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loved to go outside stargazing but thats out of the question now since i am not allowed to go outside after 9 pm.

I feel burned out after my  online lectures. When I have time to do something else there are oftentimes multiple not finished online classes to finish.

I tried to wake up earlier today and it didn't work then after lectures I felt tired and hungry i didn't make lunch.


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From your post It seems like eating sugar is a stress coping habit. Try switching to dried or normal fruits as your snacks.

Also distraction is good during revision. One example of a healthy distraction is kicking a ball against a wall. Really great for resting your mind. 

So You’ve got to reformat stress coping into something healthy. It depends on your character. It may be jogging, or working on a punching bag. You’ve got to try new activities.

Hope my advice is of help to you.

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Thank you very much!

One problem is that i dont know how to try new activities, when my preperatons for lectures and seminars get in the way of trying out new activities?

That is actually one thing I talked with my conselor. I see that the only time to do something else is when it is late in the evening or night when I cant sleep..

There is just so much to calibrate in my life combined with the struggle in studies... I dont know whether I can handle that.

Thank you


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How much do you actually revise then? From morning till night?

I suggest monitoring the amount of material memorized in two different approaches. You can already look back to how much you’ve revised using the old method.

So now you’ve got to allocate an hour or more in the day to strength building. It has to be cardio or a sport of some sort because that improves blood circulation and metabolism. Also its good to preplan what you will revise in a day and plan to do the most important thing first. At the end of the day check how much you’ve revised.

If you track that, my bet is you will revise way better and more material with the second approach. We tend to be prisoners of our habits and pre-conceptions, so trying a different method appears to be hard at first.

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No  I don´t I just use my time watching Youtube that leads me to having very little time and everything falls short. I think just quitting is not gonna solve my problems...I thought that might as well start gaming again because im just replacing video games with YT..


Thank you very much though.

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