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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hi fellow game quitters


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Hi Everyone,

So gaming is creating a big problem for my life, I am looking to find the new version/inner protential of my self. 25 years male from NZ, I am facing gaming along with depression. Some days I just don’t have the strength to face this world. Getting out of the bed in the morning is especially hard. When everything is overwhelming it’s gaming that can remind me I am a very capable person and have some values to the world. Some times I game for the whole day without eating anything. I need some changes.

Three days passed now, I start wondering how will this 90 days journey go. Throwing gaming out of the window, I lose the main source of my confident. When things are getting tough, I lose the place that I can go to hide out. When life seems meaningless, I lose the source that gives me meanings , well yes, just temporary meanings . What i am looking for during this hard time, is what probably everyone else is also looking for - the potentials in you that you didn’t realise before and what possibilities you can have with your life. 

Just want to say hi here?please forgive my English if it doesn’t make sense. What does make sense is our common hope for the best

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Hi BgK

Welcome to this forum that is a great place for inspiration for change.

One thing that I noticed from reading a number of books is the distortion of perceptions. A person who has not had certain experiences for a long time, feels lost how to handle situations. In other words things that you have been estranged from by being absent look daunting and hard.


But if you just go step by step and track your progress in a journal you will:

-detect problem areas and solutions.

-have less worry about setbacks and understand they are a natural path towards success

-see what healthy activities give you a sense of achievement and great mood (for me its a good boxing match).

Fighting an addiction is much easier if you track progress, build daily/weekly plans, review them and try new sound things, develop new habits.

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Hi Amphibian220,

It is a long time since I do certain activities, it is making them daunting. 

I will try keeping track of my journey here. I guess I not only need to detect problems but also need to detect emotions?

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