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  1. Thanks, @giblets and @Vlad! Your posts were just the pep talk I needed. Yes, I think there's some underlying nervousness about the divorce. I think I've accepted it, have progressed well, and have good short and long term goals. I think like Vlad says, truly letting go of the past, addictions and marriage, can be scary. But I know it is worth it. I must be willing to let who I was pass away in a sense, and truly become the new person I am becoming. Day 64/90. I've made peace with not returning to gaming at 90 days. I will stay away from them for as long as I am losing this weight. It might be forever, but I can't guarantee that right now. But when the 90 days is up, I'm following giblets to the year goal. I cannot look back. I had someone at work this morning tell me I have a great radio voice. This isn't an isolated incident. I've gotten this feedback many times over the years. This is just one more confirmation that I need to go for it on the podcast. I haven't talked about my project much lately but I'm still researching. I have a lot of good podcaster contacts for technical help, I hqve drawn up a path of goals and steps to take to get ready, I am aware of the equipment requrements, and the financial costs. I am going to do this podcast within 12 months, whatever happens with my job and school. This is something deep inside me (my passion for history) that I want to express. Gratitude 1. I am able bodied. 2. The gym! 3. I am grateful for my increased confidence and self-awareness.
  2. Glad to see you keep trying, Zeeko! Just don't give up and even if you just post a couple sentences about an ordinary day, that's a success!
  3. I imagine you feel well rested with 9 hours of sleep...and energized!
  4. Luck! So what are you reading now?
  5. I love rain. ? So with entrepreneurship, do you currently have your own business or are planning one?
  6. You seem like you're really doing well avoiding gaming. Reading is awesome...I've become the bookworm I used to be growing up.
  7. It's amazing how much free time you find when you step away not just from playing games, but shopping, strategizing, and watching them. That's great, Happycat.
  8. That's pretty cool having a thick gold chain. I have not yet reached that level. ? Don't beat yourself up about missing a day. You've been putting in a lot of work in the forums supporting others and that counts too.
  9. I guess it depends on what you mean by break. If you mean gaming then yes that's something to be wary of. If it's just a little downtime (a little not a lot), that might not be so bad. ?
  10. I think that's a lot of good self-analysis, Fifth. Start working through your detox, and see how your thinking evolves about gaming, alternative activities, etc.
  11. You can get a lot done and make a good start to your day by waking up earlier. That's excellent!
  12. Congratulations on finishing your essay and being productive. You're doing great!
  13. Ha, well I'm not much of a gardener but I am familiar with the Aloe plant shown in that link. If I ever try gardening or keeping plants, I'd start with that. ?
  14. Day 63/90. I'm hanging in there. I went to the gym, met with my counselor, and everything feels like it's on track. Soda and porn are still a struggle but I haven't given up fighting. A friend of mine posted a Skyrim reference on Facebook and suddenly I was consumed by both nostalgia (loved the game, never finished it) and fear of missing out (I was afraid that in the future, he would post gaming references that I wouldn't get and I would be left out). I'm surprised that these feelings are stronger lately. I think it's because the end of the 90 days is in sight and I'm starting to get tempted again. I'll have to be on my guard. Gaming masked my isolation and anxiety. I can't do that to myself again. The progress I've made is too important. I did talk with my friend about those feelings and he was real cool about it. He said we'd have plenty of things to geek out about. We talked about the latest Game of Thrones episode for example. It's going to be ok. Gratitude 1. A cool friend to geek out with 2. A sweet Mom 3. An understanding counselor
  15. Sounds like you do have some alternative activities that you really enjoy. What's a succulent, exactly?
  16. Mettermrck

    Relapse :(

    Good self-awareness, Zeeko! You've got this!
  17. Welcome, Alien! I think working through your journal and detox will help you answer that question. And we're here to help!
  18. What's the weekly reflection? Like a meditation or a review of your activities?
  19. I just shook up my podcast list too. I trimmed the number of history podcasts I listen to. I had to let go of those podcasts where the subject was interesting but the narration was too bad to take. And I'm tired of the OCD obligation to listen to several hours a day of mediocre material.
  20. Thanks, @Vlad and @giblets about the sugars. It's comforting knowing that I can relax about fruit sugars. I can feel the difference if I eat fast food vs fruit. I get way too tingly when I eat the former. Fruit is a more relaxed form of energy. Day 62/90. With these numbers creeping upward, I can actually sense the end zone, at least for this task. Cam's mentioned many times in videos that the 90 day detox is just the beginning. So I have to make sure I have more milestones to shoot for. Weight loss is a good one and gives me a measurable goal to commit to for the next year or two. I need that foundation of health before I can take those next steps in life. I finished Miracle Morning yesterday. It had a lot of useful information and I adapted a couple things (morning affirmations tuned to my goals, etc) but I'm actually taking a break from personal development books for a time. Not spiritual or psychological ones, but self help (Miracle Morning, Slight Edge, etc.). They're great in small doses. But sometimes they come across as over-commercialized and aggressive. Get started now! Go go go! Use my patented Eight Step Plan for Life Growth with Capital Letters(tm)! ? It gets to be too much data after a while and I need to process and absorb what I've adapted so far. I think Slight Edge was the better book. Miracle Morning was a good concept but bogged down in capital letters and advertising. No worries, though. I took what I wanted and moved on. I'm thinking about trying to do beginner yoga in the mornings. Miracle Morning mentioned it. But I just read a football (American) column and Aaron Rodgers, the Packers QB, mentioned that he does it and that flexibility made him feel 10 years younger. I might check Youtube videos and start real slow and steady with it. Gratitude 1. Went to church pot luck at Mom's church. I think she appreciates it and it's good for me to get out. 2. Good friends that let me ask questions any time of the day. 3. I will never stop being grateful for the gym. It is changing my life.
  21. Hassan is back! I missed you, man. You got this. When I relapse with soda and porn, it takes me days to admit it was an actual relapse. You try to negotiate with yourself and rationalize it. It's actually a relief to finally admit it was a relapse and start over.
  22. Mettermrck


    There's no shame admitting you relapsed. Look at us...a whole bunch of game quitters struggling with life, withdrawals, and relapses. We're in this together! ?
  23. I had brain fog while I gamed and it took time to clear up in my detox (1-2 weeks).
  24. Welcome back, Danton! Gym and library are awesome choices.
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