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Clean for 60 days!


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Hey guys and girls, glad to be here and be able to talk about my success story. 

It's been over 60 days since I stopped gaming as well as watching porn. My life 2 months ago was in a pretty big mess, and I've been suffering from heavy anxiety, so i also put a lot of effort into channeling my time and energy I (usually) waste on gaming and porn into building up my character and getting my life in order.

I've talked about my progress in the first 30 days here > ("Clean for a month")  so I'll try to make a sequel to that report and talk about how I progressed in the last 30 days and what struggles I've encountered. 
First of all, progress I've made across the first 30 days just got strengthened further and I have to say this new way of life is becoming natural.
Which means things like:

  1. daily meditation
  2. chores and work around the house
  3. scheduling my activities
  4. working out
  5. studying

are becoming easier, smarter, more efficient. For example, I wash the dishes and do the laundry automatically in the morning and I don't even consider it a feat anymore, it's just a positive thing I naturally do. Also, I started cooking for my family around 2-3 times a week, learning some new recipes and learning about the basics, for example - today I'll be making mash potatoes the Gordon Ramsey way.  My meditation practice is set in stone at this point and I honestly cannot imagine myself quitting it ever again. It's a crucial part of my success and I am enjoying it more and more. For the last couple of days I've been meditating for around 1 hour a day, which seemed impossible 2 months ago.

I've gotten better with scheduling. I still have a lot of progress to make, but, for example - I started habitually using phone alarms for remainders, which has helped me a lot. Also, it is not uncommon for me to schedule a complete day in advance and for it to actually work out fine :) I've made progress with my studying. I hoped for a bigger progress to be honest, but studying is for me the greatest source of heavy anxiety so it will take more time for me to get through it. But it's definitely easier for me to study now than it was 3-4 weeks ago, that's for sure.

Also, something which might interest people who have quit porn - I have effectively limited my masturbation. I consistently masturbate every 7 to 14 days, depending on what I decide in advance. At the moment I am at my 5th day of nofap, aiming for 14 days again. I have only positive things to say about this. I am not any more sexually frustrated than before -- actually, I would say I am less frustrated. I have more energy, and I don't miss my days of porn and daily masturbation, it was unhealthy, it made my sleepy, it made me lonely.

Biggest issue I still fight with is my anxiety. But this is such a heavy flaw of mine that I cannot expect to be rid of it in such a short time. It's definitely getting better, and I can't wait for another month of progress :)

With love,


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12 minutes ago, chiliflavor said:

Congratulations, @gargamel!!! Wow! I hope I'd feel the same way too, that is, chores are almost natural to do. Thanks for the inspiration! 😁

Just keep on doing chores with love*, try not to consciously frustrate yourself over how slow or tiring they are and I am positive it will become easy for you as well. Incremental progress is everything. :)

* honestly, when i am doing chores, I try to think about how this is helping the ones I love. Also, i sort of personalize the things I am cleaning, lol. I sort of imagine myself helping a sad dirty plate get clean and happy, hahahahha. It's fun and feel-good.

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