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  1. Welcome to the group and kudos to you for recognizing you have a problem! I am relatively new to this forum and I have found this community to be highly supportive. You've made a good start here, keep it going!
  2. (19-03-16) Day 8: Worked 16 hr shift. Too tired to relapse. (19-03-17)Day 9: Worked evening which turned into overnight OT. Did not relapse. (19-03-18)Day 10: day off. Did not relapse despite strong urge. (19-03-19) Day 11: Day off. signed up for 3 different meetup events and went to the gym. Did not relapse. (19-03-20) Day 12: Day shift. Wing night with coworkers after gym. Did not relapse.
  3. Thanks Fawn_xoxo! I am currently listening to Atomic Habits on Audible and it's been great with structuring habits. I am committed to writing here daily. (19-03-09) Day 1: feels great re-booting the process. Leaving for work after penning this journal entry and will not be back until tomorrow. No chance of relapse today. (19-03-10) Day 2: worked Day shift. Finally finished moving all furniture to the new place. Feels great. Did not relapse. (19-03-11) Day 3: Worked day shift. Came close to reinstalling games on Steam but somehow creeping my ex on Facebook and finding out that she's happy and with someone else leaves me in absolutely no mood for gaming. Did not relapse. (19-03-12) Day 4: Day off. found out that my move actually made my auto insurance go up; thanks Alberta. Went to see Captain Marvel and had Sushi for lunch. Also went to a completely random coffee meetup with complete strangers. Was an alright day overall. Did not relapse. (19-03-13) Day 5: Day off. Ate like shit the whole day. Realized that I need better picture and profile for Match.com. Did not relapse. (19-03-14) Day 6: Day off. Went into work for a department potluck. Did not relapse. (19-03-15) Day 7: AAAAAAAAND that's a week clean! Prove to myself that I can survive without video games!
  4. I...am starting over. since last journal entry more than 5 months ago I've had a massive relapse and had been gaming on my PC almost daily. I am setting to restart my process. Starting tomorrow, March 9th.
  5. (2018-10-21) Day 10: Dealt with violent incident at work. worked 16 hours. Waaaaay too tired to relapse. (2018-10-22) Day 11: Worked. went to gym afterward. Did not relapse. (2018-10-23) Day 12: Day off. spent most of the day on Youtube. A little tempted but did not relapse. (2018-10-27) Day 16: Day off. Went to see Hunter Killer starring Gerald Butler. Not worth the price of admission. Came close to reinstalling EA origin. Did not relapse. (2018-10-30) Day 19: Got re-certified in First Aid / CPR / AED at work. stayed busy. Did not relapse on gaming.
  6. 1 week clean of video games! lesson learned: I am highly prone to relapse if I don't plan my days off ahead of time. Will fill my days with activities ?
  7. Hi JustTom, It's from my favorite Netflix show Bojack Horseman, a show about talking animals with mental health concerns in Hollywood! Also thanks for your encouragement ? Nick
  8. Keeping myself accountable starting here: (2018-10-12) Day 1: began reading Respawn and starting this journal. super hyped and motivated. Deleted all Steam games and uninstalled Steam. (2018-10-13) Day 2: Went to see Venom. Will have Tom Hardy's children. made post to sell PS4 and games on Kijiji. Also finished audio book on the car ride home. Did not relapse. (2018-10-14) Day 3: made arrangement to give away my PS4. did not relapse. (2018-10-15) Day 4: Worked overtime. Did not relapse. (2018-10-16) Day 5: Did I mention I'm doing Respawn as well as NoFap? shit's really hard yo. Did not relapse on either. (2018-10-17) Day 6: Day off work. Did not plan activities so I ended up touching myself out of boredom. Did not relapse on video games though. (note to self: plan activities ahead of days off) (2018-10-18) Day 7: did a day-long hike near Banff. Feels great. Did not relapse.
  9. but then again, neither did most addicts. Hi all, I am Nick, 29, living in Alberta, Canada. I've been gaming since a young age and although I was never serious or competitive about it, I find that, being a grown man, I have no real hobbies aside from turning on Steam after work and lazily play FPS for a few hours each day (longer on weekends). I become this person where, when asked about what I'm into, always had to tell lies about myself; this uninteresting, bland, complacent shell of a guy who had so much potential in life. I don't think gaming has cost me nearly as much as it had cost some of the guys here (loss of relationships, jobs, financial troubles etc.), but given the opportunity cost, I would definitely have been able to achieve much, much more with my life today had I not been in front of the PC this whole time. Indeed, using video games to escape stress during university caused me to graduate with only passable grades in 2011 and killed most of my aspiration to attend Law School afterward. I am motivated to join this amazing community in hope of fulfilling my personal, mating and professional potential. I don't want to be the person I was anymore. I want to try new things, take risk and be addicted to LIFE instead. Maybe I should try cocaine. I've heard great reviews about it ?