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  1. Hey Travis, Great progress, per usual lol. I totally get that you've been working on this for some time now. I had been oblivious to everything in life till December of 2013, and then I buried myself in my woe for another year before finally starting to work on myself. Probably why it is taking me a little longer, but I'm not beating myself up for it anymore . Einstok Toasted Porter, eh? Where is that found, and what kind of beer? I'm always interested to try out new beers and such lol. The IT field has always interested me. What part are you in? And do you find yourself passionate about it? I love to get people's inputs on their careers and directions in life, and would love to hear your thoughts! Keep the updates coming, man. I'm still struggling with a bit of mindless browsing on the web as well, so don't feel bad about it! You've got a great mindset with setting it as the next challeng for yourself! It's good to hear that you're still making progress though, and I look forward to more of your updates! Take care, friend!
  2. ?You joke, but I used to have this mentality lol. I used to think that I knew best, and I wouldn't listen to anyone else's opinions on things that I was passionate about. Passion = emotion, and emotion = clouded judgement and an inability to reassess my view on certain topics (in my experience). Make sure you don't make the same mistake as me lol. It is much better to learn all you can and look at your opinions critically whenever you can. Sometimes it is so easy to become wrapped up in an echo chamber of people repeating the same opinions on issues that you never challenge your own views. Don't be afraid to change your views, that's a huge sign of maturity .
  3. Great progress Tom, I hope you're proud of how far you've come. It sounds like you are really connecting with life and the people around you, and I hope that is working out really well for you. Keep the updates coming, I enjoy reading about how well you're doing! Take care, friend!
  4. Great conversation going on here guys! I think it would be a cool idea to create a Debate Forum and post a bunch of topics to discuss. I always enjoy hearing other people's thoughts on other issues, and I love to learn new ways of approaching issues that I feel like I have made my mind up about. I think this would be a safe site to do so too because I feel like there is a large amount or respect that we have for each other on this site, and hopefully people could approach different issues with the desire to learn rather than the desire to prove how smart they are or that they have the one and only answer to a very complex issue. I'm not great at debating, but I would gladly provide my input to something like that. If it is something you're interested in, then either I can try to start something or whoever else feels like it can jump in. Doesn't matter to me! Keep up the great work though Zane, and it's good to hear from you!
  5. Hello Alex, welcome to our community ! Awesome job taking that first step! As you stated, there is so much more to life than these number on a computer screen. Just keep this in mind in the days to follow, because if you are anything like me, gaming is dangerously easy to crawl back to. You're already ahead of the game with starting this journal though, so great job . I look forward to hearing more from you as you continue this journey of self-discovery, and always remember that we as a community have got your back if you need anything!
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