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So this is it (M, 27)


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Hey everyone,

since I had to start to fight my urges to stop-gaming completely,  I had to take time of think about this whole process, the detox and my addiciton. I concluded that
not only gaming was a problem:
1. browsing websites (reddit and few others)

2. mindlessly watching videos on YouTube.

So now I'm sitting here, 27 years old, doing the detox(since Monday). Although I work full-time and have a wife, I still feel empty and bored inside.
I have considered hobbies and started them, like body weight-fitness, woodworking/woodcarving, pets and reading, but still I miss the motivation to start them or continue them.
Most of the time I'm sitting around doing nothing, after work, and wasting hours with nothing.  Since I don't have any friends (somehow I can't deal with social situation, they always feel awkward) I don't talk to people.

...but...that won't stop me from breaking free of my chains. I will continue.

So that's all to know about myself.

I hope this will help me ?

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Hello, I want to share a similar situation. I stopped playing a long time ago, but I would think about games for many hours (primarily developing games in my mind and even making some writings). I would get into a good mood when thinking about games.

Now i stopped thinking about games for a couple of months, dont watch youtube or surf the web. I joined a local boxing class. At times, i feel anxious about my health and managing life situations.

I hate conflicts, but they are a part of life and I feel that I was laid off work twice because my managers noticed this lack of skill. 

Can you explain how to overcome fear or bad memories (of playing games and feeling embarassed)



thank you for your work.

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@Amphibian220 overcome ?

On 12/7/2019 at 8:09 AM, Amphibian220 said:

Can you explain how to overcome fear or bad memories (of playing games and feeling embarassed)


just think about the bad moments of gamings ! remember them and say that Fuck games ! 

watch Gamequitters videos of youtupe , (just 1 video a day)

God bless you

God bless this community


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Well I start my detox tomorrow and I get what you mean with the part where you said that you feel like you aren't good in social situations and you just feel out of place and awkward. Also the part where you said that you also have issues with lots of youtube and browsing mindlessly I have that issue as well. I think creating a priority list in your life and doing that while having these other things such as reading, hanging out with friends, and watching youtube videos or watching movies as a thing to do when you can't work on what is on your priority list at the moment or set a time to work on your priority list. Say an hour a day and then going back and watching youtube or movies. This called Kaizening which means little improvements each day (Your priority list for 1hr a day) that turn into long term success. You don't have to make your days fully productive. You just have to get your priority list and work on that a little each day and things will pan out in the long term. Going fully productive each and everyday will cause you to burn out.

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