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Quitting Games for Good


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Hi I'm Alexander.  I'm a married 28 year-old software engineer and I'm ready to quit games for good.  I've been playing video games on and off since I was 5 years old.

I've tried to quit too many times to count, sometimes I can stop playing for a few days, sometimes months at a time.  However, I always fall back into them figuring that they're not that bad.

As the years have passed quitting on and off, I've realized that when I'm not detoxing from games I have a lot more brain fog.  I'm not able to focus as well on my work or household chores, and not able to enjoy real life activities when I think about games.  This has lead me to realize that I need to take quitting more seriously and get rid of games for good.

I've listened to all of the Game Quitters podcasts and Gaming the System podcasts up to this point and have found them to be very inspiring.  I highly recommend them to anyone on this forum.

It has been 3 days since my last relapse, but I'm ready to seriously commit to staying game-free this time.


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4 minutes ago, giblets said:

Welcome to the team! You will be surprised how much you enjoy being in the moment when you're not preoccupied with video games.

Glad to hear from you giblets!  You really had some great advice on the game quitters and gaming the system podcasts.  I've been running more frequently in the past few weeks (as you suggest in the podcast) and it definitely helps take my mind off of games.

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Welcome to the forum Alexander, I recommend to maintain a journal here it helps a lot. Trashing the game material is a big help getting it off the mind also recommend more calisthenics because you can do them anywhere, anytime. Day 2 myself relapsed after having gone 5 months without - best of luck!

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Thanks goodvibes!  Good recommendations, I've been doing some calisthenics as well.  I'll probably be starting a journal in the next few days to keep me on track.  Congrats on going 5 months without!

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