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  1. Try to keep talking about how you feel, what makes you depressed? I like to hear and maybe I can give some positive response ? Go out to a cafe and listen to a podcast of your interest. Could be at starbucks too or anywhere with free wifi (i dont suggest mcdonalds :P).
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    So here’s mission number 9, the music video.. good luck have fun. D375703F-EE81-40BD-89DA-C308CB3490DB.mp4
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    Guys, thank you, I feel much better now. I gave myself a pat on the back and I’m already continueing on the next mission (music video). This will be something, stay tuned!
  4. Hey, my name is Kenan and I’m on 21st day of quitting games. As I can read you are having troubles when waking up and having desire for gaming a few times. I have had the exact feeling the first week but I just took a deep breath and reconnected with myself and started to look in my calendar to check what to do next and did that. If however you feel as if this is not helping enough you could use a program to block gaming forums for you to not access it and let your husband have the password to change it. This will allow you to focus on something else which is actually helping your life instead of distracting from it. I also have a tendency for distraction but this is because I want to do things frequently and alternaterly change between the things I want to do at a time. First week for me was just sitting down some times and think “am i doing the things I want to do right now, if not, what is it?”. Even if you think about games you can change it to a real life experience. For instance if you miss your game friends talk or community or forum then you can figure that you are missing to socialize. Go to a cafe, study there for your exam and be around people. Be in places where there is at least 1 more person available. This would help. I don’t want to go in too much detail but I pretty much got all of this from the Respawn book available from game quitters website so I suggest to buy it. Good luck and I’ll check in from time to time! P.s. I’m not a gamequitter marketing guy or something, I’m just a people person ?
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    So.. day 21 now. I’ve been ill since day 19 so haven’t done much but watch netflix, sit outside for fresh air and try to eat and drink as healthy as possible. However I am starting to feel better and tomorrow I will pick up my daily schedule and routine again and catch up on my online courses. I’ve also been busy with my next mission in the 30 challenges, well... My mission was to find an attractive girl and say what attracts me to her. First of all, there are almost no attractive girls in my small village and I felt so bad that the first day I couldn’t find anyone at all. After 3 days of looking I finally found a ‘target’ and here is how it went: It was in a local cafe where an old friend from high school and I were catching up about things in life. I in fact saw 1 girl passing by that I found attractive but due to the conversation we were having I thought I would just walk to her later as she sat behind us. After a while we decided to leave and there were just 2 girls entering the cafe and one of them had this pretty smile. So I walked up to her and before I had the chance to speak to her she asked if we were leaving so she could take the table. I replied sure it is all yours and started my mission. I said but wait a bit please, I just want to tell you that you have a pretty smile and it suits you. I then went too much and said she had nice hair too... I dont know why i said that, it was just too much. Then she just replied with “Ok” and left passed me before I had the chance to even wish her a good evening. That is how the mission went and I feel HORRIBLE. Did she even like my comment? She did smile about it though.. I have so many questions, why this mission? Why do I feel so bad? Did I get turned down? What happened? What’s going on! Anyway, I left with my friend and I explained him I’m diong these missions which I have mixed feelings about. I still do not know if I did the right thing during the mission. Does anyone know? Please tell me. Looking forward to read more experiences from you guys, good luck.
  6. Hey, Glad to see you’re doing ok. Check out those 30 day challenges from gamequitters.com. You pay a bit of money but you sure get some sort of “mission” feel as a fun during the day. Im at mision 6 or 7 now and it’s starting to be really fun! Take care!
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    You can buy them from gamequitters.com, it’s made by Cam ? They are really worth it!
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    Day 18: I’ve been working on those challenges, one of the 30 and I must say this one was relatively easy. Took a photo from a couple whilst they were eating, I think I was friendly enough. The challenge was to capture a picture with a sign with a complete stranger, and so I did. Good day to you all!
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    Hey ? It’s been.. 5 days.. WOW. I will even open my handwritten diary to keep up with how much new learning and info i received the last couple of days: Day 11 was productive yet felt the sense of direction slipping a bit away, I wasn’t feeling how I am feeling now that success is not a direct result. I kept up with all my activities: Volleyball, Piano, Study, Podcast, Drawing, out with friends and relaxed AND did the routine of eating sleeping properly. Day 12 I started reading the book The Slight Edge from the 30 day challenges presented and purchasable from the main website of gamequitters and it felt like a door was opening to me, towards success and happiness, really. I also did my activities and went to a friends home to relax and we went out to a club and karaoke night. Day 13 was an inspiring day. I found out I am the one motivating myself and knew i could apply my knowledge that i’ve always learnt in an effective, positive and natural way. Very spiritual day I must say looking back haha ? I also decided to continue meeting a friend in a foreign country next month because basically ‘ yolo ‘ . Also did my routine day of activities. Day 14 was a weird day. It started good but went weird when I stepped in the wrong job agency where they only allowed people to work for them if they were low educated which I was not but it opened opportunities as they directed me to a different agency. I found out about a friend I met online that she wasnt using her real name all along just to hide her identity online which I felt weird about but I understand it because the online world is not really that safe if you are too open about and she opened up to me so thats a good thing in the end. Also my volleyball coach asked soo many questions after the match so I was a bit frustrated and felt pressed on so all in all it was a bit of a weird day, it seemed so. It was actually quite normal if i look back. Day 15 was very productive. I started to do more sports, a gym. I am going to pick up a schedule on working my body to become stronger, healthier and better looking than I am now. I am going to eat a bit more which I need to work on a bit because when I have the feeling that I am not hungry I wont eat enough apparently, so another thing learnt about myself as well. I am considering dropping out of Volleyball if it seems that it interveins with my Gym because I really want to get into that more as I train more muscles more efficiently, I will however miss the teamplay so it’s something to consider in the next few weeks. I will ask many questions to people how they feel it can be fit accordingly, we’ll see. Maybe I can work in gym the muscles I need for volleyball, but the volleyball team is not so active as me so i dont know if its really worth it. It all depends on how I will feel and think next few weeks. Need some time to sink in. OH YES, I FAILED SO HARD THAT DAY TOO. It was Thursday (yesterday), day 15 that I was doing one challenge to go to a local cafe, order a coffee and ask for 10% off before paying. So I was soooooooo nervous before, completely psyched. I went up to the girl and she looked so hopeful and happy and willing to help. And there I was, trying to ask 10% off discount for their well earned money, so I couldn’t, I chickened out. I froze for 3 seconds and then asked for paying the bill. I felt miserable, failed, done, completely done and it ruined my mood so bad that I took the decision to go again the next day which is today and I will tell you how that was in a bit. Day 16 is on going (it’s today, friday). So, I went to the same cafe, because it had to be that one because thats where i failed. I ordered coffee and water and did some studying on my tablet which I by the way finished for this week (another achievement, im happy, yay) and then I realized after being sunk into my work that Oh God moment, I have to pay and ask for discount again... Moment of stressful situation started. I went to pack my bag and went to the restroom and just looked in the mirror and said what i had to say to the waitress in 1 minute. I was stressed as if my life was dependent on this situation, it was make it or break it for me. It was now or never, it was courage and success or fail. I went out of the restroom straight to the bar and ask to pay. Fortunately there werent too many people around so I felt somewhat 1% more at ease. I asked to pay for the bill she said it was X amount ( i dont even remember the amount because of nervousity) and I asked: Could I get 10% off the coffe that I orderded. THIS MOMENT I PANICED INSIDE. She said: WHAT?? With a frowned face looking surprised and confused. So I responded as CALM as I POSSIBLY could: Ohh I was just wondering if I could get 10% off that’s all. She smiled and said oh i thought there was something wrong with the coffee. (Everything was fine, no angry people, nobody was going to throw me out, i had all these thoughts) And i just paid and wished her a nice day. I did tell her tho it was for an experiment somewhere near the end but it was after I paid. I felt relieved, succesful, confident and knew I had the courage for whatever had to be done next. I went out of the cafe with a big smile and went to the bus station to my way home to write this journal online that I’m writing now. Story isn’t over yet! While I was waiting at the bus stop, a girl came.. she looked me straight in the eyes and there was I confident as ever with a confident smile on my face (and my new haircut) staring back at her, she smiled. I smiled back. Then it happened, I froze again, I wanted to ask her age but I just couldnt, I failed again. So you know, today was courage and success and discourage and failure, still there was progress so next time I am going to take life head on and if I meet her again I will not hesitate, not anymore. Seems like I need 2 times in order to succeed, next time will be chance converted to action. Long story but thank you guys for reading and as always have a nice day! Share your story too in the comments I’d love to hear them and read them, good luck!
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    Thank you very much for your comment it makes me really happy! I do like the broader concept of it in order to change it all in 1 for the whole world, thinking of partnering companies to improve growth. I mean if all companies would work together we would be 50 years ahead!! Thank you! Hope you have a nice day if you ever read this. Hey Max! ? I am definetly into it. I will post another message on how ive been doing the last couple of days... so promising and the book The Slight Edge... amazing book. Take care and thanks for posting and reading and have a nice day if you read this as well!
  11. You’re welcome! ? I have a tip for you also: Buy a paper journal. I know its old fashioned and maybe you think it’s for girls (like I used to think). But it is so relaxing to just write some words down on paper just before going to bed, it really does empty your mind and help make you feel at ease and sleepy more easily. Also, try to have some fun in a good way also. I started piano lessons for example and that gives me joy. Also social activities are good like mentioned in the Respawn book. Try to rotate between activities, it helps to keep you going! Have a nice day!
  12. Absolutely as Cam said. Welcome to the club. Ive been trying to update my journal since i started a few weeks ago with Respawn. Good day!
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    Update day 10! Wow, time flies. I already started my new sports on Tuesday (day 6) and that was great. The team is friendly and determined, the coach is driven and I learnt a thing or 2. I started having piano lessons on day 7 and drawing lessons on day 8. Piano is going well, I just need to remind myself to position my hands correctly but I can keep up the pase of the lessons. I have only done a few drawing excercizes but I will do another one after writing this journal. Today (day 10) I started a course on Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship which will take about 5-6 weeks of studying 3.5 hours per week. It’s a start of what I want to do. I will also meet a friend tonight at a bar and have a few drinks (non alcohol for me). Across the past few days I have also been keeping up with self improvement books/podcasts and finding more opportunities for me to absorb quality information that suits my needs for the moment being. Today I have discussed with a very clever, honest and direct business man to meet me in order to discuss future plans as he offered that to me. I really want to take this opportunity to witness his point of view according to my dreams and goals in life. Also I have found out that there are oils in the world that really are so healthy to use that they can threat cells in your body to optimal shape. I will probably talk more about this in future, it’s another story for another day. Good day!
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    Update 6th day! Wow. What a progress. It's been days of all kinds of new different learnings. From listening to business approach podcasts to studying new courses that will help me define who I am. I will have lunch after writing and today I will visit the doctor for a treatment on my feet (nothing serious, just a small skin problem). After that I will continue with walking outside for 1 hour (at least 6000 steps). Further tonight after dinner I will go do my new sports, volleyball! Very excited for that. I bought cloths yesterday and I am really looking forward to get this teamplay sports going which is also good for my body exercise wise. Also I have started the 30 day challenge by Game Quitters but I will just keep it short: For day 1 one of the things I had to do as a starter mission was to find out how many days you have left to live (expectedly) in order to put some pressure on the importance on spending time in your life. My life expectancy is 80.5 years. I ended up calculating the remaining days and as of writing this I have got 19837 days left to spend my time wisely on. Good to know! Looking forward for more missions, secretly hoping for challenges! I promised I would give an update on the chestnuts. My, they are DELICIOUS! Sweet and roasty flavour as I have roasted them in a pan. Chestnuts are not that high in carbs but the carbs are good carbs and it contains more Vitamin C than any other nut. It also contains B11 and folic acid which is excellent for growth of babies while pregnant. Enjoy your day! Make it last.
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