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Resisting Urges


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I've blocked websites like Reddit and Quora and Youtube but sometimes when I feel like I've done a lot of work, I always get this "urge" to reward myself and the only way to quench it is to do something unproductive like watching a YT video and get sucked into it for like 3 hours or play games for a really long time. Now that I've blocked those websites what should I do in their place when I'm tired?

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Maybe the problem is just getting sucked in for hours. I use to reward myself with watching yt, but I always set how much time i'd 'earn' and stick to it. Doing that makes it so whenever you watch something, it's something you actually want to see. Usually I go for a set time or a specific thing i'm gonna watch (Eg. 20 mins of YT, 1 episode of an hour long series).

I don't binge youtube anymore - now everytime before I open it, I know exactly what or who I want to watch. If I don't know what i'm doing there, i'll get stuck there for hours.

The only other reward activities I do when i'm feeling tired is just read, meditate, listen to music and relax or play guitar.

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Hi, would it be better if I just quit YT and the like flat out and have something better and more productive to do in my free time? For reference, I'm a high school student that wants to get into a good college but wasting time is really taking a toll on my goals.

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