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  1. The problem is that you gave her to much compliments and that makes her uncomfortable. Don't feel horrible,conversation was little bit akward but there's nothing to worry about and those missions are made to push you out of your comfort zone. Keep going !
  2. Day 1 ! Today I didn't go to school and that is really big problem,last year I failed simply beacuse of my subscences and this year I have same problem.I know that I must go to school but I just think that staying at home is better for me somehow and that I guess became habit.This year I missed 125 hours(in only one school month),beacuse of that I will fail year again.In my country(Croatia)if you fail same school year twice you lost your right for high school(I'm the second grade carpenter).I don't know what to do I simply don't go to school and I don't know why but if I fail this year that will shake up my whole future
  3. @JustTom That's funny,I didn't even notice
  4. Hi I was on day 35 of 90 day detox and then I relapsed. Now I want to start daily journal to get some extra motivation for detox ?
  5. Take a break do something fun just do NOT kill yourself.I know it's hard but it's worth. Only way to lose is to quit !
  6. You're doing great.Just keep being busy and don't think about games
  7. Just remeber why did you quit playing video games
  8. Find something to fill time so you don't have time for video games You can do it !
  9. Thanks for support taichi I'll start with baby steps and see how it goes
  10. Every time I try to quit some adiction or add new healthy habit that moves me towards my perfect life I fail.I feel like all of this doesn't make sense.Self Improvement is to hard.I don't know what to do anymore I can't live life like this..
  11. Yesterday I played one game of league but that's because I talked with my gamer friends too much.I started again today, this time I will succeed. Thanks Deku and Cam for support.
  12. Hi My names is Ivan. I'm 16 years old, and have been gaming last 5 years. I received laptop from a prize game, and started playing minecraft with few frends from school.We played 14 + hourse per day.Then 2 years ago I started playing league of legends and I played even more than a minecraft.But biggest problem with league of legends is that when you start playing game you can't stop until end(15-50 Minutes)and beacuse of that I didn't have time for anything and even in emergency situations I wouldn't go afk.I feel like video games take too much control of my life and I want to change that and replace gaming with more productive habits. Reasons why I quit gaming(reminder in case I wanna play again):Feeling when you played games for 14 hourse and didn't get anything out of it, When I get angry just because of lost game, There's more in life than video games, I can save money instead of buy new pc just to play some games,When I achive something in game I just want more more and more and that way I'll never be happy. Activities I can do instead of gaming:Reading, Running, Exercising, Learning new language, Listening music, Playing table tennis with friends, Cleaning house, Learn computer programing, Parkour Habits I want to implement:Waking up at 5 AM,NoFap,Meditation,Eating Helathier(Low Sugar,No Diary),Washing Face(3x/Day),Showering(1x/Day)