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NEW PODCAST: Why Are New Activities Boring After You Quit Gaming?


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  1. I hope that's the case! I've been running a lot more recently. Uhh my diets pretty standard, mostly fruit/veg/meat, and a lot of ice cream haha
  2. Thanks fifth and hey Cam! Good to be back, I think staying out of the house and picking up new things to do outside is something that'll keep me from the games. Before I just turned to youtube and reddit, which made quitting feel redundant, but now I'm out at the gym and library everyday (and getting my licence), so i'm keeping myself busy.
  3. Hey all, Was just wondering if anyone else suffers from brain fog, and if it was alleviated after you detox or not. I feel like I'm constantly in a daze, and find it hard to focus on anything for more than 20 minutes. It's pulling me back in every way, from reading, to learning programming, to even holding up simple conversations. I've done some research and tried going dairy free and trying to make some radical changes to my sleeping pattern. Sometimes its the cause of my relapses, I start thinking well if I can't learn anything/ read anything I might as well just go back to gaming cause I can do that in auto pilot mode. I would seriously give an arm and a leg to get rid of it. I hate feeling like a zombie
  4. Hey everyone Been a while since I was last on here, and since then I've probably quit and relapsed into gaming about 4 or 5 times..so yeah. Anyways, I'm Danton, 22, from New Zealand. I've been gaming since forever and have never really been able to play in moderation. It's always affected my studies and social life, and now that I want to start my own graphic design business and move out of home, I've decided it's finally time to really cut the cord.
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