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A stay-at-home mom's Journal

Ashley K.

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Day 1:

So...a few days ago I posted in the Introductions.

I didn't even stick to my detox after I posted it. It was like I almost had no control over myself and I had to play. Out of habit. 

The last time I played was yesterday. Which made me a bit sad. Not because yesterday was the last day, but the fact that I kept telling myself I would quit, only to play again the very next day.

I don't understand how addictions can just take over our bodies like this. Like something or someone is telling us to play and we just do it.

It's scary.

Today, I was occupied with getting things together to homeschool my two boys. I chose to do this because here in NYC, our Mayor took our remote learning as an option. So for the majority of the parents dont feel like this was fair at all, so a lot of us decided to homeschool our children because of it. Right now there is a petition going on to bring back remote learning as an option. 

I'm really hoping that they bring it back. It would take a lot of stress off our backs. 

But that's really what did I with my first day of detoxing. 

Onto day 2.


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Welcome back. It's easy to be disappointed in ourselves. Just gotta keep on going with it. 1 day is good. 2 days is better. Keep it up. Start thinking about what triggers cause you to game. What are your routines and habits?

Good luck.

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