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  2. Day 26 (26 day streak) 100% gaming and gaming-content free. I've been very stressed out. Work was rough today--I had to respond to a very unpleasant incident today at work. I left early and had a complete meltdown on the way home. I calmed down, and responded to what set me off once I got home, and I did a good job with that (yay!). Otherwise, I don't feel so good. Stress levels are very high right now, and they've been like that all week. If this isn't a withdrawal I don't know what the heck is. So this is what the real world is like when you don't hide from it? It is all starting to make sense now. Every day I will get a little better at handling all of this, and I'll develop more skills and confidence. I would never be able to do this with gaming and spending too much time on the internet. I feel a little bit better now that I faced my problem. I just need to keep doing that. Rinse and repeat until life fixed.
  3. Thank you. I also just think living at home is going to be toxic to me soon so if I don't start producing an income outside of cartoons then I'll be forced to get an engineering job again.
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    Day 34: I got up, watched the rest of the conversation between Milo & JP, then I commented a bit here and went for the exam. After that me and my friend from the army went for a lunch, he told me the army is in a somewhat dismal state (or at least the part he is in which is quite similar to where I used to be) and that he's having some thoughts of leaving and going abroad or doing something else. I told him that my half a year without employment, basically being a leech while streaming, was quite horrible, but that the past two months have been pretty great, as I have some direction and vision now. I kinda goofed around in the evening a bit, watched Simpsons, took some pictures for dating rating and I'm working on getting my PC desktop in order, as it's still a mess. I worked out outside with my basketball, as it's been raining a ton these past two weeks and I didn't get to work out this way otherwise in that time. I feel comfortably tired, I hope the exam results won't ruin it! @Ikar: clean car, photo, flight ticket, mycat, duo, work out, read 1 page, letter, duo
  5. Day 61 24.05.19 Gratitude journal Today I am grateful for starting anew. One amazing thing that happened/I did today 1) did everything I had planned for the day Workout/run 5km running around 14k steps Meditation 10 min guided meditation in the morning 20 min guided meditation in the afternoon Visualisation and daily affirmation a bit affirmation today Reading (0hours of studying for the next exam today) did my regular Spanish session and but because of the grueling work was to tired to study my wake-up time 6:20 Weekly Goal(s) continue with miracle morning routine, study at between 4 and 8hours per day, reduce my screen time to less than 2hours, meditate half an hour every day Monthly Goal to study a lot for my exams, be more grateful for everything in life, find the joy of living in the moment, think hard about my values and what kind of person I want to be, start the miracle morning 1 month challenge anew 3 Month Goal getting my degree or getting it nearly done so that at least at the end of July I have it in my hands, having a really productive life, living my life so that I am proud of it What went well today: (NF:0/NW:0/NS:0) did my regular Spanish, had a cruesome workday but survied, had a nice evening run to clear my head What I could have done to make my day better became weak to my cravings (sugar, webnovels and nofap) part because of nine hours mentally crazy stressful work and part because the new flat I was sure I will be able to move in in summer was given another person so I have search again and that was quite the shock so my goal for the next weaks will be to look for a new flat and to be more resitant against urges they are easy to conquer if life is nice to you but really hard and relentless otherwise (I believe because I was at work, had a really busy day and none of my last line defences where applicable in this case so back to the drawing board ^^) What I will do differently tomorrow/What I have planned for tomorrow: wake up earlier(but weekend?), try to meditate for 30min, go to the gym, study, having a perfect (no cravings) day, going to a party in the evening Weekly summary, thoughts and improvements for the future next one on the 26th 😉
  6. This is a véry mentally healthy things to say. Very mature, buddy. Not easy to come to this point.
  7. I'm a bit curious. What are the GCAA-meetings like?
  8. Day 3. "The busted foot." Work was pretty demanding. I no longer use my crutches. I can walk if I shift my weight and balance to the side and heel of my foot, it's the ball of my foot and my big toe that hurt. It looks weird when I walk and I go slowly, but it works. But today I had to be very physically active. I didn't hurt myself, at least not the part I was supposed to avoid. It's the other bits that are sore now... I now use my foot in a way that it's not used to. The muscles and sinews aren't used to me using them in a way that supports my full body weight. One of the managers suggested I find a phyiscal therapist, but I'm inclined to wait a bit. I just white knuckled it and promised myself not to move when I got home. Straight to the couch, ordered food, had a drink, watched a movie, had a nap and I'll see another movie or whatever. I let go of cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. If I aim to survive paintball tomorrow, I have to take it easy on the foot for now. If it's not better by the beginning of next week, I'll look for that therapist. I don't think that paintball is a great idea. But I'm a decent shot, tactician and commander. I just miss stuff like that from when I used to play games. I'm véry competitive too so it's hard for me to let go of wanting to paintball. And I organized the whole thing, so it's a bit hard to back down. Especially because I already paid a deposit. I promised myself to take pills with me, extra thick socks, supportive bandages, braces for my knees, an ice pack and to not be stupid. I've already made the mental click to allow myself to get hit instead of risking further injury. I just hope the organization doesn't mention anything. I'm terrified they'd forbid me from playing. I'd understand, sure. But I still really want to play. Recent highlight: I saw a movie called Kung Fu Hustle and drank some genuine sake. Budget status: I had 1 huge wrap delivered to me by bike. 15 bucks. Holy shit I need to stop using this takeout app... My one goal for the next 24h: Go paintballing (and thus push myself physically when I should be careful) but don't actually damage myself.
  9. "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." Or "Fall down 100 times. Get up 101 times."
  10. "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney "Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star." - W. Clement Stone
  11. I'm 31 weeks free of video games right now and I think it's amazing to see how far I've come so far. I have crushed every record of mine and I just feel so strong now. I'm also about a week without porn. I watched a movie called "Don Jon" with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson and it reflected some of the struggles I've had with porn addiction. It was a really good movie and I gained some strength after watching it. I've been dealing a lot with anxiety recently. I think it's being caused by a drive to produce something and work on my tasks, but at the same time I have this fear of direction holding me back. The two forces are creating inner turmoil for myself and I just want to write my cartoon and create some stuff online. I have been writing and coming up for ideas for my cartoon, which have been nice for me. It just so happens that life keeps coming up. I planned hangouts with my friends and former coworkers who I want to stay friends with. My mom also had surgery so I'm caring for her. There's also a woman who has kind of been interested in seeing me, but communication has been sporadic between responding within 5 minutes to waiting 5 days. As we mentioned earlier I don't really give a shit about this right now and don't want to date until I'm in a more comfortable spot for myself. I do enjoy her support, but I'm also not emotionally comfortable to give myself to somebody right now because I'm very fragile right now. I don't want to just jump into something. I fear one small turn could lead to an emotional collapse for me some days. I found a yoga studio to attend and am touring gyms to try out. I also helped my artist sell his work at a comic convention and did very well there. It was nice to meet other artists, but was also a reminder most of these artists are going nowhere and work full time at their own jobs. I don't want this to be some shit side gig. I need to push through.
  12. Hm. You could also flip this around and say "until you make your conscious unconscious, you will forever struggle with that action". In terms of creating habits for example - first you need to focus on it, but if you do it with intent consistently for a long period of time, it becomes automatic.
  13. There are so many great ones to choose from but I'll go with this one. Feels really appropriate for me right now as I'm in the middle of the detox trying to create a better future for myself. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” - Alan Kay
  14. I don'h have a favorite quote. But some times one stays in my mind for quite some time. This is the current one, and I love it. It goes down to the deepest part of us all, and tells that a truth we all fear. Still somehow, it gives hope, showing a way out of the darkness. Relating to one of my older quotes "Know thyself"
  15. Yeah these are big decisions. Take your time and listen to what you want. I mean surely you should take to people you trust, but in the end in all comes down to what yoou think is right. I mean I decided to attend 4 more years in school instead of doing an apprenticeship, what my teacher then recommended me. And it's the best decision I've ever made I can tell you that. Have a good weekend @NannerZ
  16. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok now for real. This has been the single most influential sentence in my life. It's one of those things that work as a switch. It changed my entire view of being successful from reaching a goal to progressively strive for a goal. As long as you're following the best strategy you know of and you're doing the best you can, you're being successful. That means, if I'm on the detox, if I'm being productive and working hard towards my vision, I'm successful, no matter how far I am from actually achieving it. To me, success is a process, not an event or a state.
  17. Hi there, my name is Kim. I’m an Australian psychiatrist specialising in video game addiction. I’m also a consultant for the Game Quitters Board. I recently starting doing some private telepsych work in an online clinic and am looking to work primarily in gaming addiction only. I too have benefited from the 90 day detox and understand how difficult it is to quit If you are Australian and live in a remote area you might be eligible for a bulk billed (Medicare paid for) psychiatric service with me. This is all done online and in the comfort of your own home. For more information just check out my website cgiclinic.com All you need to do is just call the receptionist and they will say if you are eligible and your GP to refer you to me. Thank Kim
  18. Day 5 | Pomodoros: 16 I pushed for 25 hours awake to revert my self-caused jetlag. God bless modafinil. And no, I don't think this is healthy haha. Did 16 hours of work, so I split up the journal entry to two days. I'm ready for some serious sleep now, but more importantly, I feel very happy that I pushed myself and I feel very confident that I will actually be productive this weekend.
  19. When I "Follow" a thread, I'd like an option to get a notification in the forum, but not receive an e-mail. That's all, really 😄 In fact I would use this as the default.
  20. I think that has to ring true for every former gamer out there! I have to find out more about this mastermind though.
  21. Good advice. If she's insecure about something, she needs to deal with it on her own. You and I both came here, because we were insecure about our outlook on gaming. It's OK to ask for help and support, but she has to do the lifting regardless of whatever her trouble is. I'm speaking from experience, but you probably already know that!
  22. What a list. I might steal the part above! Not sure about the competitiveness, just make sure you don't snuff your fire with it, as some people thrive in a cut-throat environment. I feel like former gamer myself, shifting the competitive attitude from gaming to somewhere else is a huge deal! I used to be very hard-line black/white person, especially on morals. I think all it gave me was elitist, arrogant, slightly resentful and contemptuous outlook on most people I couldn't put into my little box. Now I know that if I ever get resentful and contemptuous, there's just something I don't understand. If I demonize that other guy for something he has done to me, I demonize myself too, because I am human and he's human as well. Then it's right to think, what made him do it and what could make me do it? I try to be in his shoes. That's how I dealt with my breakup, but I was only able to do that responsibly after quitting gaming. I think the same applies to gaming. Sure, hate and anger towards it might be the first reaction, but you don't want to be stuck there forever. 98% people who play games aren't game addicts, so if you go on a crusade against gaming, most people around you will feel uncomfortable. Corresponds well with Cam's video too: Keep searching for that middle ground!
  23. Laughed hard at that. That must have been great. I'm weirdly inclined to say a hilarious gig is worth foot pain, but as your foot seems to be in a really poor state, please take good care. I'm sure nobody gets pissed off over such an appropriate police call. Good luck on the cleaning up but be really careful about your foot!
  24. Day 23 gone to bed: 23.05 woke up: 07.00 A wavering day. I felt so bad in school because I just can't get over my female friend, who hurted me for months now. I'm unhappy and didn't know what to do. But during class I did well, I worked hard so I have no homework to do later. In the evening I went out for dinner with my family. It was great especially because I saw my brother and he means a lot to me. The rest of the family doesn't mean that much for me. I need to add, that I'm the only one who's going to an university and is more on the right-wing political wise. I sometimes feel like a child in the wrong placce so to say. But with my brother I had a good time and we get along very good. Before I went to bed, I had a talk with my mother and she helped me out with this female friend. Told I should stop trying to make everyone happy and be there at anytime for her. I should really make her miss me a bit and sometimes be more honest and tell her what I really think of her instead of holding me back. It made me open my eyes and I'm excited of what happens in the near future with our relationship. Also I think it's a big step, because I think it's literally the last thing I noticed I have to learn about dealing with girl's or relationships in general. Sadly I relapsed in "NoFap". Despite the cold shower I couldn't hold back. I just needed to relief some stress and it helped me fall asleep. But I regretted it immediatly. In this moment I saw that "NoFap" really has some benefits and I wanna continue all that. But I do not wanna tyrannize myself and I won't feel bad about masturbation anymore. My goal is to have it in a healthy manner and I think I'm able to do so. Pornography though, I farther won't look. I'm grateful for: the wise words from my mother being close to end this suffering over the last few months getting things done in school nice wheater to chill outside and listen to music
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