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Handle thoughts about buying video game hardware / VR Headsets


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Hello everyone,

i recently visited a colleague. He is a flight simulator enthusiast. He also built his own cockpits with knobs and handles etc. I have to say it's a cool hobby, even if it's related to video gaming.

He showed me his virtual reality setup and I have to say I was really impressed.

The immersion and the feeling of that new hardware is awesome.

So, i saved up money for tools, wanted to buy me some better equipment for metalworking.

After I got to see the VR tools today I really need to fight with myself not to buy something like this.

My problem is this: How to fight against buying computer equipment that is mostly used for gaming. I do not want to get in the vicious circle again of buying new hardware when it is not powerful enough to play the newest video games.

My other problem is this: Since I do not play computer games that often anymore I really have other things to do. I just can not afford another second time consuming hobby.

But after 3 Days I still think about VR headsets. Do you know that feeling by yourself, any tips to stop thinking about buying video game stuff?

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Still now answer, I think I clarify my question.

Sometimes is is problematic to get your gaming thoughts out of your head.
And it is easy to start a game, so you just go for a 10 minute videogame instead of doing your workout.

Compare it to quit smoking. You constantly think about smoking if you quit it. You tell yourselve just one cigarette and i am good.

So even if you know you could do other things, your mind is centered arround gaming, and how awesome it would be to own a VR Headset.

It is easy to play a videogame becouse you do not know any other activities. You think about being part of society.

Anyone coped with that problem?

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Think of gaming more like a girlfriend you broke up with because she wasted all your time, you spent thousands of dollars on her, and she was also seeing hundreds of thousands of other guys (and girls).   Sure, you can reminisce about the fun times you had, and have a smile about them, but there's no way you can ever go back to her - it would just be far too toxic and heartbreaking for you.

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Hm, interresting thought @Some Yahoo
Anyway I think I do not understand that statement completely.
And while I thought about it, I just deleted (allmost) all of my game accounts again.
This includes steam / battle net / epic.
I will keep my chess and magick the gatherin account, however. Since I meet really cool people there (real life events).
Also, that something what gets boring after a while, since those are games mostly to be played with friends.


The reason for me was this:

While I did not really spent a ton of time playing videogames recently, I still does not enjoy thinking about them.
It's like a ulteriour motive. It made me angry not to get that thoughts about videogames out of my head.
I call it a hard quit now. There is better time to spent elswhere. It will make my focus alot better.

Writing here again in 30 Days if the deletetion of steam is finished.

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I think comparing quitting video games to quitting smoking is a fair comparison. They both provide instant gratification at the expense of your time (one more severely). The thing is that buying a VR headset in nothing more then buying more video games. The newest, most ambitious games to date. The kind of games that will likely be even more addictive then they already currently are. I understand your desire to want a VR headset but I don't think it's a good idea to buy one. Ask yourself why you want one? Is it just to play games? Do you think owning one will make you think about gaming more? or less? 

I can see that you've already come to a conclusion. I just wanted to chime in, even if I'm a little late. 

Good luck! 

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A few days ago, I spent a fun morning with my wife and daughter playing this:


I am also a fan of these:




AFAIK Magic the gathering is a card game, it's like that, unless somehow you're playing online it shouldn't be a problem.

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