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  1. @JustTom A bit of all three really, but yes it is a great opportunity to be silly and awkward (and the more you are, the better). I'd highly recommend you check out some of the parties in the city if you get the chance ?
  2. Days until SF Biofreeze: 273 "Midterm" scores returned for Understanding the Biotech Industry. So far so good this semester in terms of grades. It's amazing how much stress I'm feeling even at this point though--between assignments, bible study, research, and picking up the slack in all the other areas I've let go by the wayside (fitness, volunteering, shadowing, etc), I feel like I'm barely able to keep my nostrils above water. I got this amazingly attractive girl's number last night, but for some reason, I haven't felt the urgency to text her or work on that situation. Not to toot my own horn, but last night was a game changer in that I've realized for the first time that my stock may not actually be that low, and that I might have a good bit more options that I previously thought. Winning a costume contest, showing off my beatboxing skills in my first ever battle on an open mic, and having girls come up and talk to me for a change...these are all things I never thought could ever happen to me, and yet last night they all happened. Maybe my problem with girls isn't that I'm ugly or short or awkward, but that I haven't gotten out enough or believed in my own ability to be attractive. Knowing all this now and considering how busy I am, I really don't feel a sense of urgency to find a girl for myself anymore. I'd rather just sit back and focus on improving myself/my medical school resume while expanding my girl options and letting things develop organically (like they did with Clarisse). @JustTom Halloween parties (well costume parties) in general are great--so much easier to make a good first impression. Do they celebrate Halloween where you live? (Dunno if it's just an American thing or if other countries do it as well).
  3. The Bible study party was awesome, and so much fun! My lameass costume (milk and honey) somehow got the funniest costume award, the brownies I baked got cleaned off, and best of all I got to talk to a bunch of girls (and even swiped the number of this incredibly cute girl in the class). All in all a good showing and I'm glad that I made the decision to go instead of spending the night alone.
  4. Days until SF Biofreeze: 274 Going to the Halloween party my bible group is throwing today. It’ll be the first party I’ve gone to in almost 5 years. I’m really not looking forward to it (my costume is...not very good and I’m probably going to run into Clarisse) but I’ve made up my mind to swallow the bitter pill because it’s probably better than curling up in bed with my anime. Here’s to hoping I at least don’t have a terrible time.
  5. Days until SF Biofreeze: 277 OMG--midterms are finally over, and I have no evaluations for at least the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who offered support and encouragement during this tough part of my life. I'm still a bit depressed about Clarisse but so many good things are happening in my life right now I don't think I should be too worried about it. My grades are good, I'm healthy, my research project is progressing, and Dr. Abramson asked me if I wanted to be her TA for one of her lab sections next semester, which would allow me to teach my very own students while having free tuition and a nice stipend every month. Life really is fine right now. I hope it continues to stay that way as I transition into the post-midterms era, and the start of my next story arc. See you all tomorrow.
  6. Days until SF Biofreeze: 278 Got midterms back in Mol Bio today. I'm frankly a bit miffed that I didn't get top score, but I'll take it. Thanking the heavens that I didn't crash and burn after the whole Rachael situation.
  7. Ay, good job with your progress so far and best of luck studying for your exam. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that you're going right from regular gaming into a productive lifestyle, so it will be a tough transition at first. Start small, go easy on yourself, and stay with it. You'll be far more successful if you consistently study a little every day, versus going hard at first and quickly burning out. I think 41 minutes of good work is a fine start for day 2. Keep it up.
  8. Oh and @karabas--don't have much planned for the end of midterms except just catching up on sleep and gym training. Haven't had a day off in a while so just looking forward to being able to chill in my bed with my anime. Also going to a halloween party that my bible study group is throwing, so have to figure out my costume for that. I was thinking about Korean Jesus...
  9. Days until SF Biofreeze: 279 Sheesh, haven't posted on here in a while. Here's a bit of what's been happening in my life: --Got up at the literal crack of dawn to go to a health conference on Saturday. It was really fun, I learned a lot, and I got the chance to talk to several patients and understand their situations a little better. I think it was definitely worth the time investment I put in. --Got up hella early on Sunday as well to start my research project. So far so good. If every step goes this smoothly we'll be done in no time. --Had the stem cell lecture exam today, and despite the fact I'm coming down with a bit of a cold I think I did well enough on it. Dr. Abramson made it open notes, which made it A LOT easier than it probably should have been. --Oh, and I did something extremely stupid today, which was ask Clarisse out even though I promised myself I wouldn't date girls for an entire year. The opportunity presented itself, and since my exams are about done I figured I could afford to take the risk to my mental health. Well, I'm glad I waited until my exams were over because it did not go well...at all. I guess I'm not very good with girls. Ah well. Better luck next time Deku.
  10. Congratulations on admitting that you have a problem, and taking the first steps to fix it. It's great to have you here ?
  11. Days until SF Biofreeze: 283 Finished the Biotech Industry presentation today (professor said we did a good job, that's always nice), so midterms are thankfully almost over. The moment I sat down after the presentation this massive wave of weariness washed over me and I literally almost am too tired to move right now, so I think I'm going to use tonight as an opportunity to hit the reset button before my two big do-ins next week.
  12. Days until SF Biofreeze: 285 Stayed up until 1 cramming for Mol Bio (I would have been done earlier but I went to bible study for 2 hours as well), and I think it may have been just enough to get me through the exam this morning with an acceptable mark (knock on wood). There weren't any questions that I had no idea how to answer, and I feel pretty good about most of my responses. This was the big exam I was really worried about, so I consider myself halfway through midterm season at this point. Stem Cell Journal Club's midterm tomorrow morning is next up to bat. Time to put that sucker away.
  13. Days until SF Biofreeze: 286 Scores for the stem cell lab exam came back today (see below...) Frankly I'm less happy than disappointed because I know I could have done better. I guess it's a good day when your professor writes "Wow!!!" on your exam though. Maybe I'll be a little more excited once all the midterms are over and done with. Back to studying folks. Mol Bio tomorrow and there's still a ton I have to do for it.
  14. Good work so far, keep it up! That profile pic legit cracks me up every time I look at it. Hope you stay on here for a while ?
  15. Days until SF Biofreeze: 289 Oh dear. The stem cell lab exam was very hard. Dr. Abramson started the exam at 9 and gave us 2 hours to finish, and by 11 not a single person had turned their paper in. I reviewed all the tiny details of the lecture powerpoints even though I figured it would be overkill, and I'm truly glad I did or I would have been beyond fucked. Even though she said the exam wouldn't be very hard, Dr. Abramson really didn't pull her punches this time around. Anyways, no time to dwell on that one. I know I came pretty close to giving it my all in my preparation, so even if I failed I have no regrets. Got Mol Bio on Tuesday, so have to reset and start preparing all over again.
  16. You’ve set yourself a big and ambitious goal—good luck. What career are you thinking about to get you there?
  17. Days until SF Biofreeze: 291 Like its irl cousin Michael, Hurricane Midterms is making landfall right now. The next two weeks are going to be the most critical point in the semester, and my dreams of medical school could very easily go up in smoke if I'm not careful. Here's the rundown of the madness that's about to ensue: -Stem Cell Lab Midterm Friday 10/12 -Mol Bio Midterm Tuesday 10/16 -Stem Cell Journal Club Midterm Wednesday 10/17 -Understanding the Biotech Industry "Midterm" Thursday (55 minute presentation) 10/18 -Stem Cell Lecture Midterm Monday 10/22 -Stem Cell Journal Club Presentation (~90 minute presentation) Wednesday 10/24 Fortunately, I've largely finished studying for this Friday's midterm, and went to Dr. Abramson's office hours today to get all my questions answered. I know all the stupid Stem Cell pathways, every media component, every step of every procedure we've ever done (rewriting my notebook was totally worth it), and I'm ready to get that sucker out of the way. Tuesday's Mol Bio midterm is the one I'm most nervous about. Because of the whole Rachael arc I haven't been giving that class its due diligence, and I'm hurriedly trying to make up the lost ground. I've reviewed about a third of the material so far. I've taken extensive notes on every paper that's ever been presented in SC Journal Club (only 4), and we'll have access to the papers for the exam. I'm not too worried about it, and I know that just one evening of solid preparation should be sufficient to memorize the research question, hypothesis, and main findings of the four papers, especially since I've already done most of the legwork. This one shouldn't be a problem (knock on wood). Biotech Industry's presentation is stressing me out more than it should, because I am stuck with what has been by far the heaviest team I have ever encountered (and I am including all my years of League of Legends Solo Queue in that statement). Not to be rude, but these guys have somehow managed to prove in just a few short months that primates really are capable of human speech. Because of them I've had to micromanage every detail of this presentation, and I've attended office hours for the last three consecutive weeks to get all the help I can. Hopefully our final presentation doesn't end up being a massive dumpster fire. Stem Cell Lecture should go the same way as Journal Club. I've really worked hard to read content before class and take good notes, so I'm not too worried about it. The weekend should be more than enough to go through the material. And I finished my journal club presentation slides last night while procrastinating on Mol Bio studying (~30 slides, so should cover the 90 minutes), so thank God I don't need to worry about that. Alright, y'all know what's coming up, so don't be alarmed if I don't post on here for a few days. I promise you I'll still be alive and working hard, even if I don't write about it. Back to work...:'(
  18. It's almost unheard of getting into medical school without a university degree over here, and I must say I definitely like the European system more. Welcome back, by the way ?
  19. Murrica is unique from the rest of the world in that you can't just test to get into medical school; they consider everything from grades to volunteer to test scores to research and clinical experience. It's a big pain in the ass. Because I didn't do much in college I have to get my grades up and get some more research experience, volunteer time etc. Hence why I'm doing a master's degree in Stem Cells right now.
  20. Days until SF Biofreeze: 292 I apologize for the disorganized nature of this post, I'm running on fumes and really just want to hit the bed. It was a very tough day today. Had to get up at 5:30 to get to campus by 8 in order to start an experiment for Stem Cell lab, only to have Dr. Abramson cancel the experiment at the last moment. The work didn't stop, though, as I basically spent the rest of my day finishing classes, studying for midterms and attending bible study. Sent the lab director my shipping information, and haven't heard back from him since. I hope he hasn't had a change of heart about sending me those cells. Slowly but surely I think my feelings for Clarisse have gotten stronger, to the point where I realized (while texting with her today) that I actually think I like her that way. FUCK. This is NOT how I wanted things to go. With the midterm storm just around the corner I can't afford to lose control of my mental state, and I don't want to complicate or jeopardize the amazing friendship that Clarisse and I have. I don't know why it's so hard for me to just keep my head down and work.
  21. Welcome back and thanks for the update. Glad to see you’re still doing well.
  22. I actively burst out laughing in the library when I read "Crochet," so thanks for that. I'm sorry about your relationship with your fiancee, and I sincerely hope that whatever route you end up taking it ends up working out in the end. At the very least it's better to have it happen now than when you're married. Whether it's crocheting or other things, I'm glad to hear that you're staying busy with your life. I think it's already a big win that you didn't go back to gaming despite the difficulties you are currently going through. Keep up the good work!
  23. The director of the lab wrote back! They're sending a vial of the cells, and we can start as early as next week. So excited!
  24. Days until SF Biofreeze: 294 Excited to announce that Shane and I have decided to take on a research project with Dr. Abramson as our principal investigator/advisor. I'm not really allowed to go into the details of it on a public forum, but I think it'll be a great opportunity for me to advance further along on the road to medical school. The first and biggest hurdle will be obtaining a certain stem cell line that we'll need for the project. It's not sold online, and there seems to be just one reputable source for them, which is the lab at Columbia University that created them. Spent an hour today drafting a bunch of emails to the head of that lab, as well as anyone and everyone that has published a paper using these cells in the last few years. I hope these efforts bear fruit. I would love to have them for the project of course, but even more important than that I would like to get them for Dr. Abramson's use. If we can get just one vial we'll be able to create a working culture that generations of stem cell students at the school can use for learning and experimentation (I get chills thinking about how much good can potentially come from my efforts today). It could be my contribution back to the school that has already done so much for my development.
  25. Congrats on a week, keep up the good work!
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