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quitting multiplayer games

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Hi all,

After a lot of avoidance and halfhearted quit attempts, I'm here posting for the first time. I found Cam's videos through r/gamequitters and have been interested in joining this community for a few years. My addiction is to online multiplayer (competitive) games, and my goal is to quit playing those completely. I plan to continue with single player games as I have not had issues with them, but will monitor and if they similarly become a problem I will quit those too. 


My main addiction is Overwatch, but I have been hooked on Hearthstone, Dead by Daylight, Team Fortress 2, and others in the past. I sink my teeth into the competitive nature of these games, and compulsively play long after I stop enjoying my time. If I win a game, I want to keep going...if I lose a game, I need to get my rank back up. I'm aware that companies like Blizzard try to make their games as addictive as possible, and I feel disgusting about playing into that. 


I live in NYC, and with COVID still keeping us locked down, it's been especially hard lately. My work hours are all over the place, and I have taken to staying up all night playing while binging on sugar. I'm also trying to quit processed sugars. I think both behaviors (gaming and sugar binging) come from the same place: a desire to escape from my responsibilities, to numb my anxiety about the future, and indulge in something "bad" for me. I know this behavior well, because I used to do the same with cigarettes and alcohol (I have been sober and nicotine free for 6.5 years now). I'm sill active in a sobriety group, but wanted to find some support tailored to gaming specifically. 


I'm excited to be here and to take the first steps towards breaking free from this addiction. I have uninstalled this game so many times now, I feel trapped in an endless cycle. I hope that posting here (and coming back daily) will be the step I need to begin recovery. 


I look forward to meeting you, and thanks for reading!


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good luck on your journey!

In my opinion single-player story-based games aren't nearly as bad as online multiplayer.  But be cautious about roguelites (binding of isaac) because of the draw of going for the "perfect run" and of continuous progression "grinding" games like Path of Exile or Diablo.  The steady increase in character wealth/power and the slot-machine rewards systems can trigger compulsive behavior.


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Welcome to the community! I am happy that you are making the same decision that all of us here have made to make our lives better. 

I agree with ace_dee in that single player games are not as dangerous as online multiplayer. Gaming in moderation can be considered after the 90 day detox period (or how ever long you need it to be). 

Quitting and detoxing is just one step towards a new life and future. 

Keep it up! and remember we are all cheering you on as we go through the same journey. 

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Thanks everyone! Yes, Diablo is definitely out for me as well. I consider that an "online" game even though you have the option to play it offline, because of the draw of seasonal characters, grinding for leaderboard places, etc. I definitely have spent time looking for the best "grinding" game to occupy my time, as if it would somehow give me something other than escape. I am also saying no to mobile games of any type, but especially incremental games which I have been hooked on in the past too (and spent money on). There's nothing worse than being out and constantly wanting to check your phone. Yikes.


I started a (physical) journal but may start one on here as well, to share my thoughts and stay connected to this community. Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm happy to be here!

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I am still trying to quit the multiplayer video games. I am really addicted to counter strike global offensive and league of legends. Did you actually succeeded in your way to quit the multiplayer games?! I have been trying to do that for the last couple of months, however sometimes it proves to be the only way I can get relaxed. I actually wanted to try and change the preferences, and start playing some simple games with really interesting and helpful features, desirable some single player games which do not create this kind of addictions.

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