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Not a question, or about games, but I just want to say how grateful and thankful I am that this community is here. A couple months ago before my first detox I would've said "thank you" to my discord friends, but in reality, this community is so much better. Everyone here wants you to succeed, everyone is so friendly, no one judges for opinions. And I'm so happy that I've decided to quit games because I never would've met this accepting and friendly community. On discord you would've been judged over your opinions and slandered for looking or being some way, here hate is non - existent (at least not between the members of this community). Reason I am saying this is I feel everyone's story has gotten me more and more inspired and made me realize that I'm not fighting this by myself, I have a whole group of supporters fighting with me. So thank you all for the support, and sharing your stories and for being you! I know together we can achieve a the life we want without games and inspire many other struggling gamers!

Jason 💙

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Awhhh thank you!!! So glad you've been able to come this far! Must say the same- I am so grateful for everyone in this community; without GQ I would have never gone this far. Until I came here, I was way too convinced that I would never be able to stop playing, but reading y'all's journeys really has shown me what is possible- so thank you everyone!

Po 💜

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