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  1. Really tired today. Long day at work. Had a lunch with a vendor which took a while, but it was nice, because being social and stuff even though he just wants my money, haha. Damn near got spun out by some idiot on the highway on the way there, so because I'm in one piece, today was pretty damn good. I was really motivated during some points of the day but as the afternoon rolled around, I was dragging my feet a lot. Better than last week though, by a mile. Got home and I'm basically dead. I'm going to sleep early and I'll go to the gym early. Next week I need to keep my sleep in bet
  2. Sorry to hear that the Abilify stopped working so fast. If you google student loan consolidation, there's a bunch of banks that do stuff like that. Probably the best thing would be to talk to your bank first and see if they can offer something to you that makes sense. By the way so I can clear myself legally, I am NOT a financial advisor in any way, and everything I talk about you need to vet for yourself. Plus, you know your financial situation better than I do.
  3. Up-and-down day. Woke up late but still went into work. Less mental anguish compared to yesterday. I did a decent job not reaching for my phone. What a stupid habit... Went golfing after work and felt my back tweak slightly, and I got really depressed for a little bit. I've had so many injuries that have kept me from being active throughout my life, and it's just so disappointing and isolating every time. I eventually got myself together, and finished hitting the rest of the balls, just hitting lightly since it was only when I was swinging hard that was causing the issue. I worked on
  4. Awww, I made it into your grateful list! Thanks bud, I'm grateful for you too. And that's good news with the Abilify! Hope it works. I don't know how long you've been out of college but there's two things that might help you cut into that if you haven't looked yet. I don't know if your loans are federal (generally lower rates) or private (generally higher rates) loans but 1) you can re-finance or consolidate your loans to a lower interest rate potentially. That could potentially save you thousands of dollars as you pay off the loans depending on how much debt is outstanding and what the i
  5. Happy Birthday! Congrats on being a day older than you were yesterday 😄
  6. Keep at it, dude. Who knows? Maybe now it's your time to get off it for good. Rooting for you.
  7. Good day, quick post. Work went well enough. Boss-boss was happy with some work I did. I was still stressed to the gills today though from something else I was working on because I had to look at some things I made mistakes on in the past. Thankfully, I got through the day thanks to noticing what was going on. Spoke about this with my therapist today. We talked about a bunch of things, including not feeling like a good man. I could be doing a lot better in a lot of things. Even though I'm almost 30 I still feel like I'm becoming an adult. I can't beat myself up too much though, I'm h
  8. In order to own stock of any company or REIT you need to open account with a brokerage, which is a company that buys and sells stocks/bonds/etc. for its clients (please stop me if you know any of this already). There are a bunch out there: Etrade, Scottrade, your bank probably offers a brokerage account too, and one that's particularly popular right now since they don't have any fees (double-check me on this) is Robinhood. Each has different fee structures, so it is important to review how much it costs for use and if there are any minimum requirements. I'm pretty darn sure Robinhood doesn't e
  9. Ok. Good day. Went to bed earlier last night. Got up earlier today. More meditation. More focus at work. Less garbage consumed, both food and internet. I also stayed two hours extra today at work just working on my development. I set up a big development plan for this year, which I never did before since I never saw how any of the things I was truly interested in were going to actually help me in my job. It's way better working on that compared to going on the internet for "fun," which today is going to be much less than normal. Downside is that it got so late I couldn't fit in a wo
  10. First off, fleas are freaking nasty. Ughhhhhh. They really need to fix that. That's so gross. There's no such thing as a guaranteed average return with any stock, REIT, etc. I just did a quick Google search and found several different real estate market indicies with varying annual growth rates. Your return is going to depend a lot on the property held in the fund, and the surrounding market, amongst other factors. You will have to do due diligence in investing in any of those, as with any investment. It's about as safe as other real estate investments, meaning your safety comes from
  11. Muay thay? Mad respect--you dudes are tough as nails. You honestly have a pretty awesome list of stuff. Cooking is great. If you really wanted to get into it you could start hosting dinner parties or start a YouTube channel. As far as guitar is concerned, if you're really interested, it's definitely something you can learn solo. My cousin is entirely self-taught, there are tons of pros that are entirely self-taught, and I kinda self-taught myself before I gave up on barre chords (maybe I could've used a lesson, lol). There's lots of good resources on the internet, and I'm sure ther
  12. Back. Was rather dumb last week. I worked from home way too much, which made it so easy for me to get into bad habits. I was nearly losing my mind by midweek. Add on a couple of late nights and I couldn't function. I went to work after lunch on Thursday, which was really needed. Friday I worked from home again because I was tired, but went to a real freaking happy-hour with a buddy from my old workplace. It was the first time I had done that in a YEAR. It felt so good, and even more important, it was another social gathering. Win. Saturday and Sunday I didn't get anywhere near a
  13. Hey, I love investing. I've always been interested in finance since I was a kid. It was all about numbers and I love math. You can still invest without hundreds of thousands of dollars. Heck you can even invest in real estate for far less. There are things called REITs (real estate investment trusts) which are traded like stocks but are basically shares in real estate. I'd highly recommend you read the following: The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham, who was one of Warren Buffett's mentors. This talks about investing in general and gives very sensible advice for newbie
  14. Yeah, filling free time with meaningful activities really helps. Here's a few things I've tried over time. Ideally, they are social and can be done any day: - Brazilian jiu-jitsu (had to stop because of annoying injuries from before I had started)--easily my favorite. -Working out -Golf -Cooking (not social, but it can take up as much time as you want) -Salsa dancing -Meditation -Reading What kind of things are you interested in @Notusingrealname?
  15. Quick post: I'll recap what happened after my last post later, but things got a bit worse before they got better. I am doing better now. Quick goal list for today: 1) No more Twitter or YouTube for today. 2) Before golfing, just finish hygiene and go. 3) Come home, eat, then go to gym. 4) Clean up house. 5) Read/study for a little bit 6) Reach out to people via text/use dating apps/find social events for tomorrow, if possible.
  16. I'm kinda really losing my mind today. I'm super on edge. Tired, frustrated, have more work still, head feels like it wants to explode. I'm super tired from yesterday and I think it's messing with me a bit. I'm also frustrated at myself for being so needy for my computer and stuff. I've been doing the best I can to meditate and journal and keep moving forward. I started out working from home today, but I actually went in after lunch. All things considered, I'm really proud of doing that because not going would've made today much worse. I keep catching little mistakes that I've lost
  17. @BooksandTrees, agreed. I did manage to speak to the guy today during an impromptu meeting, and I have something set up for tomorrow morning with him too. I can bring it up in a professional manner. I don't think it was intentional on his part. His main role is bringing business into the company and keeping everyone employed, so I'll see if I can get my point across, understanding that I don't necessarily need more of his time, just some more brief guidance here and there. And to @TheNewMe2.0 as well, yeah they are really tuned for highly attractive people without commitment, but at leas
  18. @Ikar, @TheNewMe2.0: Yeah, I'm not too worried about the flaking to be honest since I'm pretty used to it. All things considered I'd be rather okay setting up all this stuff, having some events end up being great despite flakes, in comparison to the past, where I wasn't setting up anything at all. Can't get flaked on if you don't ask 😄. On a serious note though, I will keep searching for better friends, but I'll also keep trying to be a better friend myself so these flakes happen less often. And yeah, I will make it a point of getting better photos especially as things warm up, and I wil
  19. Definitely agree with @Pochatok. Keep posting, when you're ready to try again, try again. Everyone moves at their own speed. I feel bad that you don't feel good regardless of whether or not you play Overwatch or not. It's hard and I can understand the feeling of being discontented with everything. I felt like that back in April, and so I know it really sucks. It comes and goes. You may have heard this before, I think it was from Nietzsche, but there's a quote that goes something like "He who has a why can bear almost any how." Finding the why is difficult. There's some north star ou
  20. Thanks @Ikar and @TheNewMe2.0! All things considered, this weekend did go much better than normal, and I was far less depressed and gloom-and-doom. A lot of it comes down to my habits. I am very lucky to have gyms still open--I just need cases to start going down so the idiots that run my state and county don't do anything stupid. The good news is that I'm actually using them, whereas in the past I'd brush them off a bunch. It's good practice for flirting and whatnot, but I've been getting a lot of responses that people are scared of getting Covid. On a side note, I really need to g
  21. @TheNewMe2.0, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Bumble. Each offers something different. --- Actually did a pretty good job of keeping to my goals from yesterday. I did go back on YouTube at one point though for a little bit. For a weekend though, I was on far less. I had time to do a lot more of the stuff I enjoy. I also went back to the gym for the first time in 11 months yesterday. Man, I needed that. Goals for today: 1) Same as yesterday, no more of the internet wasters. Done with that already and checked everything I wanted to. Don't need to do it 5X. 2) Medi
  22. Holy crow, yesterday actually went really well despite not being able to do anything social. I actually did everything on my list. I'm pretty proud of that. I even got on my dating apps since I had time and wasn't wasting time on the internet. I want to do that again today. Goals for today: 1) No more YouTube/Twitter/news for the rest of the day. Already got it out of my system. If I can minimize this to 1X a day and not for that long I will get so much time back. That will be awesome! 2) Meditate 3) Go to the driving range and practice. 4) Workout 5) Search
  23. @TheNewMe2.0, I hope they last too. As long as they just keep improving I'll be happy. --- Went go-karting yesterday and had a blast. I won a few races, and my buddy's wife won the others. Made me really want to get into racing. It's kind of like gaming in a way. It's a surreal experience that grabs your full attention and the rest of the universe just melts away. Today I've pilfered away a bit of time and got up late because of hanging out with another friend online pretty late last night. So, I'm going to post to give myself more direction. Goals for today: 1) No mor
  24. Today went reasonably well. Went to bed earlier last night, got up earlier (but still late). Got more stuff done before work including a very good meditation session. I'm hyperaware of when I start acting irrationally right now. It's really weird. I find it a lot easier to step back and stop myself before I start doing stupid stuff. I actually went to the office after lunch and noticed my stress shot up a lot. I realized what was causing it, and was able to move on and stay productive. A lot of my bad habits and anxiety stem from bad views of myself from the past, and how others made me