I'll look into reading some of the books @fawn_xoxo And thanks! My biggest enemy right now seems to be my habit of filling unplanned time with sleep. A bad habit to be sure, and one spawned by some mental health issues, but at least I don't quite feel as tired as I used to spending hours into the night gaming. I completely missed that second point last time I read the comment, maybe I'll track my big progress on here
  12. Ahh I missed a day again Day 9 Woke up early cuz I had a bad dream. Watched TV until 11ish then had a nap until it was time to work Work went well Waste of a day...
  13. I'm really bad at the whole not wasting time in the morning thing I find that almost my whole day goes to waste, and I'm just passing time until my next work shift rather then actually living Not having games to fill the time leaves me feeling useless the past few days, I find myself watching too much TV
  14. Days 6 and 7 Oops forgot to post last night sorry peoples Yesterday was a 'good' day, I met with my counselor to talk about my depression and video game addiction. We came up with some idea's to help build habits mostly The quotations are because I slept so much yesterday, talk about waste of time. Later at night, I did all my laundry, and watched a show with my brother after a Don's run. Today, I woke up early, and made coffee (my mom appreciated it), as well as took my sister out for coffee and then dropped her off at her exam. I came home and had a nice bath, then went to work. Work was good, I had extra time to clean up if need be tonight and didn't end up using it. There were a couple drunk guys hanging out at the bar and a very argumentative woman who apparently only drank half a beer the whole night. Finally home, ate some food, and am now finally doing this. Maybe I'll watch a show or two before bed, who knows Night everybody, John
  15. Day 5! One week of no games starts within 24 hours ? Today was good, I woke up ate brunch with my family and then went back to sleep Woke up again around one and hung out with them until it was time for me to go to mass On the way to mass I came to realize that I have an issue with some smaller demons: not sleeping enough, not having a schedule, skipping daily prayers on a whim, and failing to maintain good hygiene. While tackling the big guys head on can help, I need to make sure I'm not sinking under before I ever get to the fight, so this new weeks target will be to fight the little ones consistently, especially remembering to wake up at the same time everyday, say my prayers, and brush my teeth everyday Thanks for all the support everyone! John
  16. bahaha @islam mohamed the liquor has nothing to do with the quitting games, just two brothers sharing a bottle of wine while having a good time. Thank you for the worry though, i'm always happy when people take time to let me know how they feel and thanks Cam, I don't dislike any of my coworkers, just ranting a bit
  17. Woohoo! First week is officially over! Congrats on the big win ? Super happy to hear that you're feeling more comfortable around your irl friends as that has a huge impact in how you feel and think about yourself Keep up the good work ? You're in my prayers
  18. Day 4 Work was a pain in the ass, morning cook only prepared half the stuff she was supposed to Woke up earlyish, don't honestly remember the first half of the day, pretended to sleep (maybe actually slept) Until my family went on a record shopping trip (we got a record player for christmas). Got up and ate brunch then, and proceeded to hang out with my youngest brother (8) for awhile until his friends showed up. I watched the new episode of one of my shows, then went to work. Worst day of work so far, was working with two of the more airheaded members of the staff, and couldn't get along very well with either of them, I grabbed a drink after work and then my daily tea. Drove home, stopped at the liquor store on my way and picked up a bottle to share with my brother later tonight if he's down. Read some other journals for a little today, over all a good day ? John
  19. Day 3 (written on day 4) Didn't write this last night, got off work earlier then 2 and hung out with my brother Fell asleep on the couch To return to day three however; Woke up fairly early, picked up my friend (I've been driving him to work since his car's broken) we hung out around my house since I was waiting for a door to get delivered. We grabbed A&W for lunch, and played mario party for about an hour. Then my brother came home, and we watched that 70's show, ate sushi pizza and cheesecake. Dropped my friend off at his job when I left for mine, the seafood party failed, much to my managers chagrin, but there's not a whole ton you can do when all your customers are regulars who want the normal menu. The band they had in was pretty good though. Got home later at night, chatted with Cali girl for awhile again, we traded 'music videos' our younger selves had made. Watched more of the show with my brother and we both fell asleep on the couches. Love y'all, John Note: my issue with video games is spending time apart from family and friends, ones I play surrounded by people like a board game (so group stuff in the living room) hasn't ever been an issue for me nor led to me booting up other games
  20. Day 2! Kind of a continuation of day 1 since all I took was a nap but that's not important Got out of bed at about 10 (I know that's late since i didn't sleep, I was watching a show) and went to a coffee shop my friend works at, got myself an extra short double Americano and sat down, had a good conversation with Cali girl again. Also asked my friend from high school which the best dry cleaners in town is (my suit has glass shards in it) and turns out its beside my gym ? Got home and cleaned the basement a bit, then took my nap Woke up when my siblings got home from school, and spent some more time watching random stuff on the internet (I'm sorry everyone, I just don't have a real hobby yet) Went to work for 6 o'clock as normal, and worked a full shift today, we're having some sort of party tomorrow so the prep was hectic I felt pretty good today, and for day 4 without games, I'm starting to wonder if my lack of cravings is weird Also confession, I have 3 jobs, my main one is the cook job, then I tutor high school physics and chemistry, and then my third job is as a video game tester. This third one is obviously the issue here, while I haven't been scheduled any hours since I started this detox, I'm considering quitting so I can leave my PC locked in the closet. The game testing itself involves very little gaming, but its so very easy to open another game once I'm done a shift and play for hours Advice? That crazy Canadian weirdo you don't know yet but you'll grow to love ?
  21. ! Yay ! 5 days, that's almost a week ? Keep it up!!!
  22. Didn't know you we're part french @ketias Im half french and fluent if you ever want help or tutoring
  23. Okay, time to start this daily journal thing, A couple quick notes before I get started: I'm the night cook at a pub, so my schedule is a few hours off other MST ones, and I'm extremely shy, so posting on here will be based around whether I can convince myself to share with the world. Day 1 Woke up at 10 am today, didn't eat breakfast or anything, checked my texts and went back to sleep Woke up again at 4ish, my siblings had just gotten home from school and my youngest brother was hanging around with me for awhile, I watched a couple episodes of some show, then ate a can of ravioli before work. I left for work shortly past 5 as its foggy and starting to get snowy/icy around town (I live 30 minutes away from where I work and need to travel on the highway). Started work just before 6, it was wing night tonight, but customers were ordering all sorts of stuff. Got a migraine (likely weather related) and went home early due to this being a somewhat optional shift. Got home at about 11, and went to bed after watching half of an episode of a show on Netflix with a friend living in California, had a good talk with her beforehand though ? Woke up starving at 2am, since this is normally when I get home and eat after work, and now I'm having some trouble going back to bed, but I'm reading the forum, and while this is my first day journal-ling I'm already 3 days game free ? I really need to start working on my University courses though Cya next time! ?