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90 day no gaming detox.


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What is really the point of doing the 90 days of no gaming. Like I don’t really want to do it if there really is no major physical and mental changes that happen throughout that time. What is the idea of doing it. Like what is it supposed to help me do besides just quitting gaming and giving me more time to do other things. I also keep thinking I have an addiction but how do I know if it is truly a problem. I would really like to know more about this if you can @Cam Adair I would like you to answer this question of mine. Or anyone else can give me an idea of what they think.

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Hey Jordan, from a study we did we found people who took 90 days off gaming saw a 2x improvement to their overall quality of life, evaluated across 12 areas including mental health, physical health, focus, time management, relationships, etc. You can see a full list here. Ultimately you have to consider your own reasons for taking a break from gaming. 90 days isn't a lot of time in the grand scheme of life and if you haven't spent time away from gaming before (or for a long time) it can be beneficial to experience something new. If you're curious of the difference between a hobby and a problem we have a breakdown here. I will also link a video I have discussing the benefits:



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I think for me the biggest thing is that gaming changes your biochemistry in a way that makes it hard to enjoy anything else in life. Your brain adapts to it's current level of stimulation to achieve homeostasis. If gaming gives you this huge rush of a dopamine and other neurotransmitters, it's going to compensate.

Soon the easy hits of dopamine gaming gives, will be the only thing your brain wants to do, and other tasks that aren't as exciting, like say other hobbies, or even just having a conversation won't be as exciting.

I would say the biggest benefit really is being able to enjoy everything else in your life so much more. The world becomes that much more interesting after your biochemistry resets.

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