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I successfully quit gaming: Thanks...

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Hello everyone. I joined this forum to quit gaming and wrote in my journal for around 14 days. I must admit, Gamequitters Helped me a lot. Thank you all.
And now here I am, in 2020, haven't played for at least 10 months. I stopped watching gaming trailers/streams etc all together.
Now I'm going to the gym and doing powerlifting every other day. I used to run every day too until I was too busy but I'm going to start again. My sleep is also back in normal. I sleep full 8 hours from 9:30 pm to 5:30 am. I finally feel healthy. 
Now let's look back at 1 year ago: Now my 2019 Playstation Wrap-up is here. image.thumb.png.0d288b9517399b481846ab5f315c7fdf.png
Yeah. 332 hours in the first 60 days of 2019. That's 5.5 hours each day. Considering I was studying for intense exams this is just..... terrible!!!!
But I got through it. With the help of my parents and writing in my personal diary and reviewing it every month. I think mental clarity was a very important reason that helped me quit. And the lack of it the main reason why I was playing in the first place.
In the end, I thank all the people from game quitters. And I wish you the best in your way, especially in quitting Goddamn video games...

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That's great!  Also it seems that the messed-up sleep and willpower thing is real.

Lots of people do better when they aren't up gaming until 4 hours before they have to be at work or school.

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