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  1. Saint-Afrique in close to my house
  2. So today is August 9th, I'm writing to you from France, more precisely from the Midi-perynées. These last few days have passed really well. After 6 years I had a realization, I stayed 6 years at home because I needed it, I needed solitude to become stronger, maybe at moments I became a dependent of something but I needed it I would have committed suicide or something. Now that I've finished my period of solitude, I've become stronger, more ambitious, more sociable, smarter now I'm ready to use 100% of my strength, 100% of my intelligence, 100% of my determination to accomplish things in
  3. 08/01/2019 And for a long time now that I no longer place on the forum, this does not mean that I fell back but on the contrary, I go out from morning to night and when I come back I am tired and I have no time to slip. I try anyway to find some time to post my evolution in mindset, in my social interactions and in my use of time. Then Tuesday after the evening course I went to my cousin who comes from Casablanca, we went out a bit and went to play billiards, I went out and was in a group and I understood the difference between being alone and with friends or better I remembered this
  4. Fourth or Fifth day Today I woke up and thought it was as hard as iron that it was Sunday, it was Monday ... Ok, I started by looking at an interview of a person I respect, a touch of French billionaire Bernard Arnault. At 9 am I started my study on duolingua, after 2 days within 120 and 160 xp I returned at a rate of 360 xp / day. Someone said that life is not the maintenance of the highs but I manage the bass I think he is totally right .Ok it's 12 o'clock, I really have to heal myself a good porn but being in the advent no fap I have to resist the temptation so I go out. I go
  5. Hello Third of the challenge The second day was a disaster for sleep, I could not write the diary update. This third day is better, in the morning I played some poker and then I studied a bit about duolingua, I thought of a big plan to finally launch my online activity and I worked there, then I went for a walk and then continued a memory training that cost me 160 euro and I never finished. I found myself reading the scantrads of one piece, I recovered my 2 month retreat then I went to mangiara, I started the fourth chapter of respawn and now I'm writing these ligne. I have not slep
  6. 07/25/2019 Safi, Morocco I took respawn this morning, I didn't sleep at night for the umpteenth time here I just want to finish it with this infernal cycle..I want to be an actor in my life. After reading the first chapter I headed to the forum, introduced myself and published some comments. Then I found myself looking for a hobby to replace webnovels, I needed something to do now and without material: Origami, schacchi and language learning. I was trying to learn Korean and English, this time focusing on Spanish. 2 hours passed like this, the firs
  7. Hey you took the first step and this step 97% of the population will never do it, you must be proud of yourself, I leave you with this mythical music from the Survivor band:
  8. Not in the same boat I fell into the trap and now I try to get out and if you believe it or not there is the lighthouse. I am 17 years old so we are of the same generation, you know better than me that leaving out video games we are still very, very dependent on smartphones and social networks. I started to find hobbies that come out of the internet and all the technological stuff, I try to do things that our grandparents did Cooking, painting, reading, writing, etc. If you have not yet fallen into the trap then set yourself limits: today I will play 1 hour with the PC
  9. I believe we have the same age, let's help each other in this adventure , bro !
  10. Come on brother, believe in yourself we'll make it !
  11. I am Mohammed I am Italian of Moroccan origin and I am 17 years old. I'm not addicted to video games but web novels and I haven't found a solution, I haven't looked for a solution. Up here there was a guy who had the same problem as mine and someone replied that the dependence of video games is less the same and that's why I found myself in the challenge 90 days. But I'm sure you will be able to help me and help you out, I decided to publish 1 daily update here, which will be part of the evolution of this challenge. Well, I decided to participate in this adventure beca