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  1. Day 1 complete. 89 to go. I have SelfControl for mac, Coldturkey is only on windows. Decided to take up French, and am learning about life-preserving diets. Going for walks at night with podcasts playing. Watched anime last night but didn't jerk off.
  2. Hello all, I have a problem. It's not just video games. I watch youtube excessively, non-stop browse East Kazakh bread baking forums, go on information binges, and play video games. This eats into over 8 hours per day, all combined. I'm doing 90 days right now. Not just video games. I'm giving up all of the above. If I go on youtube for 5 minutes, that's fine as long as I get out once I realize my infringement. I'm doing this so that the good choices I make now pay dividends in the future. I'm not doing this to get laid. I'm still going to jerk off to anime. I'm still going to do my part in sabotaging Hillary's campaign for what she did to Bernie. I'm not going to play video games. This is my day 1.