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Reza's journal


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i see people right their journals day by day and they set goals for next day , week or month.

i could try to right on the paper but i could lose the paper or someone that i don't what to read it , read it , also GQ forum are so positive so it's better to do it here 

i want to try it too so it starts today. Day 1 is tomorrow and i try to update this every night at 11 pm here

basically i started to change my life style about 2 weeks ago and here is what i achieved this past two weeks:

1. quit league of legends cold turkey and never played again (hopefully for good)

2.set my sleeping time and wake up at 6:30 every morning instead of 10

3. increase study hours for a significant amount of time from 1-2 hours a day to more than 7 hours a day


for now these are kinda big changes for me , many more to achieve:

1.improve my mental health and become strong mentally

2.manage to study even more , more hours , more efficient

3.try to stand on my own feet and become independent

4.eat better and healthier

5.set my schedule for full time and start to go to the gym again

6. talk less , i consider myself as a talkative person , although people find me funny and good at talking but i don't like it(basically change my manner)


Thank you for your support , Reza



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Day 1

i woke up at 6:15 , made and ate breakfast till 7 and i grabbed my books and started to study

i studied from 7 to 12:15 . i did a little work out(push ups , sit ups stuff) and ate lunch

i continued study to 3 pm but sadly  my migraine headache started to bother and i couldn't study more . i went for a 30 min walk but headache usually sticks with me at least for a day.

from 7 am to 3 pm i studied 6 hours , i aimed to achieve  10-12 hours for end of the day but yea , headache doesn't let me study more. i pretty much did nothing after 3 . during this time i feel a crave for gaming that i never had this past two weeks. i watched some youtube videos after 4 - 5 days.

i feel a little sad and depressed, because i wanted to start my journal with very good states. still , it's first day.

i also learned new tips for myself to have a better day , for example not to study ongoing , study for 1 hour , rest for 10-15 min and after reaching 3 or 4 hours , give myself an hour to do what ever i want. by doing this i can save my energy for evening and night and avoid headache.

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So, you wanted to start your journal with good states. Weren't you exactely doing that? 6 hours of studying is absolutely phenomenal. Do you have any idea, how many people are struggling with that. Even I do on certain days. This is hell of a great first output man. Keep it going. 🙂 

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