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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Let's do it!


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Hiiiiiiiiiiii! How have you been today? 

I am a 20yo college student, who made the slight mistake of bringing my (old) gaming PC to campus this fall. Overall, I would say my video game addiction is minor, but like any bad habit, it feeds on and empowers other bad habits in my life. Just a few days ago I discovered r/NoFap, and since then I have been feeling incredibly motivated to get rid of as many poor habits as I can. Gaming has been a haunting issue since I was 12, and has gotten considerably worse when I got my Gaming PC(using it right now ugh) in 2016. Last year, I left my PC at home and my gaming addiction dissipated. I wish that stayed true till now, but oops. Well, here I am now, and just writing this makes me feel like I can do it ūüôā¬†


P.S. Super nice to be here, I remember checking gamequitters 2 years ago when it was just starting up heh, but didn't do enough to fully quit back then. 

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Welcome Pochatok!

Same issue here (writing from my self-built gaming rig). If you haven't done it yet, uninstalling every single game and platform (steam, blizzard, uplay, epic, etc.) is a very good idea + giving away or deleting your accounts.

I'm tempted not to sell my gaming computer for now as I'm working from home and using it on a daily basis, but could definitely sell it and get a less powerful one to ensure I don't game anymore. If the issue comes up I'll consider it. For now its a super powerful game-free work computer ;).

Anyhow, good luck on your journey.

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Hey Le North Dreamer, thanks for sharing!

Yeah, I am learning Blender and 2D Digital art, as well as Composition, so I really need that RAM and GPU lol. Also, just today I uninstalled all my games and am in the process of giving away my steam account. My next step is to get rid of anything gaming-related showing up in my daily life- twiter/reddit/instagram/discord/youtube feed and all that.

Thank you and good luck as well!


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