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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello again!


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I am back for yet another attempt at Respawn and quitting video games but this time will be the good one. Third time's the charm, right? 😛 

I'm 31, have been playing video games for 26 years and they have been responsible for a lot of problems I have had in my life. 

-Failing grade 9

-Failing college/dropping out of school

-No relationship in 19 years

-Living as a recluse

-Gaining 75 pounds

-The list goes on...

and I am to blame to, I enabled it, I allowed video games drag me down that path and I take the blame but I'm gonna quit this time and have the life I always dreamed of, the life I believe I deserve.

It's a pleasure to be back amongst you all, cheers and have a great night! 


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