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Quitting FOR GOOD


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Hi all,

I just started my journey to a brighter, video gameless future a week ago at the age of 26. I was introduced to VGs at the age of 3 and have been addicted ever since. Problems in school, athletics, and my social life only pushed me farther into the virtual world. For nearly my whole life, VGs have dominated my thoughts and motivations, stunted my aspirations, and damaged relationships.

Although I curbed my game playing during and after college, it continued to affect my life negatively, but in a way that was easier to deny since I had a stable job at a good company.  During evenings after work I preferred to play Skyrim or Smash Bros than exercise, develop my future, or spend time with my loved ones. Even though I was well aware of how they drained me and my drive to do anything else, I continued to play night after night for several hours at a time. 

I have always been so scared of quitting for good. Scared of losing my identity and a skill I am good at. I was scared that the second I quit for good, I would fully realize the potential I wasted for myself, whether it was physically, academically, or anything other number of things.  I thought to myself if I never quit, nothing will have been wasted. I have tried over and over again to quit , but never fully committing, always returning to the screen after usually a single week.

However, last week I came to the full realization of the pain my lingering addiction had been inflicting on myself and especially my loving, supportive wife. She told me how much she missed talking to me and spending actual time with me. Not just sitting next to me while I played games.  At that moment I made a true promise to myself: I am done with gaming. And this time, I feel different. The detox has been much, much more difficult. I believe this is because I know turning back is not an option anymore, I feel like I have finally fully committed.  It is very difficult, but liberating at the same time.

Thank you Game Quitters for finally helping me get started with this process.  I connected with your message only a few weeks before this.  Your words and support to all struggling gamers is a beacon for us all to gather and support each others journeys.


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May you recover Joe.

At times when you do want to play, understanding that games are manipulative by design helps a lot. 

Major gaming companies worked out a good formula after trial and error to keep you hooked in perpetuity.

As they say, to defeat the enemy you have to know the enemy. Even if you encounter strong cravings, come back here and write about your emotions. Apply the learning materials that you have purchased. Start attaching to new activities and have faith if it feels embarassing or unnatural at first.

Wish you all the best.

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Welcome man, I really like your approach already. You have the right attitude and are ready to kick to games in the ass.

On 2/13/2020 at 1:13 AM, Joesulc said:

Scared of losing my identity and a skill I am good at.

This is nothing to worry about. Think of the positive side: You now have the chance to take on a new identity. You can become, who you ever wanted to be. It may not be always easy and even the chances of relapse are possible. But don't you worry about anything like that. Just keep going and you will achive greatness. 🙂 

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