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  1. The guy who made The Art of Manliness website said that he wishes he and his wife could do something similar for women. I do wish that the philosophy of "manliness" would be reinterpreted into maturity. It's about being a man or a woman, as opposed to being a mere boy or a girl. As for that particular site, it's one of my favorites. I can't think of any men's specific sites that would actually do you any good that The Art of Manliness couldn't, not that they aren't out there. Well I think I just found a website to follow regularly! Maturity is a good word for it. Growing into your full potential as a man or a woman, I think I'll keep thinking of it that way I also like to think of it as "Man" , like humankind, but that doesn't necessarily fit all the time. You are so right that we tend to think how we are feeling is the main issue! Therapy sessions have helped me see past that at least for my adhd and anger, but depression is the hardest to recognize and fight by far. I wouldn't say medication is bad, in fact I am truthful when I say I hope I'll be on medication for ADHD the rest of my life. It's okay if you don't agree with me. Depression medication depends on the person, some people are predisposed by genetics, and some by circumstance. It's not seen as a bad thing to use a crutch when healing your broken leg, it shouldn't be seen as bad thing to use anti depressants when healing your Self. *shrug* Using medication without making healthy lifestyle changes though is never a good idea. It's like using a crutch but still walking with your broken leg.
  2. http://1041uuu.tumblr.com @kortheo @SegaCity
  3. Thanks for your journal on procrastination. Really hit home with me. I constantly put things off when I know it won't be perfect. I thought it was depression but I see now the depression is not the cause, just a bad side effect of having not done my systems when it wouldn't achieve the goal. Edit: also I find it funny so many relevant articles and books are ones directed to men. It's a great way to reach people though by focusing on a group instead of everyone, and making people identify and see a need (ie, being more of a man). I'll probably read more man oriented stuff from now on instead of writing it off.
  4. @Alkan My dreams of mmo's are not correlated to my mmo playing. Nor do my dreams of mmo's replicate any game I've ever played. So it's not really something I can connect in my brain to the disgust I feel towards gaming, other than waking up feeling guilty. I did manage to dream feeling guilty in game as I started waking up more. Haha. That was interesting.
  5. "I have been using my depression as a crutch, when it's really the reason I should be working harder." My friend told me that when I was going through a tough time and it has always resonated with me.
  6. Sounds like things are going pretty well! I never would have guessed I'd be here on this forum quitting games either. I found I was missing out on certain activities I remembered I enjoyed (like movies or coffee) after my breakup a year ago. Try going to a movie by yourself, it's a pretty fun experience ;3 And of course with friends. But one of my best movie going times was when I was feeling a little down and wanted to see Inside Out. I went by myself and cried a bunch and loved it, haha. The only book of yours I've read is The Great Gatsby. How weird.
  7. FYI You can tag me in a post by typing the @ symbol and then my username. I'll get a notification when you tag me. You acknowledge you don't have many friends and you see yourself as less emotionally prepared. That's fine, lots of people are emotionally unprepared and grow together to make friends you gotta get out there. Meetups, clubs, reaching out to friends you have now and hosting/going to events with them. The whole reason I decided I needed to quit was because I thought real life was boring in comparison. And it's not! Life is fantastic and exciting, and our technology advancements right now? Soo good. I want you to recapture that! This is your brain on video games, not life is actually boring. I get my urge to live in another world out during my pen and paper tabletop games. My creativity and innovative thinking blooms in those sessions and it's fun! (I am part of a Shadowrun campaign as a street samurai)
  8. I think either of those are a good idea.
  9. Wew first day and already got a number. Ahaha. That's great. I'm a trained classical singer myself, I adore string instruments and especially piano. Do you compose your own pieces? That's what I was never good at.
  10. Using a new Chrome app to help manage my time while at work and outside of it. It's called Morphine and it gives you time as currency to spend on browsing given in intervals of pre-selected minutes. (I get 4 minutes of browsing time every 30m atm). It's made me very aware of how much time I spend on websites and has made me already a lot more productive at work.
  11. Colloquium perhaps? " An academic seminar usually led by a different lecturer and on a different topic at each meeting or similarly to a tutorial led by students as is the case in Norway." I just got my room cleaned up too! Not all the way done but I threw out two whole trashbags worth of clothes! Feels great! Now onto more throwing out and organizing. >:]
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlGL0RsQvaw helped me with death. enjoy, worth the time
  13. A great idea would be to replace the gaming pc with a laptop! It will feel different and it'd be a good way to create new internet habits on a computer. Pc's aren't really needed in most professions, and a laptop is portable too. It will not trigger the same urges as your big screens, fancy mice and keyboard. (If you need a pc for say, CAD or something. Perhaps replacing any shiny gaming esque accessories with normal ones) I'm 22 and I just began this journey as well. I believe you can do this and go clean for the rest of your life. Welcome to the forums and I look forward to reading your updates
  14. Honestly, as a female, I'd rather not call attention to it. They can go to my introduction post or read my journal if they don't know. Not all women have had positive experiences online, and should they want to be anonymous they should be allowed that instead of encouraged to come out as male or female. It's not as bad now as it was when I was under 18, perhaps the internet has changed, and I was wary even being female on here. In mmo's I'd never tell people I was female until I got on a voip with them. I just don't see it as a big deal I guess. Does it really change the advice we get other than nofap and possible dating advice?
  15. I'm so proud of you! Whoo!! Welcome to the forums <3 Selling that account is a huge step. What kind of hobbies are you interested in developing instead now you have all this time?
  16. Interesting thought with the cold shower! I'm scared I wouldn't be able to do it, as I wake up at 5am for work when it's freezing..My reward is a warm shower but! I force myself to end the shower with cold water, and I've seen alertness improvements since then. My length is still very much longer than 5 minutes though. The dancing video is fantastic, good job on these challenges. Also I do think it's more natural to say a greeting and then a compliment, but I have gotten very many positive responses from complimenting people out of the blue. It may be less creepy because I'm a chick? Hm.
  17. This. Teachers weren't focused on the ones who were passing but not challenging themselves. They gave extra attention to the ones outwardly struggling.
  18. "Blank" has commented on "blank" thread! Gotten four emails already ;(
  19. Thanks haha, that sounds quite boring compared to my usual dreams. I'm always under duress in mine. Stressed even when sleeping, sounds about right! Makes for amazing, awe inspiring sci fi adventures...let me tell you. ;3 I love my dreams until an ex appears or (now) an mmo appears.
  20. Alright I followed a thread and I still got an email. I dont have email selected in the notification settings, but I have the first option selected as it shows in the previous photo on the follow box.
  21. I'm not sure if I want to share. 1. Don't want to trigger cravings in you guys, which is why I never mention game titles unless needed 2. I can forget it if I don't recall it for ya
  22. Dreamed about playing an mmo. Yay. Those dreams began a few years into playing mmo's I imagine they won't go away for a few years. gg.
  23. Sorry. I'm learning how to paint but I'm doing it on my own without guides so I'm probably not much help
  24. Cool! Korean! Love it. A big part of why you might not have been be able to fall asleep earlier with games is the bright screen + mental stimulation. Many of us on here suggest using f.lux on your pc for when you have to browse at night.
  25. Hey Laney - I know that you had initially decided to keep playing single player RPGs - has that changed? Are you going totally game free, or still allowing some single player games? I think I've decided that for the detox I'll be going all games free. After that I'll probably re inteoduce them. As I said, I'm not addicted to rpg's. And going through this I am more aware of the time I used when playing them.
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