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I am not a fan of external motivation or bragging. But I just need to write this down in the celebration forum. Just a couple of minutes ago, I deleted the following things: My steam account, my twitch account, my uplay account, my battlenet account, my subs for everything gaming related on youtube and even my facebook account. Everything that holds me back to achive great things. I will not spend another minute wasting my life. Thanks to this community for the insight and final burst of motivation to actually take control over my life. Without you, I would have not done it. The forum, the podcast as well as some youtube videos really made me do it this morning. Big change. And there is no going back. There won't be a relapse. 

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@Alexanderle nice

step by step with those things is not a solution , u cannot Quit 1 and let the others .

now i reccomend you to fill that big gap in your time with reading things , sport , but not tv series or youtupe .

15 hours ago, Alexanderle said:

Thanks to this community for the insight and final burst of motivation

do not worrie , for more motivations u can come to my private messages and i will help you .



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@ismailkanaan Right now, I already filled it with a lot of University work. I am really engaged with that right now. Regarding youtube and tv I agree with you. This is basically as worse as gaming. Well not really, but it kinda still is a waste of time and forces me into the consumer role. 

And thanks for the offer. ?

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@DoctorAddict right? xD my life is a lot better already. Far from perfect yet and I still miss the feeling of being connected with other gamers online, but it was definitely the right decision. Still, I will not sell my expensive gaming pc. To much money has been spend. And I can be sure to run every work related program. ^^ 

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