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  1. Well done getting all your books. And I like your drawings. What's with the lawnmowers?)))
  2. Very true. Quitting my gaming vice rid me of the opportunity to sublimate my desire for achievement.)
  3. Bob, you're doing great. I will suggest my personal perspective you may find helpful or maybe not so helpful. I don't know, I may be too out-of-the-box.))) I'm super sure that feeling of scarcity drives people crazy. I believe that the game is always on as long as the players are alive. Your ex-wife doesn't disappear, you don't lose anything - all the components are still present. And just leave the thought process at that. There is not much use in concentrating on her, she's alive, you're alive, roll on. Do your thing, you're progressing really well! I know it's way easier said than done, but don't cling to the past - that's the only thing (or not a thing really but just memories in your head) that you're trying to save. I don't know anyone who can turn back time, so I think it's best that you just own your present and enjoy it fully. Be the best you can be and I'm sure you'll create a good family you'll be happy about. I believe that we're not halves, but whole people and we have this interesting way of bonding into couples. So, your perfect or predestined match will be whoever you assign this privilige to. May the Force be with you!
  4. Day 35 Guys, my new minions are quite good and they get along very well so far, I think they may make a solid back office team. It's too early to tell, but they show promise. I actually liked training them today, because they catch on quickly and seem to be able to operate steadily. I've come up with bigger plans. My game is mostly school and a little pre-school education. Since my organizations are licensed and accredited in Moscow, that's the area I must cover to my fullest capabilities. They will make me too big to be kicked around by the governmental authorities. I've decided to slice different formats and services marketing-wise. I've come up with seven segments. Among other more conventional ones, there is inclusive schooling. We don't have much experience with kids with health specialties and I tend to feel uncomfortable/sorry/sad around them. I don't teach kids personally, so that mustn't be an obstacle, plus that would be a very nice thing to properly organize. This planned expansion has two main hard parts: scaling small offices or teaching locations and strong marketing. Damn, I feel bad even thinking about marketing to parents of kids with special needs. I am a bad person? I mean I want to make their lives better without charging them a penny, but still it feels kind of weird. Well, scaling can be solved with hourly or daily leases of appropriate class or lecture halls around the city and if necessary bringing the document processing office to the city center. And marketing just takes drive, some money and some practical knowledge. The organizational part will solve itself with new highly-skilled employees I can buy with the new additional revenue stream. I'll focus on the other segments I can understand better, but will return to this line of business in the future. I'm prioritizing based on the expected turnaround speed as I'm rather pressed for time. I'm sorry for being constantly off topic, I know the forum is about not gaming. For me not gaming is about doing something else instead and my "something else" is growing a business. I'll do my best to follow through, I don't want to be all bark and no bite. Thanks for support, bros.)
  5. Day 35 A busy day, mostly a grind but with its own insights. I now have a more structured view on the things I need to do soon. But still there's a lot of unknown territory to explore. Tomorrow my new employees are coming in and I don't have everything prepared. That's a bummer, but I know what to load them with, so by keeping them busy and useful I can buy some time to finish the basics. No gaming and I'm getting very close to my goal weight.
  6. Day 34 (5/5 TBU) 1,000 Moscow inhabitants as regular clients seems like good round number, and fairly probably achievable by May 2018. I'll try my best and see how fast I can get to 500, maybe I'm underestimating myself. 8,000 is a magic number in my head, by beating that I will become the biggest in Moscow even surpassing the biggest governmental monster organizations. It's a bit of a pipe dream and it's a little scary as it might bring the wrong kind of attention.
  7. Good point, bro.) Sorry, it was a very tough day. I would, if I hadn't quit caffeine.
  8. Day 34 (4/5 TBU) I've just came home and I don't have specific KPIs yet. I will do some research and get back with a realistic or slightly above realistic estimates of what success can look like. I must find legal and technical limitations ASAP. Tomorrow besides all else is going to be about structuring procedures and designing the workflow of the new business model, so that I'm in still in the legal field and have all the right papers, but am able to provide most convenient and flexible services to my clients nation-wide. I'm not sure of the details, but I know my strategy. It's amazing how the skills you acquire tend to flow through to other fields. Take marketing and hiring - those are exactly the things I will leverage to beat my competition in quality and speed of expansion. So, my work plan: Research the legal limitationsDesign user experienceCall all neccessary authorities to get assurance that my understanding is correctDesign work flowContact and load my IT outsourcer if neccessaryPut in writing instructions and duties for employees (also needed ASAP by Friday)Create a roll-out planStart hiringExecute
  9. Bro, you're awesome! Thank you much for consistent support.
  10. Thank you, Bob! Day 34 (3/n TBU) I've just signed the 2nd one. The bad news about the lease agreement were really tough. It was all agony and rage fom last night till now. I've got an update via telephoen, though it's not super hopeful, it gives an angle, an opportunity to grow. Now I feel raged and excited. We'll massacre (figuratively) the competition and leave them to rot in the sun, rain, snow, whatever the weather is like really. Upcoming two-three months will be my time to step up and fight. It will be like a part of the book on Napoleon I've read a few years back. When he was a retired young general (also in this late twenties) called up to squash the riots. I will strategize, work out the tactics, load up on shot like crazy and fire till the streets are waist deep in blood and dead meat. Sorry for my violent take on competitve business, it's just the most effective frame of thinking for me. It is my time for my second big dare. I've bet my life on succeeding in writing once, and I was victorious. I'm doing it again now. I will come up with the specific KPIs today and will publicly declare it. I'll post the same on all my social media (well, maybe apart from betting my life away not to seem overly dramatic). I am serious about the dare and I'm not backing down no matter what. I'm shaking and my eyes are tearful. I'm sorry for spilling it out on you, but you're the people I can be totally honest with. The fire exit I'm leaving myself is that I may redirect my passion for creating value in this world is if the Government takes away all my l honestly-earned licenses (they are also linked to the lease agreement, Government is the lessor of the HQ premises) and makes it impossible to regain them at a new location and I do everything humaly possible to keep or recreate the current operations. I've got about 10 months to solve everything. So, we've now got an approximate deadline. I will update you today again. I guess hiring a personal assistant and all the extra stuff I may need is a given now. Thank you fucking unvirese for burning the bridges for me and for pushing me to my perceivable limits. So, no its "Turn a ream into reality with a fuck you mentality" I guess.
  11. House chores are tedious, good job doing what's right anyways.
  12. Day 34 (2/n TBU) Yeah, and I'm 223 lbs today.
  13. It's in Moscow, so absolute figures are not very representative of the global pay range. My approach would be similar in any geography - I scan comparable outstanding offers, take the median and add 5-10% "wiggle room" above the median. Most offered positions have terrible descriptions, so mindfully structured and detailed vacancies (with structured and clear duties and responsibilities) help me not to pay much over the market rates.
  14. Day 34 (1/n TBU) I have just signed my 1st employee of the two. I have high hopes her. She starts on Friday, I need to arrange everything for her by then. I'm stressed as fuck over prolonging my HQ lease agreement, it's crucial. Last night got some bad news about it, it's not 100% certain, but I need to make multiple alternative plans to be cool. It was a total sucker punch, but I'll manage, I guess that's what I always do.
  15. Thank you! It helps me structure my thoughts and to cope with the turmoil.
  16. Day 33 A non-stop interview day. It went just the opposite of what I have expected. I have found three good candidates for document processing, but only one decent for secretary/phone-consulting work. I guess I became a little wiser to the labor market today. I always thought talking is way easier than being suoer attentive and responsible - good news, that there are plenty people that can compliment my temperament. Anyways I promised my interviewees to come back with a decision tomorrow, so I'll go through with it and get my back office set up. I'll place the other two good candidates into reserve, I will also create a reserve vacancy for the secretary position. Tonight I'll post two more reserve vacancies, so to have a solid personnel base in case of emergency. My current employee that has duties in my another line of business volunteers to continue working with me on the current project. I think I might raise her salary a bit and make her a reserve secretary for this line, in case my new secretary is sick or whatever. I must also start looking for an evening secretary, so that she answers the phone 18.00-21.00, receives phone calls and checks evening correspondence. The other option is to shift my document-processing person's timetable to save on payroll. She will not answer the phone, but will receive and process correspondence. A third way is to get an unqualified worked just to act as a mailchimp. I think it will become more clear in the morning if I sleep on this decision.
  17. Day 32 Full work day, really tiring. Prepared and gave plenty assignments to my managers, started on the media plan, and creation of personnel reserve hiring procedures. Plus a few client requests. Arrived at home and hit the pillow sleeping.
  18. @Cam Adair Hello, Cam! Sorry for the long response time, I didn't check this section of the forum. I've got [Sept 25-Oct 6] depending on business urgencies that I don't expect to arise. I want to surf in Portugal (6-7 days), visit Andorra (<1 day), Gibraltar (<1 day) and Barcelona->Salou, Port Aventura (2 days). I can also travel to Madrid if needed. The sequence is not important to me, I can adapt to your preferences. I'm not picky about the surfing location (I'd preder if they provide accomodation and surfing equipment - like a surf school maybe). Peniche or anything else are all fine with me. Are you bringing your own surfboard to Portugal? I'm trying to figure out if you would like to stay in a surfing school or in Lisbon or some other place.
  19. @Hitaru What do you think of the 3 videos I've sent you links to?
  20. Vlad

    Skaliq's Journal

    Well, PCs are inevitably going to be present in life anyways, so it's a good habit-trainer I guess. I'm sure you'll do just fine. A very good point as well. Btw thanks for being there just a day ahead of me on the detox.)
  21. You can volunteer for something social in your "empty" time. It will be social and in German by default, therefore super useful for you and free of cost. A huge plus that you can't be self-conscious while volunteering: you're putting work in for free and for a good cause - if anybody has complaints about how good you are as a volunteer, you can always propose to refund the 0 euros you're getting paid.
  22. I envy you a little, you fish-eater . Although I don't like fish much, I do admit that it's mostly healthy and very good from a dietary standpoint. Good stuff!)
  23. @Mettermrck @BigPete247 Thank you guys, I really appreciate your support! Am I missing anything in the analysis?
  24. If you stick to regular training schedule you will eventually lose DOMS/aches and will just become stronger and fitter without physical discomfort. If I train consistently, it's a breeze, if I miss a 3-4 sessions all the hell breaks loose after the rebound session - I feel like my arms and legs are trying to fall off, and general fatigue is a pain. Also expect the workouts after say recovering from a cold (knock on wood) to be way tougher. Ease into it and it will soon feel easy and natural again. Screw gaming, you've become a significantly better person in a short period of time and you're continuing to get even better. We need you to go on, because you inspire people. It's a one-way ticket really, if you fall back now or in the future it will be waaaay more painful, because now you have a first-hand experience of your potential and feel the realistic perspective of achieving more and having a better life. Grow, bro!
  25. Bro, respect for doing what you do! It's the self-implied obligations that push us to grow. Caring for others makes us stronger and increase our influence , social weight if you will. Dominance is all about territory, where you set rules and order and uphold those. People we love and care for are also figuratively "territory". In a perfect world positions of power are assigned based on that only. I.e. a mayor cares about the inhabitants of a town/city, they feel it and elect him and only because of that what he says goes. It's great that you have experience of caring for other people, you're leveling up in the real world.
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