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  1. Saint-Afrique in close to my house
  2. So today is August 9th, I'm writing to you from France, more precisely from the Midi-perynées. These last few days have passed really well. After 6 years I had a realization, I stayed 6 years at home because I needed it, I needed solitude to become stronger, maybe at moments I became a dependent of something but I needed it I would have committed suicide or something. Now that I've finished my period of solitude, I've become stronger, more ambitious, more sociable, smarter now I'm ready to use 100% of my strength, 100% of my intelligence, 100% of my determination to accomplish things incredible. I also realized that sometimes I'm too serious, from now on I will be really carefree the more time, serious when it needs to be cold and without emotions at other times because life is not difficult, life is what you think it is. . For me life is simple, you have money in your pocket or you don't have it: D I am also working in my business, I think of leaving school without graduating and going to work to finance my business projects because I no longer want to be dependent on my relatives who want to dictate my present and future, I want to be a teacher and a teacher of my life. So for the webnovel, I started reading them again but mostly for work because it is also part of my businnes projects, I said to myself if I have to do something I have to earn money otherwise I am a loser and I don't like losing. For the porn, I didn't touch it anymore, I realized that the challenge no fap really makes me good, it makes me energetic, more disciplined, stronger mentally and more eager. I'll make a bit of nature, I'll work in my business and I'll look for work, voilà. Chér lecteur merci de continuer a suivre laventure !
  3. 08/01/2019 And for a long time now that I no longer place on the forum, this does not mean that I fell back but on the contrary, I go out from morning to night and when I come back I am tired and I have no time to slip. I try anyway to find some time to post my evolution in mindset, in my social interactions and in my use of time. Then Tuesday after the evening course I went to my cousin who comes from Casablanca, we went out a bit and went to play billiards, I went out and was in a group and I understood the difference between being alone and with friends or better I remembered this feeling, at the end of the evening, my cousin asked me to talk to a girl on the street and retrieve her number, it was a challenge, a challenge to do something that I almost never did, the first step towards a better, more charismatic Mohammed, more confident than himself. In these days I have discussed business, I am creating an online course on how to learn Italian, something really solid and even coaching to better help people who want to learn Italian, I really want to convey something solid and that really helps person and they will position me at high prices, so even if to set up this business you will take some time but at least I'll do something really good and that will last over time. I am also looking for a solution to send money to paypal or to a bank account from morocco to Europe for an investment I'm making that will help me in my financial freedom goal. Respawn I didn't keep reading it but I'm going through a lot of action, I'm restructuring my life, doing new activities, taking risks, giving meaning to my fucking life and you know what? I have never felt so alive and I hope you will feel this feeling because it is beautiful and all porn, web novels and games of the world can never replace a true full and happy life. Of course, I am still very far from my goal and my dreams, but only to go out, to meet people, to talk to these people, to simply live and something extraordinary. You know of the day in here I didn't dare talk to that girl in the street, today I launched myself, I discussed with 3 girls complimenting them and discussing a bit, I didn't take any number but I'm really happy with this step forward. No matter when I fall, I get up and do better, I'm really proud of this mindset. I'm not sure to post anything to you but I can assure you that you will have news of me for better or for worse. Good luck guys!
  4. Fourth or Fifth day Today I woke up and thought it was as hard as iron that it was Sunday, it was Monday ... Ok, I started by looking at an interview of a person I respect, a touch of French billionaire Bernard Arnault. At 9 am I started my study on duolingua, after 2 days within 120 and 160 xp I returned at a rate of 360 xp / day. Someone said that life is not the maintenance of the highs but I manage the bass I think he is totally right .Ok it's 12 o'clock, I really have to heal myself a good porn but being in the advent no fap I have to resist the temptation so I go out. I go out for 2 reasons, buy a micro to start my business, look for a smartphone, I broke mine: so I go out, go to the hanoute next door and make myself bread with sardines with sparkling water, I eat waiting for the bus under a sun . I talked with a guy who has a good muscular form of sport and then we move on to our pro projects, a very interesting conversation. Talking with new people is no longer a challenge but a pleasure, socializing is very important. Not knowing the bus stops well I lose mine, and I find myself in a remote place, I have to go back on foot. I found a bank and I remembered that I needed the information to send money abroad, I queue and wait, come my turn and expose my situation to the woman, I have 5000 Moroccan dirhams that are 480euro and I want to send them abroad to a friend's bank account Can I do it? The lady tells me no. If anyone knows how to do it, say it in the comments. I set out to look for my micro, after having searched in all the stores of the quarter I found one that sold but that has finished the stock, it will update it after the aid, the national holiday of Muslims then after August 15th, I will therefore be in Europe impossible. So I bought the phone support to film myself and returned to looking for the micro. Finally I found someone to sell it, it was 4 pm. I had an English course at 6pm, so I went to a nearby café and felt that long hair broke my balls, I decided to cut them, it's a new life, a new story, a new Mohammed so you need a haircut new. I had too many caps to make me a good cut, it took 50 minutes for the hairdresser, I was late for my course but who knows, I go there and I stay that last hour. At 8pm I went home, changed my clothes and went to play soccer a bit and finally socialized with my neighbors, went home again, washed myself, ate, tested the micro and now I write these lines. Mohammed returned stronger than ever. Ps: Guys I was not addicted to the games but I had a very similar dependence for the Chinese and Korean webnovels and to break this addiction I created an addiction to porn so I found myself with 2 addictions that take a lot of time, with which you don't get results in your life and that you are always a loser of life. Good luck with your detox!
  5. Hello Third of the challenge The second day was a disaster for sleep, I could not write the diary update. This third day is better, in the morning I played some poker and then I studied a bit about duolingua, I thought of a big plan to finally launch my online activity and I worked there, then I went for a walk and then continued a memory training that cost me 160 euro and I never finished. I found myself reading the scantrads of one piece, I recovered my 2 month retreat then I went to mangiara, I started the fourth chapter of respawn and now I'm writing these ligne. I have not slept because I am a zombie but I resisted to create a new and good cycle of sleep that I will stubbornly hold. It's 15:54 and this is my third day.
  6. 07/25/2019 Safi, Morocco I took respawn this morning, I didn't sleep at night for the umpteenth time here I just want to finish it with this infernal cycle..I want to be an actor in my life. After reading the first chapter I headed to the forum, introduced myself and published some comments. Then I found myself looking for a hobby to replace webnovels, I needed something to do now and without material: Origami, schacchi and language learning. I was trying to learn Korean and English, this time focusing on Spanish. 2 hours passed like this, the first time in my life that I see time pass without boring me and without reading web novels, lira manga or seeing anime. I really got excited, but I understood why: The site uses a system similar to video games, there are competitions that are based on the accumulated xp during the duration of the competition and the xp can be earned only by finishing the lessons and this gives you determination to learn faster and more carefully, you want to climb the ranking so you have to learn the language. They are really smart but at least it gives you a boost in learning so you avoid leaving halfway. Needless to say that I played the game, I was 40th, I wanted to be first so I split to become one and when I managed to make it I said to myself why not continue up to 200xp .. When I saw the time it was 10:20 am I played for 2 hours and I started to master the basic language but above all the difference between xp and the second in the standings was 300! Okay guys I used the system that almost sent me to hell to study for 2 hours, the system has no faults and your use of the system is wary. Then I went for a walk, took a snack and went to the forest, ate and started meditating, and then I turned to see a sportsman running when he paused, I went over to him and talked a little. Guys I had a social phobia a moment of my life but I defeated it but when you stay at home without going out for a few weeks if not a month when you go out again it's hard to take the first step, that's why I'm very proud of myself. Now it is 1:15 pm I am really satisfied even if I have not moved mountains or divided oceans but I am really very proud and satisfied with this first day, I have done things that I was not used to do, I begin to create good habits for myself and I am happy really happy for myself. It's 9:13 PM, I really feel more productive, maybe it's just a feeling but I feel that my health is better too, I want to eat balanced, I want to walk and run, go out and meet new people. Almost 1 day without novel, I 'I've already done it in the past but this time I don't think about it anymore, I feel good even though I'm reading a novel I feel better, I'm really very happy and I'm proud of myself. Okay guys this is my first day of the challenge 90 days dentox, it's just the very first step but we'll do it!
  7. Hey you took the first step and this step 97% of the population will never do it, you must be proud of yourself, I leave you with this mythical music from the Survivor band:
  8. Not in the same boat I fell into the trap and now I try to get out and if you believe it or not there is the lighthouse. I am 17 years old so we are of the same generation, you know better than me that leaving out video games we are still very, very dependent on smartphones and social networks. I started to find hobbies that come out of the internet and all the technological stuff, I try to do things that our grandparents did Cooking, painting, reading, writing, etc. If you have not yet fallen into the trap then set yourself limits: today I will play 1 hour with the PC then I will go for a walk and then I will go 1 more hour, etc. I believe that finding alternative hobbies and a clear goal can really help you
  9. I believe we have the same age, let's help each other in this adventure , bro !
  10. Come on brother, believe in yourself we'll make it !
  11. I am Mohammed I am Italian of Moroccan origin and I am 17 years old. I'm not addicted to video games but web novels and I haven't found a solution, I haven't looked for a solution. Up here there was a guy who had the same problem as mine and someone replied that the dependence of video games is less the same and that's why I found myself in the challenge 90 days. But I'm sure you will be able to help me and help you out, I decided to publish 1 daily update here, which will be part of the evolution of this challenge. Well, I decided to participate in this adventure because I am reading novels for at least 10 hours straight in front of the PC, I don't sleep well, my studies are a catastrophe and also my social relations; studying via the internet does not help me but makes things worse and I feel that my physical condition is going really badly, I feel that my life goes off and I feel miserable and when I read about that pathetic personnagi becoming big bosses, I feel jealousy, anger, and disappointment towards myself, but continue to read them because it keeps me going and, as the author of the e-book said, they are crutches that auton fall me but if I have continued so I really prefer to fall and then get up stronger. I make this challenge to finally have results, to change my life, to have a richer life with more experiences and social interactions and above all work on my health because if there isn't that there is nothing. I ended my introduction here I hope you enjoyed it, if you don't understand something it's because I don't speak English I translate with the help of google translate so I'm sorry for that. Good day and a good challenge to all of you!
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