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So this is it (M, 27)

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Hey everyone,

since I had to start to fight my urges to stop-gaming completely,  I had to take time of think about this whole process, the detox and my addiciton. I concluded that
not only gaming was a problem:
1. browsing websites (reddit and few others)

2. mindlessly watching videos on YouTube.

So now I'm sitting here, 27 years old, doing the detox(since Monday). Although I work full-time and have a wife, I still feel empty and bored inside.
I have considered hobbies and started them, like body weight-fitness, woodworking/woodcarving, pets and reading, but still I miss the motivation to start them or continue them.
Most of the time I'm sitting around doing nothing, after work, and wasting hours with nothing.  Since I don't have any friends (somehow I can't deal with social situation, they always feel awkward) I don't talk to people.

...but...that won't stop me from breaking free of my chains. I will continue.

So that's all to know about myself.

I hope this will help me 🙂

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