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9 months clean


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I've been off games for 9 months now. Great. I think games have become a thing of the past for me to some extent. They aren't even among my top three concerns in daily life anymore. Games have faded into the background of life as I don't much think about them anymore. It's a good thing. Sure sometimes I'll have thoughts about them, but I seem to be better at resisting thinking about gaming. I just think about other things instead. I have a lot of other problems that I deal with. But gaming isn't one of them. This site has helped me put gaming in the rearview mirror and drive off safely into my new life. Thank you all for helping me in my journey. I doubt I could have done it without all of your support and the inspiration I draw from you all. I hope everyone keeps quitting alongside each other. 

God bless


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Thank you for saying that. I'll try my best to keep posting. I've been consistently posting everyday. But lately I've been working 8+ hours and sleeping 13 hours a day. So that only leaves a tiny bit of time to feed myself and post. So I'm sorry if I don't make daily posts anymore, but I'll still post as often as I can. At least every week for sure as I have a day off.

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