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Day #2/90

Hi all, would like to do my journal because I am trying to find something else to do.. It's very hard for me to fight the urges to go back gaming during the night because this is the usual time I started playing, which has been my habits for the past years. This is my second day, and honestly, I feel horrible. It has been super tough as I keep finding myself staring at my consoles repeatedly..

However, several changes I have done:

  1. I picked up a self-paced Chinese Language class, hoping to fill the "void" 
  2. I subscribed to Tidal Music for their HD music quality so I can experience the audio better
  3. I tried to sleep early
  4. I tried to avoid mindless browsing

Throughout the day, I keep reminding myself why I am doing this. All those lost opportunities, experiences, and people in my life. 

Hope I can do my best from today onwards to follow the program (90-day detox) and the modules. 

Also, wishing everyone here success to finish the program. I believe we can do it!



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8 hours ago, royal panda said:

Welcome! I wish you luck on the 90 day detox. Don't stress yourself, it's going to be hard in the first few weeks but then after that it'll get easier. Keep doing what you're doing, try to fill that void. Also reminding yourself is a good way to fight the urges. Anyways, good luck!


Thank you for visiting. I have checked your story as well and glad to see you are on Day 21. Keep pushing forward!

It’s interesting to see that you are doing detox for a lot of things at the same time, I hope to start detox for my manga reading addiction too.

Hope you have a good day today!

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Day #17

I relapsed. 

I played last night for about 2 hours.... and I had fun. 

I was passed over during the recent promotion period, because of my inconsistent performance (ofc, due to gaming) for the past months.

I am dejected and disappointed. There is no one else to blame, other than myself. I don't even want to recover..

Any advices guys? I will appreciate that very much..

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